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  1. You are hilarious as well as practical, sir.
  2. Like garlic to a vampire, the question "Why do you think the bible is an authority or source of truth" makes Jesus believers run away. I may tape this question to my doorbell button.
  3. AlreadyGone: I've learned to be wary of the man who holds strong belief with no real reason other than "because". Josh: Not a very good platform to be trying to convince people from..... .... It's one thing for someone to believe 'just because' , but when you want to convince someone else then you ought to have something more substantial . So far Rando has not addressed why he believes the bible is true or why he believes it is some sort of authority. I'd like to peel away the layers of his evangelism and get to his basis for belief. If there is one. If he's not going to answer the question, "Why do you believe the bible is true? Or why do you believe Jesus is real?", then all I can do is guess. Maybe he grew up in a JW household. Maybe (like me), he married a Christian and became one to please the wife. Maybe a friend got him going to church. Maybe he had a dream about God. We had a JW offshoot a while back who said he had an experience. He prayed for something and shortly after that, JWs knocked on his door. That was his basis for belief. And that's fine. Some reason to believe is probably better than no reason at all. But if the basis for spending your life in church, praying, worshiping, bible reading, evangelizing, tithing .... is simply 'just because' then I hope BroRando would ask himself if 'just because' (or whatever reason) is a strong foundation from which his faith is built? So I'm hoping Brorando has some substantial reason for us to (re)consider the bible and Jesus otherwise, like Josh said it's not a very good platform to try to convince others. Someone can post in large bold font and cite the chapter and verse from the bible, but I can post Harry Potter wisdom by the book and page number as well. Neither of these books means much to me.
  4. The bible doesn't offend me. We had two in my house when I was growing up. They sat quietly in the bookcase never offending anyone. People may offend others with their bible zealotry and and trying to hard sell their beliefs to others using fear (end of the world is nigh), shame (you're a sinner!) and guilt (god's watching you!), but bibles dont do anything. You, yeah you're a bit offensive. Maybe that's what you meant.
  5. True, you did write some. I'll withdraw the cut and paste comment and change it to "hard sell" telemarketer. Not sure where you embarrassed me the first time, but whatever. If you would be kind enough to answer my question that'd be great. I think we're all aware you are on fire for Jesus or JWs or brorando.com. And that's fine. I just wonder why do you think the bible has some kind of authority behind it? Why do you believe the bible is a source of truth? Any particular reason? Do you think the bible is the word of God? If so, why? Why should I take the bible any more seriously than a Stephen King novel?
  6. Rando is a cut and paster. I think he just wants to get his 'publishing' done so he can report in. He doesn't really want to interact. If anyone questions or disagrees with his drivel, he just posts more drivel.
  7. We don't believe what the bible says. Your Scripture is bs.
  8. Not to be confused with the Emperor of the North, starring Ernest Borgnine and Lee Marvin. Could be Justin Trudeau?
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dates_predicted_for_apocalyptic_events
  10. So if there is no eternal hell why should I join your religion (again)?
  11. IT IS WRITTEN ... in this post of mine ... that a new age of peace and prosperity shall folllow after September 5, 2021. It will be a glorious time that will last forever and ever. - MidniteRider (4:20)
  12. Looks to me like BroRando is looking more to evangelize than deconvert from a toxic belief system. People do come here with doubts and asking for help and people here do empathize, offer kindness and resources to help people transition out of Christianity. Now if BroRando has doubts, has lost faith, is losing faith, is questioning his faith, and would like an ear to listen and help, then we're all here for him. I wonder what kind of reception I would get on a Christian forum by offering the free gift of atheism to anyone there ... along with the suicide hotline number? Doesn't that kind of suggest that their lifestyle is something they should turn away from? That their lifestyle has them headed towards suicide? That's what I got from the OP.
  13. So what's the good news you're sharing? I'm enjoying my life right now.
  14. JWs havent been going door to door since the pandemic (here anyway) ...just mailing out faux handwritten letters to Me or Resident. I do miss telling them no and tossing the Watchtower/Awake shit in the trash, though.
  15. Ex-Christianity: Where you can roll your own beliefs about God and heaven...and not have to feel bad about yourself.
  16. Definitely sounds like a Catholic. Yep yep. /s
  17. Maybe from Southern Puget Sound
  18. Paganism is a good way, if you like/want/need a god or a goddess. Or even deity-free paganism is good. I've found paganism to be free from guilt, shame and fear that is usually associated with Christianity.
  19. Why does anyone want to keep answering Sound's questions? This just feels like a Christbot herding ex-Christian cattle.
  20. I'll give you my theory if you answer my questions.
  21. Southern, has Jesus ever appeared to you in person? Or spoke in an audible voice to you? If so, what did he say?
  22. Jesus, will you answer Southern's question please?
  23. Zen and Advaita are somewhat different means to the same end... enlightenment, self-realization, non-dual awareness. Chaos magic is just a kind of witchcraft.
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