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    Chaos Magick, Meditation, Lucid Dreaming. I try not to take my philosophy of life too seriously.
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    Enjoys the study of various religions.

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  1. midniterider

    Satan gave man love. Was it worth the hate?

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster says the bible is bullshit.
  2. To continue your marriage: Does she have to stop believing? Would the children have to stop believing? Do you HAVE to go to church? Children might be told about backsliders and think of you, but they probably also think Dad is pretty awesome...you're Dad! How many Christian ideas get kind of blended, morphed, changed, adjusted to fit reality and individual personalities to make them more acceptable? Half the Old Testament is ignored by Christians who claim to be faithful believers. Can you love your wife if she believes in Jesus? Can she love you if you dont? I wish you the best. I hope you are both able to hammer out something acceptable to you both and still are able to love each other.
  3. midniterider

    Buddhists Too? Of Course!

    I think it’s just fun to watch the personalities clash in The local clubs I belong to.
  4. midniterider

    Buddhists Too? Of Course!

    Doh! https://sojo.net/articles/american-atheists-terminates-its-president-over-sexual-misconduct-allegations
  5. midniterider

    Should We Expect a Higher Consciousness

    Smoke a doobie, sir. All answers will be revealed.
  6. midniterider

    Pluto might become a planet again

    Maybe we should take a vote...getting close to lunch time.
  7. midniterider

    Should We Expect a Higher Consciousness

    Being a little woo friendly makes my life more enjoyable. Woo is not for everyone , though.
  8. midniterider

    Should We Expect a Higher Consciousness

    Is spontaneous remission God healing us? Who can say?
  9. midniterider

    Should We Expect a Higher Consciousness

    If you are having a spiritual experience you must be hallucinating! If you are learning some scientific facts or checking the results of a scientific experiment, you cannot possibly be hallucinating! (haha)
  10. midniterider

    The Psychology Behind Prayer and Ritual

    The pigeons that were doing the weird little dances had been slain in the spirit. They were Pigecostals.
  11. midniterider

    Sex Password?

    Sticks my tongue in your ear.
  12. midniterider

    Sex Password?

    Password: I'mgonnabuyyouadiamondring
  13. midniterider

    Stupid is as stupid as

    $100 divided by 2 hours is $50 per hour. Sounds fair.
  14. midniterider

    The Psychology Behind Prayer and Ritual

    Every time I typed on a keyboard for two weeks, the magic fairies dropped money into my bank account. So I just kept doing it. It worked for years!
  15. midniterider

    The Psychology Behind Prayer and Ritual

    Do we have replication and subsequent consensus? God I hope so.