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  1. I suppose if it gets big enough , it cant really be a cult. I agree we like to use the word cult as a pejorative.
  2. maybe a thread on what a cult is and why christianity falls into that category?
  3. The dogma of the church with the most potlucks is the True Way.
  4. Any comments on psalm 148:7? "Praise the LORD from the earth, ye dragons, and all deeps " The bible mentions dragons a number of times. Are there dragons? Oh, nvm. LF already covered dragons. How about talking donkeys? Do we have those in reality? If not, then what the hell is the bible talking about?
  5. I peeled off the layer of nonsense called Christianity and feel much better now.
  6. Let's say God went on national television because, being all powerful and at least as intelligent as human beings, he knew that whispering in our ear would only create a confusion of dozens of denominations.
  7. So then it's conceivable that over time you may discover that Reformed Christianity is actually sin and end up adopting Jojo's Christianity. That could be why Jesus put Jojo in your life here on this ex-C forum. Why wouldnt Jesus step in , early on to let you know that Reformed Christianity, or Mormonism, or Catholicism or Baptist belief is incorrect? Sure, you're less than perfect image bearers but Jesus sits up there for years and years listening to people praying the wrong things 'in his name' and spouting the wrong doctrine 'in his name' and just basically ignores it? Just lets all these wrong beliefs fester and grow into entire churches, whose followers will all tell you with (seeming) authority that their flavor of Jesus is absolutely correct. Followers who are believing incorrectly in an incorrect church for their whole lives. Why would Jesus allow that?
  8. Wow, both might be agents of "The Enemy". I guess that would make sense. Because when "Jesus Christ [is] the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever", like it says in Hebrews 13:8 then it would be impossible for two REAL believers to be in disagreement like Christforums and Jojo are. You (two Christians) may have an understanding/interpretation/revelation/scholarly knowledge of doctrine, but none of you have any more authority than that of any other human being. And that's the way Christianity has always been. At least for me. Christianity is always some person telling another person about his imaginary friend. Why should I believe either of you or any of the nonsense in a bible? There's just no reason to.
  9. So you're telling me that either Christforums or Jojo is an agent of Satan .... yes , yes, but which one? And thank you for remembering 2 Peter 2:1 in our time of need here.
  10. Jesus tells Christforums that the trinity is correct and that Jojo is incorrect. Jesus also tells Jojo that the trinity is false and that Christforums is incorrect. Why does Jesus tell each of these Christians that the other is wrong?
  11. If Christforums has the One True doctrine and Jojo has the one true doctrine, shouldnt they be the 'same' doctrine? Can Jesus be God and not be God at the same time? Is one of these people with the 'wrong' doctrine going to end up in Hell? Why would Jesus allow people to follow the wrong doctrine? I mean if you have a loving heart for Jesus you would think he would eliminate incorrect belief. And if following the wrong doctrine is not enough to send you to hell, then who really gives a shit which one you subscribe to?
  12. Widows and orphans...especially the widows...(E. Clampus Vitus)
  13. So what am I truly doing by celebrating a holiday that's not in the bible? My opinion is that it's much ado about nothing. I've gotten quite an education about religion here on this website. My feeling is that it's a lot of bunk.
  14. So you're happy with people celebrating a religious occasion that's not in the bible? Sweet. I love that open-mindedness. I personally think people should celebrate whatever occasion they like. http://www.goddessandgreenman.co.uk/ostara/ Ostara, Eostre, Easter! Celebrate the equinox with a fertility ritual!
  15. Perhaps the "Enemy" suggested he log on and be naughty here.
  16. That was kind of my thought too. http://www.neopagan.net/ABCDEF.html Scroll down to the Cult Danger Evaluation Frame - just for fun. Christianity scores pretty high.
  17. I haven't seen them either.
  18. I need a purification ceremony ... in ummm... the Bahamas. And some grocery store needs to pay for it.
  19. Well Zeus is just something someone made up....
  20. Cops are generally above the law. They do pretty much whatever they want.
  21. They are neither freedom fighters, nor anarchists. Just some elected official that works for the County Manager. Nevada passed a law in 2017 regarding background checks on private sales. The Attorney General squashed it , saying it was unenforceable. We just passed another similar law a week ago. I imagine it will be squashed also. My guess is that these gun laws require the spending of dollars to enforce, while writing speeding tickets brings in dollars, and that's more desirable. I seriously doubt the Sheriff's Office gives a rat's behind who buys a gun. The greater concern is budget.
  22. Dirt biking in a group is fun. I've done that. Not much chatter involved.
  23. I'm fine with restoring a sense of community...as long as I don't have to talk to anyone.... My Dad talked to the neighbors some. Sometimes it was good. Other times he just pissed em off. My parents didnt do church or clubs. Just went to the mall on the weekend. So that was the extent of my intro to community. The ham radio stole my soul in 1978 and the microcomputer further took over my life in 1980. As an adult, I didnt much care for the church 'community' when it meant schmoozing in a crowd after the sermon was done. Some people are into community and others are not. I dont think it's necessarily detrimental to society to be a more virtual community, except where we feel the need to throw politics at each other. Some people go to church, join clubs (the ham radio club meeting here is at 7:30 am so I never attend) and do meat-space stuff. I personally dont find crowds, large or small, very much fun. There's also that other thing: My career , which involved incessant chatter with people, especially ignorant people and assholes, that kind of put me off from wanting to attend a club or other event where people would be chattering. Organized groups tend to have their own beliefs and rules that annoy me. Alright, time for me to go be anti-social by myself somewhere. Thank you.