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  1. Jesus said we are gods. No problem there. Also the kingdom of God is inside me....so not sure why you're here trying to sell me what I already am.
  2. Sin is nonsense. Bible God seems to have an ego and pride problem.
  3. I agree it is fascinating research and it kind of messes with what we usually consider a 'law of cause and effect', but it's also not necessarily mind blowing, either. It's well known that if you put your hand on a hot stove, your muscles are automatically moving it away before 'you' are aware of it. That's because there are neurons in your extremities just for that purpose. There are other things we do under the threshold of consciousness, like driving. The brain is like a multitasking operating system. If you want to believe this article proves an infin
  4. LIbet did these 'intention' experiments in the 60s, I think it was pretty fascinating stuff. Quantum physics is also fascinating. Here's an interesting mash up between quantum theory and consciousness and advaita vedanta. It has a lot of heft behind it. Is it real? Is it someone's wish? Beats me. edit http://courseinconsciousness.org/ While I think there may actually be more to reality than the physical universe, I dont think this proves Christianity is true. And everyone here has already been a Christian and were unhappy with it.
  5. Here's a fun article. https://qbi.uq.edu.au/brain-basics/memory/where-are-memories-stored
  6. Why would I want eternal life? Why would you want eternal life? You can't be right. Hide? From your imagination? Sin, Satan, God ... your imagination.
  7. There may be something higher than us, but I'll be challenging that assertion tonight with a fine Sativa.
  8. Quantum physics has experimental evidence, observations, and theories based on experimentation and study. God does not have real evidence, observations or theories. Only assertions without evidence. So Joe here takes quantum physics and conflates it with God and Christianity to try to give it a ring of truth for the science based crowd here. Now if there were an all-powerful God, he could send Joe away and speak to us directly.
  9. Of the pagans I've met, none of them deal with a battle of good beings vs evil beings.
  10. The Flying Spaghetti Monster loves me and will not allow a being like Satan to drag me down. The FSM is real. He is a deeply held belief in my heart, therefore he exists. Satan on the other hand is a bunch of nonsense from a fairy tale.
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