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  1. Boy (9) shoots sister (13) during argument

    This forum needed some trollin! Welcome back BO.
  2. Charles Manson Funeral

    Say a few nice words for a dead homicidal maniac? Cha-ching! $$ Give the pastor a donation please! Incinerate the maniac's body? Cha-ching! $$ No problem! Pay the fee! Two law abiding gay men want to buy a wedding cake at a Christian baker? Cha- ..... hey wait a minute! That's an abomination! lol.
  3. Peterson on school shootings

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyOTaHRBTXc As long as we got Randy Quaid , we got nothing to worry about.
  4. Peterson on school shootings

    negatory, rubber duck
  5. Peterson on school shootings

    No, today's militias go target shooting and deer hunting.
  6. One Word Game

  7. Peterson on school shootings

    KL, wouldnt it be much more satisfying to hack that burglar to bits with a sword or an axe, than point and click with a gun? (hahaha)
  8. Peterson on school shootings

    America is for the most part a safe country, I agree.
  9. In your honest opinion

    Wherever the translation comes from , when you read the bible with a critical eye, it has a lot of absurdity in it. So if God himself wrote every word of it, it makes God makes himself look foolish.
  10. Dude - an answer

    Alt Mods Neo-Modzis Modcupy Wall Street Modflake (edited for deceitful purposes)
  11. Threads being locked

  12. Threads being locked

    Maybe take over a wildlife refuge building in Oregon ....
  13. Sh** christians have said to you

    Google Priscilla Ford, Reno Nv
  14. my thoughts for today

    No, I wasn't thinking about the 'expert' post. I was more concerned with 'finding purpose' without Jesus and using 'Christianity as a scapegoat'. We all have biases, of course. My bias is against Christianity and supporting someone to transition to a non-Christian life. I don't think a Christian apologist can be very helpful to support someone exiting Christianity. You're a good guy though, End. Ok, it's Shelley's thread. I'll stop derailing it now.
  15. my thoughts for today

    It is completely fine to speak your mind about how Christianity wrecks everything. Christianity is a mental prison based on a foundation of shame, fear and guilt that can be difficult to escape. This forum is a safe place where your choice to leave Christianity should not be challenged by Christians who are still under its spell. IMO, at least.