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  1. I've been watching Matt Dillahunty on youtube and he made a couple points about the harmfulness of faith. The one I remember is that telling children (or anyone) that their newly departed relative went to heaven and that they will someday see them again is actually harmful to the grieving process. I disagree with that point. I'm about 95% in agreement with Matt's point of view overall but disagree that faith is always harmful. So the bigger question on my mind would be: Is faith completely devoid of value? My momentary faith prior to being a Christian was catalyst for a positive change in my life once. I broke an addiction by prayer. I'm not saying God stepped in and took away that addiction. Maybe he did, maybe he didnt. I am saying I prayed and shortly after , with some additional hard mental work, I succeeded. My question is not 'Is supernatural intervention possible?' because all atheists will say no. I'm asking, does faith/belief in the supernatural start the physical brain's wheels spinning to effect a physical change? A useful placebo effect? If so then that may be another value point in favor of faith. And not necessarily Christian faith. Anyway, I'm bored so there you go.
  2. William: However, I don't expect everyone to understand the text including myself. Wouldn't God provide a corrective insight if a Christian seeker started down the path of wrong understanding of scripture? William: After all many misunderstood Jesus Christ so why would I think anyone might understand me all the time? I don't understand how or why Jesus would allow people to not understand him. Both of my questions should really start with: I'm old, possibly confused and it's late but..
  3. Welcome back. Glad you enjoy Idaho. Spent a few years there back in the day. Stanley and McCall are gorgeous , along with Coeur d'Alene .
  4. The bible is silliness and unimportant (to me). Enjoy your beliefs. I'll enjoy mine. I have no great commission to turn you into an agnostic. edited.
  5. Why ARE you here? So you can tell us how predictable we are? To tell us how wrong we are without explaining why? To ignore arguments that refute your God's reality (or call it into question) ? Maybe something else? Why would a Christian visit an Ex-Christian forum? Hmmmmm.
  6. Half of a jelly bean apparently is an impossibility. And God appearing to people in 2019 is an impossibility. Though he appeared to many people (supposedly) 2000 years ago. And as a burning bush.
  7. Why does a supreme being appear to behave a lot like an overly judgmental human being in the bible instead of a supreme being?
  8. 'God has spoken.' But is he enforcing his authority? It doesn't appear so. It's really hard to tell. I think a good show of authority (or force) would be to appear and do something. Otherwise you end up with people like us that are going to take God's silence as God's non-existence. I mean if God is silent/invisible/absent for 80 years of my life, why would I think he exists at all. And why would I be inclined to think someone who is non-existent is going to take me to Heaven or send me to Hell? So where is God, anyway? He was a burning bush once that spoke with Moses. He walked around as Jesus. Why doesn't he do any of these things now? I understand that none of us will change your mind and you won't change my mind, but it's still interesting to talk about belief. Maybe someone else who is reading this will gain some insight from one of us.
  9. So let's discuss scripture. You mentioned scriptural authority. Authority over whom or what and why? I dont think it has any authority. (Edited...twice)
  10. Waits for LuthAMF to give us something other than bluster. The substance so far seems to be "I'm right and you're wrong" along with assumptions that the bible is true. Did you want to 'anger' us back to Jesus?
  11. Whenever I post some nonsense , LF refutes it. Can you fix that?
  12. Is a relationship with Jesus just reading the bible? Or actually having a live two way conversation ? Or something else?
  13. Let's not deny God anymore. I invite Jesus to come here to this thread and speak on his own behalf. I'm not really into the hard sell by your follower, LuthAMF. In your mighty name, I pray. Amen.
  14. testing - cleared cookies, rebooted, logged out quoting fine now, sir...you're a web engineer extraordinaire. thanks.
  15. testing the quote function
  16. reply to LF (if I try to quote you I get a fail) Neither the great deceiver Satan nor the Jesus have ever shown up to chat about this stuff, so I dont think NDEs are caused by nor related to them. I suspect these characters are fiction, like Batman. If they ARE real but have no intention to interact with us then they may as well not exist. I dont know why Satan would deceive me by telling me that heaven is real and creating a fake experience unless he was on the Jesus team. I like Karna's white Jesus question. That would be interesting to find out how many white people who've had NDEs saw white Jesus during the event. But couldn't Jesus be white if he wanted to? (Checkmate , atheists! haha) I generally like to think that this waking experience is reality because it seems to be my most common experience. But where is this experience, experienced? Someone will say 'the brain', I might say, 'in consciousness'. Is my brain/consciousness interpreting an external reality from the 5 senses? Or is my brain/consciousness 'creating' a reality by itself? I dont know. Dreams and NDEs and OBEs and hallucinations simulate the observation of an external reality without the use of...external reality. I'm not claiming to be a brain in a vat; where would the vat be located? I just like to question the notion of reality. NDEs are interesting as to 'what' they may be but also 'why' they occur. Why would oxygen starved brains tend to produce this somewhat common NDE scenario? A bright light, a tunnel, your choice of religious leader...relatives greeting you, etc. Why not something else? https://www.thoughtco.com/common-elements-near-death-experiences-2594675 (Used for reference , not for ironclad validity) I think some NDEs also have occurred while someone was without any measured brain activity. I've heard the assertion of 'residual brain electricity' as a cause, but not sure if there is any evidence for that. One problem though is that neither the doctor nor the patient knows exactly when the NDE occurred vs when their brain activity temporarily ceased. My take on it is "I dont really know", NDEs may just be some kind of dream. A rather common kind of dream though occurring during a particular life event, making it suspicious to me.
  17. Getting an error here: 


    says the template is throwing an error. Not sure if it's me or ex-c. :)

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  18. El Pollo Loco... burp
  19. ( Cheap seque) Speaking of intolerance: https://sojo.net/articles/american-christianity-has-become-institution-intolerance snipped from article: Meanwhile, they’ll (Christians) join their congregations and worship a God they claim has lavished unwarranted grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love upon them. Singing lyrics like “I couldn't earn it, and I don't deserve it, still, You give Yourself away, Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God…” These same worshippers regarding immigrants, refugees, and foreigners: “they didn’t earn it, they don’t deserve it.”
  20. I dont really know how things operate on the main blog. I just play on the forums here. Please tell us what idea you were disagreeing with and we'll all jump in and have some fun.
  21. People dont usually get banned here. Maybe advised to post in some other subforum. Like this one. But anyway, what is the gist of the article and what is your thought about it? Do you feel that God is real and want to tell us why? Or give us evidence? That's often what things boil down to here in the Lion's Den subforum.
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