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  1. One definition of spirituality: Spirituality is a feeling of something positive that is benevolent and greater than yourself...or a feeling that you are greater than your physical body or that you transcend your physical limitations somehow. Or that there is a benevolent transcendent being you commune with that gives you some positive experience or positive benefit. Spirituality might be sacred and personal or maybe you share it with other like-minded people. Physical, mental and spiritual sounds cool, but if you have a strong conviction that spirituality is baloney, then just go with physical and mental well-being. You'll be just fine. Spirituality is whatever you decide it is.
  2. I googled 'horsemeat forum'. Nothing. You just can't get that anywhere else but here!
  3. "High school are the best years" is a broad statement that is probably just some BS a parent tells their high schooler when they are tired of them bitching about everything. It's companion cliche is "Wait till you have to work....that really sucks...." Every time of your life has pluses and minuses. High school is a place where 2000 immature people are placed in a building and expected to get along...it's some really weird social experiment, imo. The focus is popularity, gossip and drama with a secondary purpose of taking classes to make you well rounded for a society of specialized individuals. High school means you dont have to work or pay rent or have any major responsibilities to society. But I think you'll find living away from the parents and being a park ranger in your state issued truck will be one hell of a lot more rewarding than high school nonsense. Don't get tied up in cliches. Every decade in your life has great things for you.
  4. It doesn't have anything to do with pottery. I'm not sure what you're on about.
  5. If anti-inflammatories or anti-bacterials reach deep into your being for social justice and equality, then grab a bottle of Ibuprofen or Formula 409 and march through the streets. #Antiinflammatoriesmatter #Antibacterialsmatter
  6. Calling Dr Fallacy, Calling Dr Fallacy, you have another C Diff patient because of anti-biotic overuse. https://www.the-hospitalist.org/hospitalist/article/124682/antimicrobial-resistant-infections/antibiotic-overuse-linked-c-diff
  7. Anti is what you want to get rid of, has a limited purpose and narrow scope, while 'pro-something' is open ended and available for growth and new direction. "Anti-whatever-the-fuck" might make a cool t-shirt though.
  8. I like the smell of cognitive dissonance in the morning...smells like...Victory.
  9. You're right, they either exist or they dont. But I dont have to choose one or the other. I can waffle back and forth or not make a decision about it....ever. But I do understand facts are facts regardless of whether I agree with them or not. Yes, you are correct, I meant whatever your religious perspective is , we can still be balanced as far as not being a dick when some stranger asks, "Do you know Jesus?" There's a wide variety of religious / non-religious people we are going to HAVE to deal with in life.
  10. Go ahead and whip up an authentic christian account and we can take turns using it.
  11. I understand what you're saying. Theists use one set of tactics and non-theists use a different set of tactics. And neither is going to agree with the other. (wiggles around in my vat)
  12. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam bibendum, nisl ut lobortis finibus, diam eros ultricies diam, a placerat dui nulla vel nunc. Sed mauris ante, rutrum non dui vitae, gravida scelerisque nunc. Mauris quis sem non erat semper posuere ut eu nisi. Sed vitae ante porta, luctus tellus vel, pulvinar eros. Etiam odio justo, feugiat vel metus in, gravida posuere est. Sed lectus dui, auctor ac leo in, tempor finibus risus. Duis finibus libero et orci ultrices ornare. Sed efficitur sapien sit amet ipsum pretium ultrices. Donec sit amet ultricies odio, ut mollis risus. Duis cursus nunc et consequat tincidunt. Vestibulum at finibus nibh. Ut malesuada libero et massa malesuada aliquet. Praesent ac accumsan quam. Etiam facilisis, nulla a malesuada venenatis, magna neque mollis turpis, non ultricies justo ex at libero. Cras neque nibh, hendrerit vitae est nec, vestibulum mollis lacus. Phasellus porta tempor aliquam.
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