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  1. Why do we need to look for evidence or believe in an all-powerful being? If it actually were real we would experience it, see it, touch it. The excuse "we are in a time period where jesus is hiding" is a laugh.
  2. What's a slam dunk? Yes, evidence is not proof.
  3. Cops have told me (I used to work with them) it's nearly impossible to get a DUI/DWI conviction unless the accused can be 'placed behind the wheel', as in the guy gets pulled over while intoxicated or is found drunk inside his vehicle while parked or stopped somewhere. While the evidence in your scenario seems reasonable enough to me to bust a drunk driver, historically , juries tend not to convict with this kind of evidence.
  4. Is group imagination evidence?
  5. I think Satan could probably do a look-a-like without the nail holes as well. Hmmm. I bet Satan could reroute your heavenly prayers to the fake Satan Jesus too. Always worry about this. The other day I saw an upside down cross on a bible....till I turned it over anyway.
  6. How is the mind able to make up shit? I've wondered that myself. Since I dont know I usually attribute it to a soul. I also try to compare the brain to a non-creative thinking computer. But a 'better' idea might just be you and I are part of the ALL ...which would kind of eliminate the need to worship Jesus.
  7. Public presentation. Jesus sets up a permanent office somewhere, goes on tv, does some miracles. Meets people. Why would I think he's real otherwise? Because a book says so? Because some gullible people say so? Why is it important that we believe he's real?
  8. Lion's Den debates aside, I'm glad you dont sit idly in a pew nor let the bible or a pastor be your brain. I'm glad you take into account what we observe and theorize and hopefully dont make up nonsense that God or Satan put fossils out there to fool us. In the past: I've applied logic to my Christian friends about the end times and asked them why they werent welcoming the untimely deaths of Christian friends and family since they thought they were going to heaven. They shook their heads like I was crazy or something...it was almost like they didnt believe in heaven. I talked to my pastor about how some scripture sounds like Zen ideas...that was not welcomed... Life is full of contradiction and hypocrisy. Not just in religion. Everywhere. We all seem to survive it without cognitive dissonance. Living is a gray area.
  9. I wonder why biblegod would create a child that would have to be sold into slavery to prevent her from being a Muslim who kills godless infidels? edit: When you could just create a child who would not grow up to kill anyone. Lol
  10. Watches Christian's avoid saying anything that puts their do-nothing god in a bad light. The crazy is fabulous to watch.
  11. Child sex slavery is not a 'hardship' that builds character.
  12. I think "White Conservative Jesus and His AR-15" would be a nice class for kids.
  13. Why does the all powerful Jesus Christ who loves his little ones allow them to be kidnapped and raped as slaves? Why would a Christian love an all powerful Jesus Christ who allows his little ones to be kidnapped and raped as slaves? ... Let's not babble on about how old people are supposed to be (120 years or whatever lie that is) or bullshit about faith and belief. Right now Jesus Christ is watching children get kidnapped, raped and tortured. Why is this ok with Christians? Why are Christians ok with a do-nothing God? "But I don't have to justify why I place value in a God of truth to someone who doesn't place any value in truth." --- You HAVE no justification anyway. Your 'God of Truth' is watching children get kidnapped, raped and tortured this very minute. Truth doesnt mean jack shit right now. Love and compassion would be just a little more important in this context, doncha think? Are you afraid to ask your Jesus why he doesnt save the children that the bible says he loves? ........... We used to sing "My god is an awesome god!!!! He reigns from heaven above." Lets fix the lyrics to reflect reality. "My god is an awesome god, who doesnt do a goddamn thing. He watches children get raped. My god is (for some unknown reason) an awesome god."
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