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  1. Proposal: Thur's Law

    What we need is higher taxes. Much higher taxes.
  2. Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

    You whippersnapper. (You’re welcome)
  3. With age comes dementia.
  4. If someone thinks that companies or corporations are always honest and benevolent then they have adopted a dogmatic attitude. Similar to how Christians behave. If someone thinks the government is always evil then they have adopted a dogmatic attitude. Similar to how Christians behave. You would think B.O. must run a coal plant with his religious fervor over this subject. Science may be right or wrong about global warming. If it's a slow change like evolution then it will take some time for humanity to destroy the ecosystem. But the argument, "I haven't seen it with my own eyes" is reminiscent of ignorant Christian arguments against evolution: "If we evolved from monkeys then why are there still monkeys?" Checkmate, non-believer! Why should we fuck over our descendants? Oh, I know. Because of $$ today. The internal combustion engine: The pride of 1859. Just think if people everywhere sent Morse Code messages via their smart phone. LoL. Wouldn't that seem stupid? I'm glad we're getting hybrids and full battery powered cars.
  5. Hey you, no logic allowed in this thread! (haha)
  6. BAA

    I give a military salute to BAA. He was a fine champion of Ex-Christianity. I also give a Vulcan salute to BAA, logician as well as Star Trek fan. It was good to know you. -Midniterider
  7. http://time.com/5021136/new-delhi-smog-pollution-india/ Nothing to see here , nope. Fake news.
  8. Well, I'm no climate scientist ... nor have I been to the mythical New Zealand .... but I have been to Los Angeles, Ca. And I've personally seen the wall of smog somewhere between 30 and 50 miles away. I've been on the outside of it, the inside of it, and driven through it. The smog didn't cause itself and it's not the result of regular climate cycles. It's there because humans are polluting the atmosphere. And there is no doubt that air pollution is causing health problems today. So whether the polar ice caps melt or not, fifty years from now... emissions are harming people today. https://www.conserve-energy-future.com/smogpollution.php
  9. Are you a climate scientist?
  10. Do cars pollute the atmosphere? Is there a cause for concern that human use of fossil fuels might be harming the future of humanity? Global warming or not, I think it's a concern. It doesnt mean you can't eat a steak or drive your V8 pickup. Maybe just find ways to reduce emissions.
  11. Sh** christians have said to you

    The bible doesn't say much about the new Intel multicore processors, that I've noticed. But, maybe that's because I don't have the Holy Spirit in me.
  12. From agnostic to charismatic to explorer to...?

    I agree. Christianity is right for some. Atheism is right for others. I prefer my own personal belief system.
  13. "I don't claim to always fully understand the LORD's ways. But I do know that He always has a reason for everything He allows." Nice 'God has carte blanche' response. Why praise someone if their 'ways' are homicidal? If you worship something that does ludicrous and evil things perhaps you are being led down the wrong path. I have NEVER met a person who has claimed to be a Christian, and then turned their back on the LORD, who didn't have something happen in their life that they were blaming Him for. I don't really blame God for anything. I just feel the bible has some ridiculous baloney in it that is too stupid to live my life by. Shaming phrases detected: 1. Claimed to be a Christian... 2. Turned their back on the Lord... 3. Blaming him... Oh my, this person is a dick.