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  1. I sense that advaita vedanta is true. I believe those words are sanskrit so are of Eastern origin. It could also be called non-duality in the west. I'm not drawn to Christianity. I sense that it is bs.
  2. I'll have to think on that last sentence....is there any other cool mystical stuff in Thomas? I'll google it.
  3. vast might want an Authentic Christian Believer tag.
  4. I think I can follow my own path of Eastern religion, find peace and enlightenment and not bother with any flavor of Christianity, right?
  5. Ed: Makes it more real for me seeing this than wandering around pretending I'm completely God... It's personal preference, really. Some people like to think they are sinners. Others like to think they are limitless being.
  6. Nobody will be changing your mind, Edgar.
  7. Right. Devout Christians live just like atheists and agnostics. Then claim to be different.
  8. Ed: Then the question becomes why are we not connected all the time...given we are physically present with creation. I am continuously connected to an oxygen supply, to the ground, to a food source, to a shelter and to numerous requirements to maintain life. I just am not continually aware of it. Spiritually speaking, I am Brahman living a pretense that I am a bag of flesh cuz, hey, why not. lol edit: And then I lose awareness of being Brahman ... because it's fun pretending to be something else.
  9. Christians claim to be bible proponents, but then ignore whatever parts of the bible they dont like. They claim to be IN the world, not OF the world, then get jobs, have families, have a mortgage and two car payments like everyone else. I think Walter is pointing that out. To be a 'Christian' the bible requires you to think and act a certain way. To be a half-assed Christian, just claim the title, ignore the bible and act like everyone else.
  10. Ed: Christianity specifically provides a standard and mechanism to know the greater, "God", through the human condition, through Christ. Josh: (paraphrased) We ARE the greater God. We are the Christ. .... Eastern philosophy provides a standard mechanism as well, not just to chase after or worship God as a being separate from yourself but to realize yourself AS God, AS the multiverse, AS the All That Is. Buddhism employs koans and zazen to leap past illusion. Advaita Vedanta uses self inquiry as a mechanism to know thyself...or rather dispel the illusion of t
  11. Christianity works for some people. Some people seem to need to be part of the herd, to fit in with that group and follow the holy book of instruction. If it makes them happy, that's fine. Maybe some religious person will try to legislate their religion into law, but I'll vote against it. What does bother me is fanatical Christian parents causing misery for their children. Not much I can do about that. But knowledge is out there and easily obtained so the following generations will be less fooled by religion.
  12. Ed: Josh was going to demonstrate his spiritual superiority via a knowledge based approach. Then when pressed for specifics all I’m getting are no specifics but more of a file cabinet, top drawer, files 1-4 outlining spiritual classification. .... Josh basically said "We are all God." Meanwhile Ed is fiddling with filing cabinets.
  13. Ed: All I have to my understanding is natural, sensory experience, but you nor I have any means of defining a mechanism that connects us to something greater outside of a physiological relationship. ----- I thought Christians believed in souls.
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