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    Chaos Magick, Meditation, Lucid Dreaming. I try not to take my philosophy of life too seriously.
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    Enjoys the study of various religions.

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  1. midniterider

    What would it take for you to believe?

    When you drive Jesus off the lot does he depreciate?
  2. midniterider

    Preparing for fundy visit

    Well, I'm planning a several day trip which will include an overnight stay with a fundy relative. I will be in their vehicle and at their mercy so I'm planning ahead in my mind how to kindly counter any questions as to my current religious status. I think it might be kind of fun to have this conversation. I dont necessarily have a problem getting across that I've returned to my heathen ways but it might be fun to kindly put forth questions such as : 1. Does Jesus have a personal relationship with me? If so, why do I need to read the bible. Is his personal relationship exactly like everyone else's personal relationship? And if so, that doesnt seem very personal or unique. Sounds more like boot camp. 2. If Hell is a possibility for non-compliance then how can my love ever be sincere if I'm not really that interested in Christianity? Does faking it get you into Heaven? It would be fun to hit my relative with some questions. Though these ex-c debate ideas aren't anything new, I'd like to find a kind way to present them. This relative may not actually ask me if I'm still a believer or not, but I'm sure I'll be hearing about Jesus while I'm there. I'm interested in the angle of "why" would I want to be a follower of Jesus when I have no interest in it. Because that's my feeling towards Christianity. Anything you want to throw at me, I'll consider presenting. Thanks.
  3. midniterider

    What would it take for you to believe?

    Right. Omnipresence indicates pantheism. I think?
  4. Bad Wertbag, Bad!!! lol
  5. midniterider

    Christians are stealing my happiness!

    Maybe move to New Zealand. Get another facebook account. Make sure you log out. Tell mom their theology is heretical and you are trying to align them to your denomination. Baffle her with some big scholarly words and assure her you are fighting the good fight.
  6. midniterider

    Christians alarmed at the rise of Sex Robots

    I suppose an altar boy sex bot could be helpful for priests?
  7. midniterider


    William and his group are good people. They just believe differently than we do. I think they are happy in their belief like we are happy in our non-belief.
  8. Why does Reverend Turmoil need to speak for 'The Big Guy' ? It's like me speaking on behalf of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
  9. midniterider

    Not sure whether this is sad or funny

    Rather sad when someone is afraid to actually enjoy life.
  10. midniterider

    Christians alarmed at the rise of Sex Robots

    This bypasses Matthew 5:27. Woot! And probably bypasses lewdness with minors statutes as well. lol. This is hilarious. Love technology.
  11. $21 million will be a $2.1 million tithe. $500k will be $50k. Praise the Lord.
  12. midniterider


    Mysterious as in "not very useful."
  13. midniterider

    Given your options

    I joined the Christforums to add my 2 cents to God's thread. Come on over! edit: I just shared the Pente's belief on that thread. Not going to any drop anti-Christian bombs on his site. I'll behave. At worst I'll get bored and disappear when nobody agrees with me. lol
  14. midniterider

    Given your options