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  1. Ask God to visit you in person for a chat. That's the least he could do if he wants a relationship with you. If it's 'above' his status to come down and visit the lowly human beings then he aint worth it (or isn't real). If Christians live in God's mansion forever after they leave this earth then a quick visit while you're still alive is not too much to ask. If God isnt real, then the 'enemy' definitely isnt real. Who is more powerful, God or Satan? Why would God allow Satan to trick you? Why would God leave you in such a state that you can't be sure that he really exists at all?
  2. Are you saying that you believe God answers prayer? Or no. Do you feel crappy questioning God because he is answering prayers? Or some other reason. I didnt quite understand your statement. Placebo effect is really interesting to me, along with spontaneous remission. Placebo effect is mind over matter, at least your own matter. I feel certain things can be caused to occur by your will, but because your will is subtle, the effect is subtle as well.
  3. Friends, relatives, acquaintances dont need to know my religion. If someone (like a few relatives) assumes after 20 years that I'm still a Christian that's fine by me. Withholding info in this context is not a lie. Christians feel that one's beliefs are public knowledge. They are absolutely wrong. Christianity itself is a lie, has no merit and I dont base my life on it's silly standards. This works for me but my family are mostly heathens anyway. And I dont live in the bible belt.
  4. One can venerate Jesus. One can venerate science. God is greater than us (in a believer's mind) and the natural universe is greater than us. The quest to discover the ultimate seems to be an innate function of humanity. Your use of metaphor .... is disturbing. lol.
  5. I should post this article on facebook for my fundy friends ....
  6. Jesus called his pastor home....for being a dumbass.
  7. I dont remember you being grumpy but I have a short memory.
  8. Thank goodness for poor memories. Welcome back.
  9. Faith is belief in something without evidence. Willful ignorance, mental sloth and apathy may be contributing factors to religious faith, but no, they are not in themselves faith.
  10. How does intellectual honesty relate to evidence? Is evidence the deciding factor in truth? Or can evidence be interpreted? We had a thread a while back talking about which 'interpretation' of the double slit experimental evidence was the truth. I guess there's a few different interpretations. Some people have their own personal interpretations. Some people go with what mainstream science agrees on. How do we know which interpretation to go with? When should we go with our own interpretation? When should we go with the herd?
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