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  1. Plank is right. When people born before 1990 are mostly gone I think it's going to be a much more secular America. The Internet brings knowledge and facts to everyone right in the palm of their hand. Good luck having a Pastor or congregation compete with that a time or two a week when the young mind can read the horror stories about Christianity, get solid answers to Christian apologetic nonsense, and just get information on their smart phone 24/7. I have a lot of business dealing with college age people. None of them have brought up Jesus to me (anecdotal, yes). The Nones are on the rise.
  2. Right, I agree. I've been a believer in the past and it was standard procedure to ignore logic, evidence, reason, etc. (Unfortunately I found some of the Eastern religion stuff inside the bible which gave me pause to wonder...and question.) My assertion is that Christians 'can' be aware of the intellectual arguments for atheism without caving into them. Just having that information is not enough to make a Christian into an atheist or ex-C, at least. A Christian has to be in the right frame of mind to begin to accept the atheist intellectual arguments put forth. Yes a large percentage can't do it. I imagine there is also a group that dont want to break out of the mold.
  3. Maybe he wants to check out our back side. Why not just wear an iron chariot?
  4. https://fanbuzz.com/nfl/aaron-rodgers-interview-religion/
  5. Thanks for the reply. So what do you think about some of these well known Christians on the tour circuit who debate atheists. They have to know the atheist intellectual arguments inside and out ( I would think ), yet they are still Christian. Is their faith a sham? Are they secretly non-believers? Or are they legit believing Christians who just feel that evidence and logic are unimportant? Or something else entirely?
  6. We must learn the difference between Jesus the Christ and Christ Jesus ... One time at bandcamp when I was searching for knowledge I shuffled along the ground using my feet at approximately 2.5 miles per hour..... but then as wisdom grew , I no longer shuffled. No, I walked!
  7. Googled ex-bahai and found https://www.reddit.com/r/exbahai/
  8. I agree that going back probably involves an emotion based decision...and maybe they are also tired of their family members giving them shit so they adopt a nominal Christianity to keep people happy. I was watching a video recently where the Christian had a couple pat answers about how people 'could have never really been a Christian' and then now call theirselves an ex.... it was the usual baloney we are familiar with. I personally dont want to claim to know for a fact someone's reason for doing this or that when I really dont. It also seems arrogant to say that once you accept my system of thought, it's so damn good that you'll never go back. https://youtu.be/QqYgrXupoR4 I dont know of too many people who went from Christian to atheist to Christian again...maybe one on this forum. Forget her name. Statless assertion: Seems like more people are quitting Jesus than starting.
  9. I wouldnt want a family member evangelizing where they are unwelcome or even where it's illegal. Have you mentioned to these people that they might get imprisoned or worse? If they dont care and are willing to give their life for Jesus then there isn't much you can do for them. Do for them what you can. They will only accept what they want to accept. They will only listen to as much as they like. Then take care of yourself and mold young family members' minds with logic and reason.
  10. Atheism has literally nothing to offer...haha....No bloody dripping Jebus on a cross. No angry bearded man throwing lightning bolts. Shit, it sounds as boring as agnosticism. :))))) No, Christians are the ones who feel their way is the ONE TRUE WAY. If someone asks me about agnosticism or paganism or advaita I would be interested to give them information but really, we're all just a little bit different. Someone might not LIKE or WANT or even UNDERSTAND what I am talking about even if I did try to explain my beliefs. And in the end, why should I want them to believe what I believe? My own ego gratification? Meh, not that important, imo.
  11. I'm gonna start calling myself an intellectual agnostic now. Granted, that subreddit isn't a good representation, but would you say that someone who does understand the issues and is intellectually atheist could never become a theist? I'm not that buying that idea. Consciousness may be the 'all that is' from an Eastern point of view, but that doesn't mean it is all-powerful, no. I think that's what you're getting at and I agree. When I get to considering the universe, us and everything else as being indivisible, then the idea of God and no God, theism and atheism, kind of becomes null and void to me. Why call the natural, supernatural? Why call anything God? It loses meaning if you accept non-duality. They may have not used an intellectual yardstick in their decision to convert. Maybe it just 'felt' better to become a theist. edited to be less nasty and less strawmannish.
  12. https://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/why-sex-may-be-the-greatest-threat-to-christianity-neilcarter-jrmk/
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