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  1. I read that same article an hour ago. lol.
  2. Hey, a couple INTJ's here. I think I'll post a Myers Briggs thread.
  3. Right, everyone has a different idea of what spirituality is...theirs is the best and their opponent's idea is BS. Of course you may never know if a Christian 'really' likes their belief system or if they are just afraid to doubt it or challenge it. I like advaita vedanta but there's no consequence if I decide it's hooey. Some people want rules and structure. Others don't.
  4. And the Ex-Christians who take apart the Adam and Eve story piece by piece are accused of 'surface reading'. lol I guess 'reading between the lines' means accepting whatever inane nonsense you read.
  5. Ed: "I'm glad you are excited Josh about finding an anecdotal relationship that points towards your spirituality." Also Ed: "OH, the water phases, the triple point lol.....that was a good one, demonstrating the Trinity." ... I saw a person with 3 zits. Boom! The Trinity, bitches.
  6. Communing and fellowshipping with atheists and pagans. That should score some kinda points.
  7. Ed: Christianity specifically provides a standard and mechanism to know the greater, "God", through the human condition, through Christ. ....... Advaita Vedanta specifically provides a standard and mechanism to know the greater "God" of one's Self through the human condition: Self Inquiry. Zen specifically provides a standard and mechanism to know the greater "God" of one's universal Self through the human condition: Meditation, mindfulness, the koan. Paganism specifically provides a standard and mechanism to know the greater 'deity' through the
  8. You have to say Jesus Christ Quantum Mechanics before a Christian will take an interest in it.
  9. I got half way through it and it just felt stifling to me. But I'm agnostic and like little woo.
  10. "You would like me to see your relationship with the void, but you will not accept the Bible talking about God, the Alpha and Omega..." I believe certain bible scriptures were acknowledged by Josh ... those passages supported his universal spirituality. Universal spirituality is not personality worship and I think that is the sticking point. Christians look for the Jesus label on everything.
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