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  1. https://factcheck.afp.com/false-claims-patents-fuel-novel-coronavirus-conspiracy-theories-online "A Google search for the European patent number leads to this Google Patents page, which makes clear it is aimed at a disease affecting birds that is caused by a member of the coronavirus family.... Avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), the aetiological agent of infectious bronchitis (IB), is a highly infectious and contagious pathogen of domestic fowl ... The present invention also relates to the use of such a coronavirus in a vaccine to prevent and/or treat a disease..."
  2. We cannot really know what the scriptures... that God inspired to be written as our manual for life ...mean.
  3. I used that one on Facebook when Obama was re-elected. I said the Lord has spoken. (haha) A Christian said I took that scripture out of context. Now if Romney had won, I bet it would have been in perfect context and I would have received an "Amen!"
  4. Oh , cool Well, I agree with you as far as terminology goes. The 'chaos' authors I've read feel that the subconscious (natural, not supernatural) is somehow involved. But as long as you get results, the mechanism is irrelevant. Have you read any Phil Hine or Peter Carroll?
  5. You never were a true sorcerer. (haha) Well, she is obviously invisible because we cant see her...(logic, my friend - lol). Being pink, not sure. Did she leave a pink paint transfer behind when her horn ...ummm....nvm.
  6. If your experience was supernatural then you can't trust your perceptions. If your experience was ordinary, then you can trust your perceptions. /s
  7. Or both with high confidence in the same lifetime? edit: I'm not really that confident about it. Kind of apathetic, for the most part.
  8. Boomer Remover and Boomercide. This thread is worth it just for the terminology.
  9. We didn't really have an occult conspiracy in my church in the 90s. The occult got lumped in with new age, out of body experiences , crystals, etc. The Satanic Panic and Prayer Warriors were present in my Pente church but that was about it.
  10. If someone was raised as a Christian and also had the wicked ability to create a tulpa...but weren't aware of the tulpa concept....then Jesus Christ could be an entire separate personality inside their head. If you had a tulpa in your head named Jesus that behaved according to the gospels then you'd be pretty adamant that Jesus is real. For me, though, Jesus was never more than a vague hazy imagination that wasn't much different than my personality. ... Maybe the holy spirit is just an energy egregore thoughtform.
  11. I noticed it out there in the sky a few days ago. Really bright.
  12. Oh cool. I've read that having your own homemade stuff is 'better' in certain ways than store bought, but mine always looks like crap. lol Thanks for the info on the pentacle. I have a stick that 'called out' to me... at least more than the other sticks in the area so I wrapped some suede fringe around it for a handle and then threw it in my box of magic stuff. I really ought to get off the computer and go out and commune with nature a bit. Maybe draw some sigils in the dirt, make rocks into sigil shapes (I'm very sigil oriented). I found a nice metal cup at a 2nd hand store....2nd hand stores seem great for picking up neato stuff. I wouldnt mind having some large runes or some large tiles, or lettered tiles for spellcraft. Hope you get that wand made. Take care.
  13. I have no artistic ability nor crafting ability. And I think having some really nice magic tools and decorations would be quite helpful to enhance my magic life. It certainly would make ritual better. Probably need to spend a few dollars on that this year.
  14. Hi, Phil. Welcome to Ex-c.net. I see you suffer from guilt. I only had a 10 year stint in Christianity but it left me with some fear , guilt and shame. I consider fear, guilt and shame the three pillars of Christianity, now. It certainly is not based on love. It really is a big mindf**k that programs you to think that weird ideas are perfectly acceptable and make sense. Unfortunately biblical ideas, which are evil in themselves were presented to by your mom, who sounds like she may have emotional problems to go along with the toxic religion. Sorry you had to deal with all that. Glad to see you found some paganism (hopefully) to your liking. While Christianity is a repressive system of thought and feeling, I found paganism to be whatever I damn well want it to be . This is a great place to deconstruct Christianity, meet others who went thru the nonsense that you did, and find some healing if you need it. Anyway, welcome.
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