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  1. It's nice to have someone validate you. It boosts your confidence. I think with age comes less craving for approval. Could be related to Christianity too. I dont know.
  2. I think Dr Gallagher is priming people for his upcoming book. Religion is about first creating a problem and then creating its solution. Why should you believe what he has to say? Is his research legitimate? Has anyone else done similar research and come to the same conclusion? Have any non-believers done research and come to the same conclusion as Dr G?
  3. midniterider

    Advice from the unequally yoked club

    I think the main consideration is that he needs to allow you to believe what you want to believe. And vice versa.
  4. midniterider

    Advice from the unequally yoked club

    I married a fairly liberal Christian. (I was agnostic) I don't think she'd been going to church for a while. Our dating and eventual marriage was not predicated on Jesus. She did however talk about Jesus and mentioned praying for people often. It did not bother me back then. I decided to take the Christianity plunge due to her. She didn't push me into it at all. Questions to ask him at some point might be, "Would you be willing to marry an atheist without trying to convert your partner to Christianity?" "Would you be happy with an atheist partner?" "When breakfast club or church finds out you are dating an atheist, or are married to an atheist, will you stick up for me? Or let breakfast club/church dictate your behavior to try and convert me or dump me? In other words, are you your own man?" A statement to say might be, "I'm not merely an atheist. I once was a christian and it ended poorly and now I have decided that it's not for me. Perhaps like [pick a typical female hobby] is not for you and I will never try to get you involved in it." Or "Being with me means you will need to ignore the Great Commission, at least with me." Maybe consider a period of living together prior to marriage. Anyway, fornicate your brains out.
  5. midniterider

    My Long-Awaited Introduction

    Welcome to the community, Q Thanks for sharing your extimony.
  6. midniterider

    Hello :)

    Oh, ok. That's what the website is all about. Regarding life meaning, I think life has whatever meaning I assign to it. Even though I don't have a faith in Jesus anymore, other religions and belief systems are interesting. So is philosophy.
  7. midniterider


    Welcome to the site. Talk to some people here. Ask questions Looks like you are already looking ahead by applying to a public school.
  8. midniterider

    Pony Play...

  9. midniterider

    Pony Play...

    If you think that's weird, I've seen 22 men put on jerseys, line up and bash into each other. Over and over and over. It's bizarre.
  10. midniterider

    Hell no

    Welcome back, Thumby. Thumby says: "When reading the bible one has to be a deep sea diver and not just a mere water skier-- figuratively speaking. You have to prayerfully and humbly study the texts and you'll discover their rich mean in.  The Holy Spirit reaches people who are as meek as little children (one can't depend on preconceived ideas to understand scripture). Just because the bible doesn't say the law was not written down before Sinai, it does not mean the law didn't exist. I did say that the aim of the law is loving God, and loving one's neighbor as oneself. Prior to sin the law was basically stated in the affirmative; in Genesis it shows this when God gave Adam and Eve simple commands. First He stated His commands in the affirmative--- of every tree you can freely eat (ahem, freedom to choose) --- and then He stated His command in the negative without giving too much detail and putting ideas in their heads--- of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat ... or you will surely die (more choice)." ....... When you say 'deep sea diver' I think you mean 'believe what someone else tells you about the bible. Imagine that all this nonsense is true. Ignore common sense and reason and logic while reading this baloney.' 'Prayerfully and humbly study the texts' means 'don't criticize them for Jesus is watching you!' "Just because the bible doesn't say the law was not written down before Sinai, it does not mean the law didn't exist." Pulling more crap out of the air, I see. if God didn't give them knowledge of good and evil then how would he expect them to follow his command of not eating from the tree? How would they know he was (supposedly) good and that they should pay attention to him? It's like some guy off the street takes a can of spray paint and paints a line on the ground. Then says, "Hey, don't cross that line over there." You have no idea who this guy is and there is apparently no reason that you can see not to cross it. Tell someone they can't do something and that's like an invitation to do it. It's human nature. I guess God didnt know anything about human nature or logic. And then there's that "you'll surely die" BS. "Cross my line and you'll surely die....(cough) in 50 years or so..."
  11. midniterider

    Guess who's dead now...

    That's sad.
  12. midniterider

    Hello :)

    Well, looks like a 'good news' fail again. But that's ok, really because I'm not really interested in becoming a Christian again! woohoo!
  13. Yes, I understand the reservations are their own separate nation. I've worked with a couple tribal police departments in Nv. When a tribal cop pulled over somone on tribal land the first question was "Is the driver tribal or non tribal?" because different laws pertained to each. Always a fun time dealing with that. I agree the US kind of 'allows' the natives to be their own nation when it's convenient. But when it's time to build a pipeline, watch out.
  14. midniterider

    Hello :)

    Ruby: But like him I have been made perfect through suffering and finally emancipated myself from mental slavery, as Bob Marley so wisely suggested. ... I'll suffer two joints for Bob.
  15. Someone I know applied and had to prove their lineage. There was an Indian Casino dividend at stake so people started coming out of the woodwork to get some of that. There was some bickering about why people who lived out of state and thus off the reservation should not get any of that money. I dont recall any dual citizenship requirement but it's been a long time since I talked to them. They were lucky and were able to collect a monthly check while living several states away. That was years ago. I'm sure things have changed.