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  1. All I see on YT is music videos, videogame videos and a some Matt Dillahunty. If you search a lot of eschatology vids then you will start getting eschatology video suggestions...but you knew that. Now, on Facebook I keep getting lots of Lilly from AT&T cleavage clickbait ads....I do not know why. lol.
  2. I am addicted to CNN, but I must fight their 'drama'. Avoiding news sites altogether might be helpful. Watch some movies.
  3. I'm glad that BrotherMario got 'impeached' before Jan 20. He was getting boring. I think he felt that if you just repeatedly assault someone with your bullshit that it will eventually stick... of course we are aware of the weak minded individuals who will believe any goddamn thing they are told, but we here on this board analyze reality and come to our own conclusions. We will not just fall for nonsense anymore. We wont be feared into believing. We wont be guilted into believing. We wont be shamed into believing. Can I get an amen? Or an awoman?
  4. I enjoy the entertainment...for a short while. But evidence-less assertions just get old.
  5. Saying Awomen is dumb, so is saying Amen. So is talking to imaginary friends. I agree, Ben. But.... What I also find absurd is when bibleGod said "I am that I am", aka Yod Hey Vav Hey in Hebrew, Jews finding it too sacred to speak so they convert it to YHVH, then stretching it out to Yahweh or Jehovah. That just cracks me up. That and chopping off the end of your wiener.
  6. This guy is really smart and has made quite a career as a speaker.
  7. He's a troll. He feeds off hate and negative emotion. Intelligent people like us enjoy showing how smart we are, so this is like a feeding ground for him. He'll just keep posting ignorant stuff and hurling insults, and drinking up the delicious hate...ad infinitum, like you said. Short of an account ban, I'd suggest short one line posts or maybe two word posts like "bye bye." There's no reason to present any well-written and thoughtful posts for this guy. Low effort is probably best. It would be better to have some actual Christian debate here in the Den. I like debat
  8. Since God's spirit is in every one us, there is not and never was a need for you to speak to that spirit. God can speak to me whenever he likes. You are irrelevant. God has it handled. The ball is in your court, God. Speak to me!
  9. Lockage due to lack of substance?
  10. If after having a God experience you become an insufferable egomaniac, I dont think I want to seek a God experience. God could have picked a better messenger.
  11. Has this guy even said what his mystical magical experience was? edit: I remember a prior apologist telling us he had proof of God. He just avoided telling us what it was. He said us lowly scum would never understand his proof and employed other nonsense to evade showing us the proof that he didnt really have.
  12. The formula is 1) spew nonsense then 2) claim it is something profound and 3) insult and condescend .
  13. Let's see one. edit: Or better yet, God can visit. He has that power of visitation, right? Maybe gather up all us skeptics and you and take us all to a monastery and do a miracle. If not, then it's just you full of hot air.
  14. He had a Jesus experience .... just like the other 2 billion believers.
  15. Masturbation should always been done vigorously, imo.
  16. How can a narcissist worship anyone but themselves?
  17. Do you think the D-K effect describes people who are certain the 2020 election was 'stolen' despite the lack of evidence in 50+ lawsuits? Or Qanon and other conspiracy followers?
  18. Here's an interesting article on this mental disorder. I love the list of symptoms. lol. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/narcissistic-personality-disorder/symptoms-causes/syc-20366662
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