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  1. may I ask a question? What exactly qualifies as pagan today? And, does any of your magic REALLY work? Thanks 


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    2. midniterider


      I think we have a Buddhist and a Hindu here on the forum. Vedic material is pretty interesting to me. Advaita Vedanta is cool. 


      Anyway, enjoy ex-c. :) 

    3. Jane


      India is awesome, been there. I just love their culture ( well some of it).  But, like I said, to be a good Hindu, you definitely can't eat any burgers...


      one of my neighbors here is a Buddhist 


      so how long ago did you stop being a Christian?


    4. midniterider


      1990s to 2001 I was a bible believing Christian. Pentecostal/charismatic variety. 

      2001 got divorced. stop going to the church the ex was going to, obviously.

      2002ish, after lack of weekly Jesus reinforcement, disagreement with scripture and tired of feeling bad for sin that does not harm anyone, I said Bye to Jesus. As usual, he did not answer back. 

      2011 ish. Started visiting here for the fun and entertainment...learned why Christianity is nonsense. 


      Bhuddism is good. HInduism may be as well. I like Zen, personally. It kind of strips away the window dressing and gets to the point, imo. Though window dressing may be a fulfilling part of your spirituality. :)


      Favorite verse in Amritabindu Upanishad: In Whom reside all beings, and Who resides in all beings by virtue of His being the giver of grace to all – I am that Soul of the Universe, the Supreme Being, I am that Soul of the Universe, the Supreme Being.


      I am That. It resonates with me. Is probably totally illogical too. I am that I am - Exodus 3:14. Did the bible have an Eastern influence? I don't know. Notice, "I am" in French is "Je suis". Looks kinda like "Jesus", doesnt it. 


      http://www.prahlad.org/gallery/nisargadatta/I_Am_That.pdf (really awesome book, imo- if you are into Eastern stuff). 


      Sorry, blabbing too much here. Off to reality. Take care. 

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