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  1. Public presentation. Jesus sets up a permanent office somewhere, goes on tv, does some miracles. Meets people. Why would I think he's real otherwise? Because a book says so? Because some gullible people say so? Why is it important that we believe he's real?
  2. Lion's Den debates aside, I'm glad you dont sit idly in a pew nor let the bible or a pastor be your brain. I'm glad you take into account what we observe and theorize and hopefully dont make up nonsense that God or Satan put fossils out there to fool us. In the past: I've applied logic to my Christian friends about the end times and asked them why they werent welcoming the untimely deaths of Christian friends and family since they thought they were going to heaven. They shook their heads like I was crazy or something...it was almost like they didnt believe in heaven. I talked to my pastor about how some scripture sounds like Zen ideas...that was not welcomed... Life is full of contradiction and hypocrisy. Not just in religion. Everywhere. We all seem to survive it without cognitive dissonance. Living is a gray area.
  3. I wonder why biblegod would create a child that would have to be sold into slavery to prevent her from being a Muslim who kills godless infidels? edit: When you could just create a child who would not grow up to kill anyone. Lol
  4. Watches Christian's avoid saying anything that puts their do-nothing god in a bad light. The crazy is fabulous to watch.
  5. Child sex slavery is not a 'hardship' that builds character.
  6. I think "White Conservative Jesus and His AR-15" would be a nice class for kids.
  7. Why does the all powerful Jesus Christ who loves his little ones allow them to be kidnapped and raped as slaves? Why would a Christian love an all powerful Jesus Christ who allows his little ones to be kidnapped and raped as slaves? ... Let's not babble on about how old people are supposed to be (120 years or whatever lie that is) or bullshit about faith and belief. Right now Jesus Christ is watching children get kidnapped, raped and tortured. Why is this ok with Christians? Why are Christians ok with a do-nothing God? "But I don't have to justify why I place value in a God of truth to someone who doesn't place any value in truth." --- You HAVE no justification anyway. Your 'God of Truth' is watching children get kidnapped, raped and tortured this very minute. Truth doesnt mean jack shit right now. Love and compassion would be just a little more important in this context, doncha think? Are you afraid to ask your Jesus why he doesnt save the children that the bible says he loves? ........... We used to sing "My god is an awesome god!!!! He reigns from heaven above." Lets fix the lyrics to reflect reality. "My god is an awesome god, who doesnt do a goddamn thing. He watches children get raped. My god is (for some unknown reason) an awesome god."
  8. Why do you worship a God who obviously allows 10 year old girls to be bought and sold and sexually abused?
  9. How Do You Justify Worshipping a god in an Evil World? ... Why do you worship a God who obviously allows 10 year old girls to be bought and sold and sexually abused?
  10. If scripture says that the life span of man is set at 120 years And 99% of humanity does not live to 120 years Should we accept scripture?
  11. Making someone attend church doesn't make them believe.
  12. Sounds like my ham radio club. 7am breakfast meetings. Fuck that.
  13. Why does church start at 6:45 am? That's insane.
  14. A cracker turning into Jebus dont make no sense to me. Satan and gluten both end with the N sound....i dont think it's a coincidence.
  15. I believe these religions/philosophies you mentioned do have merit. People seem to practice or at least ponder these ideas so I think there is value to be found in them. Whether or not science has shown belief systems to have objective physical truth to them or not is irrelevant to me. If I want to pay my respects to my own imaginary friend, I'm good with that. Someone is always going to think I have a screw loose whether I worship pagan gods, cast spells, drive a Chevy, root for the Raiders or whatever. Believe however you like.
  16. I'm getting the troll feeling from Knott so I may just stay with low effort replies.
  17. My bad. All these Christians tend to look the same after a while.
  18. LuthAMF 2.0, imo.
  19. Good questions but there is no answer for you.
  20. Be careful. If you express a distaste for Jesus , Knott thinks you're full of bitterness, hate and rage. I guess you can either love Jesus or hate him. No in-between. Sounds like church mind programming. "Do you like donuts?" "No" "Oh, so you are bitter, full of hate and rage over donuts" "No, they just make me fat"
  21. Maybe you could answer the 'good questions' for someone else that might be reading who isn't bitter like you think I am for some reason. Maybe I'm not angry but just older and a bit wiser about allowing myself to believe biblical nonsense. Who am I bashing, you? Was I hurt? Am I fuming? I think you have me confused with someone else; maybe some stereotype you have in your mind about what an ex-Christian is. Why do I have to go "where" to torment and troll others? Here you mean? Trolling you? Who started this thread? It was you and you were denying the idea of what we are. Ex-Christians. But no, I'm trolling you. Sweet. And illogical. This is an ex-Christian forum where we talk about the fiction of Christianity and how it messed up our lives and continues to mess up other people's lives, like our relatives and friends, marriages, etc. Cant have what both ways? Why is it important that I stop talking about my negative experience with Christianity? I'm not visiting other pro-Christian forums (at the moment) and posting anti-Christian messages on them. I'm posting here. I'll post anything on here that Dave lets me and seems relevant to ex-Christianity. Ex-Christian.net: A place where people freely talk smack about Christianity and Jesus Christ. That must be hard to stomach for you.
  22. Satan was kicked out of heaven by God. If we don't believe in Jesus we supposedly go to Hell and suffer under Satan. Why would Satan light us on fire? What's his motivation? Seems to me like he would rather piss off God by NOT doing anything God commands. Maybe instead Satan will party with us and we'll all have a big laugh. I mean, what would God do then? Send us to Super Hell?
  23. Why does asking why sound ridiculous? Is it because you have no answer other than "Cuz I said so" ? Please tell me what a Christian is. Please tell me what it is that makes YOU a Christian. Then assuming for a moment I actually was/still am a Christian, please tell me why I could never stop being one. Please tell me why I am still a Christian when I say I'm not a Christian. .... Sorry for the off topic, but why does Jesus allow his youth pastors to have sex with underage teens? (Do you have an answer other than "Why Why Sounds ridiculous." ?) https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/investigations/article/All-too-often-Southern-Baptist-youth-pastors-13588292.php I used to accept authoritarian type non-answers from church members and pastors but now I choose to think for myself and come to my own conclusions. One conclusion is that Jesus probably does not exist since he does not do anything overtly supernatural ... like you know....appear in person. Or supernaturally stop youth pastors from making his religion look bad.
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