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  1. "When they had saved enough to pay to get their own plot of land back they were able to freely leave." I think the crux of the matter is if you are not allowed to freely leave, you're in a bad situation. Whether or not people are dumb enough to freely sign up for it, there's going to be some slave masters that are going to abuse or kill slaves. There are slaves that are going to abuse or kill their masters. Ownership of people is bad practice. People have a fierce need for personal freedom, imo. Maybe someone should try getting beyond their holy book and think about stuff. (haha)
  2. You may be right. The more I read the bible the more I felt it was a crock of shit. Eventually I gave up that religion. It is safe to say then that the authors of the bible converted me back to agnosticism. Atheists say all the time that a need to dig deeper into their bible and get closer to God resulted in their conversion to atheism.
  3. if only the persecuted "believed harder" God would surely help them.
  4. Do Christians not believe in dogs now? wtf?
  5. Being human...and all being refugees, of course.
  6. I heard of paganism and got more interested in it by reading stuff on the net. Then I bought some books on the subject. Nobody converted me. Whether it is growing or not I have no idea. Paganism isn't an organized religion like Christianity. There's only 1 person in my small group. (haha) Now, a coven of witches is 13 people which, coincidentally is the number of the apostles plus Jesus. Fun fact.
  7. You know , OC, I think Luke 8:10 will be my go-to scripture when people come around knocking on my door or wherever...they start hitting me with bible shit and I just say, "I read that but I dont see, I heard it but I can't understand. It's God's will. Bubye now."
  8. I cant understand that one either. The words are all fuzzy and stuff. God must be blocking my understanding or something.
  9. Why is it absurd to question the (alleged) creator? The more you question the creator the more you discover there isn't one. Does clay have intelligence whereby it could question the potter? No. But people do. Maybe God shouldnt give people intelligence if he doesn't want us to question things. Then again, I'm not debating this point with God. I'm just having a conversation with dirt. Maybe I should be using a shovel. Lords Penn and Teller.
  10. What does this scripture mean? I dont understand. hahahaha.
  11. The flying spaghetti monster is a unique theology. Does this make the FSM real?
  12. Christianity works best when you dont question silly stuff, but just accept silly stuff.
  13. I dont start from the position that Christianity is real. I dont need to prove that something with zero evidence is false. You need to prove that something with zero evidence is true. It's just a story in a book. Show me where it is real in the real world. Show me Jesus. Show me that it isnt all a false mental construct. You have nothing. But a book and a bunch of deluded believers. That's it. I believe Trump is seen by people and goes on tv and tweets all day long. Pretty sure he's real. He's not all powerful, however, is he? I think Jesus is supposed to be all powerful which means he could visit everyone on earth simultaneously. Does Trump want a personal relationship with me? Or was that Jesus?
  14. So God creates everything. It gets fucked up. He blames humanity. Brilliant. Where did God put Adam and Eve? Where did God put a Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? Same place! Then he expects two people without knowledge of good and evil to know that they should listen to Him (good) and not the snake (evil)....duhhhhh....would a 'smart' god do that? You really really really truly have to turn off your brain to be able to swallow this baloney. The absurdity of it just screams at me. Anyhoo, you enjoy yourself.
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