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  1. Welcome back, Leo. Sounds like you are enjoying the place you're at, right now. Glad you're exploring the universal consciousness thing. Consciousness really is the final frontier of exploration, imo. I enjoy considering that the universe and matter are just a manifestation of consciousness. Or composed of consciousness. Kirby Surprise's book on synchronicity has some pretty fascinating ideas along those lines. Maybe add Alan Watts and Michael Talbot to your reading/youtube list (if you like). I'm glad you are enjoying the freedom to think however you like. Yay for independent thought. Anyway, have a good day.
  2. Well what is the prize, exactly? Christians assume that kissing their deity's ass forever and ever in 'Heaven' is desirable. I dont think they have really thought that through. But I remember that as a Christian, thinking was discouraged. Just follow the rules.
  3. I will take the word open-minded and change it to 'pursue.' Should we pursue something that we are interested in if we only have a hunch/belief that it may be true...or that it may be possible? If someone else says, "That's total nonsense" should we then abandon further pursuit of that idea? I'm willing to bet that many things we take for granted today (killing germs by hand washing, antibiotics, airplanes, radio waves, quantum entanglement, access to all known information on a flat pocket sized device) were once (or would have been) considered completely absurd/impossible by the average person ... or even top minds of the day. Some things are not testable yet. Some day they may be testable if we continue developing technology and/or keep searching and researching. Regarding unicorns or other unfalsifiable notions, if you begin to obsess about something, then it could be harmful. If you feel unicorns are telling you to adjust your investment portfolio into more risky areas and you are already retired, well, maybe you ought to rethink that. If you are well adjusted yet feel a unicorn might be blessing you with a beautiful backyard of flowers (even though you are the one that plants and waters them)...is that really an issue? A bit of magical thinking won't send you to hell...nor lead to your intellectual demise or insanity. If something isn't an 'issue' then dont make it an issue. Dont let someone else make it an issue for you. Unicorns havent' given me any trouble in 50 some odd years. Never had to scoop their poop ever. Pretty clean animals, imo. (haha) How much credence you want to give something that is unfalsifiable it is up to you. How much time you want to spend thinking about them is up to you. As long as rational scientists like ... I dont know, Carl Sagan, for example..dont do something patently absurd, like send a golden record into space so aliens for which we have no evidence decide ... to play it , then I'm good. ( oh wait! LoL) edit: P.S. Consider also that some claims are ordinary, some are extraordinary...and others are somewhere in between. Not everything that is without physical evidence is necessarily on the extreme side of extraordinary. Where something lies on that spectrum may guide you in how much thought you want to devote to it.
  4. Luth: I'll say it again. If Genesis is not a literal reading, we have no reason to understand anything. I suppose some will take that as some extremist Christian position and use it as a basis for dismissing Christianity but that only reveals the deeper issue. ......... If you want your basic foundation of understanding to be based on something that does not fit with reality then of course you are free to do so. Though, in my opinion people (Christians included) base their understanding of reality on common sense and observation of what is. Christians don't really live their lives as if all the wacky bullshit in the bible is true. If they did they would all be in mental institutions or prison. Christians (and everyone else) use common sense and logic and reason first and foremost, then sprinkle it with Jesus later on. When it comes to web forums, church , and other unimportant activities, Christians will get fired up over their mythical nonsense that supposedly took place back then but is not observable today. It's easy to say you believe the crazy nonsense happened in the past... but not now, of course. Why is there no expectation of talking snakes and burning bushes and 700 year old people now? Of course, there's nothing wrong with wacky beliefs ... unless you try to codify wacky beliefs into law or otherwise insist others believe them.
  5. I guess not all scientists want to continue to act (or think) like scientists on their days off. Maybe their rational facility needs to be switched off for a while to get recharged. Maybe religion is a nice disconnect from the feeling that your job owns you or that your employer has the right to determine your personality.
  6. ^^ Some great points to ponder there, Sir. I wonder why a loving, intelligent God would bring people into the world as pre-condemned? In any case (elect or precondemned), you could certainly behave any way you like and get into heaven...though, I'm not sure I'd wanna go there with this wacky God in charge of the place.
  7. Beer actually exists. And, it doesnt cause me to be afraid or guilty or shameful.
  8. Maybe God has an electoral college. It's probably not accredited, though.
  9. I wonder if any of that heat or energy is measurable by instrumentation? Since it also is occurring at secular gatherings it seems the common denominator would be people. During one of these gatherings, I wonder if people generate their own (additional) energy or heat that only affects their own individual body or is it a co-mingling of everyone's 'energy' in the room? That's really interesting, Fuego. I remember being in a fairly smaller room (smaller than the large santuary) in church. It was the youth group room. There were a lot of teenagers in there all worshiping Jesus. I dont recall if it was extra warm there, though if it was, that could be because there were lots of warm bodies in a small room. I did feel what we all described as the 'spirit' quite pronounced though. I wouldn't say it was the Holy Spirit but I might say that people in a group seem to be able to generate a euphoric experience, somehow.
  10. Are you suffering religious trauma, Sir?
  11. Is Calvinism Biblical? Does the concept of the 'elect' square with John 3:16 and the Great Commission?
  12. https://www.christforums.com/forums/topic/24177-is-it-possible-to-fall-away-from-the-faith-and-lose-salvation/page/7/?tab=comments#comment-92252 See message 158 and 161 and 169 (point 6). They discuss John 3:16 and the elect. I think there were several different weaseling out maneuver's in play such as what does 'whosoever' refer to in John 3:16? And (according to atpollard) it turns out that 'whosoever' doesn't mean 'whosoever', it means the people 'who are doing what God wants.' I think it was mentioned in that thread that even though you are elect, if you choose to ignore God he might make life suck for you. I think I also read someone who said something like "if you continue behaving terribly before God he'll just unelect you." But now I can't find it, so I might be wrong. The main takeaway I got from the thread is that if you're elect then god will flip your mind around and make you want him. So I guess you'll end up being divinely lobotomized for Jesus if you don't give yourself over freely. I think the idea of the Elect is an interesting emotional snare for the gullible. It seems designed to play on your guilt or fear. "Gosh, God may have chosen me...I better straighten my shit up!" Once again, though the Calvinists are like all other Christians in that they have to do the talking for their almighty God, while He Himself is silent. How bout a Calvinism thread? I'll start one.
  13. "Feeling the Holy Spirit" was common for me in church, though now I just consider it was euphoric brain chemicals. There are other ways to accomplish that feeling without Jesus so I dont really think it was the Holy Spirit 'moving' , anymore. The church weirdos tried to get me to speak in tongues but I was too shy. My non-Christian foundation prevented me from allowing myself to talk stupid like the weirdos.
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