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  1. I hope they are both OK and just taking an exc break.
  2. Pretty sure they reconverted and are now missionaries for our Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. What are your thoughts on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Havana_syndrome#:~:text=Havana syndrome is a set,unspecified attacks causing these symptoms.
  4. With respect to this comment: " My sweet mother wanted to post something along the lines of "the more you speak the Truth, the more people will attack you for it" supporting the anti-gay posters." Jesus (Way, Truth, Life - according to Christians) ought to be obvious (imo) and not something you have to search for, look up in a book, or have faith in. So you took my comment out of context and applied it as a universal claim (I do that sometimes, lol). God should either be as obvious (self-evident) as my chihuahua, my kitchen, or anything else that is generally accepted as existing in everyday life and for practical purposes. Or people are just wasting time. Sometimes truth is hidden. Is God hidden? Will we find him? I bet we dont. Other times truth is obvious. The truth of the existence of the stop sign at the corner of my street is undeniable. It's there. I've seen it, touched it. And so have others. Maybe other people are imaginary? Maybe the fact that the stop sign and well, all matter is mostly empty space between the electron and the nucleus leads to a conclusion that nothing is real at all. Maybe all is illusion. All is false.
  5. Do you live with these people? Or just in the same town maybe? Really your beliefs are none of their business. So if anyone asks point blank you can always say, "My beliefs are rather personal." You dont have to answer a question Yes or No. From looking at posts by other people in similar circumstances I have concluded that it's much less drama if religious nuts only suspect a loved one of non-belief. But when you come out, the major drama follows. There is nothing morally wrong with lying about being a Christian. What IS morally wrong is trying to emotionally manipulate you into keeping a belief system. What IS morally wrong is feeling like you have to hide your real beliefs due to evil Christianity's self defense mechanism. On the one hand it's nice to keep your bond with your family, on the other hand .... antichrist and the illuminati. I would put some physical distance between them and you so you dont have to deal with religious BS on a daily basis with them. You can love them from afar. At some point lying about being a Christian may become more annoying than the family bond. You can also make new family ties with non-religious friends and love interests. If you come out at some point and they all go bonkers over that, that's on them. They will need to deal with it. It's not your problem. You can also tell them how they are going to interact with you or you will not interact at all. Religious passive aggression or aggressive aggression will be met with 'no contact'. edit. I moved far enough away from my parents so I could enjoy living my life. They werent religious, just annoying in other 'parenty' ways. edit. Once you find yourself emotionally detached, on your own and more autonomous as an adult you might find it fun to push their Jesus button by coming out. Watch all hell break loose and have a good chuckle over it. edit. It can be difficult to not want to please your parents, but the beliefs they have contain a component of evil. A religion that makes people afraid of their family's reaction to them thinking differently is evil. The family wont view it that way, of course. edit. Christianity describes that evil in its own bible: Matthew 10:34-35. Good luck.
  6. Science makes new products, new technology, and improves life...then a theist says "praise the lord ". Reading a Bible has not produced, innovated or improved squat.
  7. In the meantime we have a temp opening for Christian in the Lion's Den.
  8. I remember that story...forgot the guy's name. Really interesting.
  9. I just roll a dice and do whatever it says.
  10. WHO is working with countries and partners to improve global vaccination coverage, through the “Global Vaccine Action Plan 2011-2020”. https://www.who.int/health-topics/vaccines-and-immunization#tab=tab_3
  11. https://www.who.int/health-topics/vaccines-and-immunization#tab=tab_1 Per the WHO: Immunization is a key component of primary health care and an indisputable human right. It’s also one of the best health investments money can buy. Vaccines are also critical to the prevention and control of infectious-disease outbreaks. They underpin global health security and will be a vital tool in the battle against antimicrobial resistance.
  12. Phase 3: Deploy the demon nonsense.
  13. Well, we kind of enjoy it when believers come to visit. I wouldnt call the existence of a website a challenge to someone else's belief, though. Unless I held some strange notion that my beliefs were a one-size-fits-all kinda deal.
  14. Without snark or sarcasm here is a bit about me: I was raised by two parents, one grew up very poor, was on welfare , and at some point a travelling minister came to town and told Mom's parental unit that, though they were collecting a welfare check that they should tithe 10% of it..to him....So growing up, Mom didnt have anything nice to say about religion. I would call her atheist. She said, "When you die, you go into a box..end of story." Dad had gone to church but was allowed to quit if he wanted to at age 15. So he did. He knew some of the bible. Both of them, especially Dad talked bad about Christianity and were champions of taking care of themselves. Dad was described as an agnostic. So I grew up with that mindset. As a teen I did have an interest in astral projection and new age stuff and then I discovered Eastern thought and was quite fascinated by it. Then I married a Christian and became a believer in Jesus too. Our family went to a Pentecostal church twice a week, and participated in some of the events. Still, Eastern philosophy was more interesting to me. We were told we should 'read our bibles' and so I did...though it was pretty boring. I actually found several places where Zen and the bible met...I am that I am.....did I not say you are gods...kingdom of god is inside you ...etc etc. But after 10 years I got divorced. Stopped going to that church because the ex went there. And after a while of not going to any church, the Jesus programming wore off. When you stop studying something that doesnt ever make itself obvious in reality then it fades away. I actually was just left with some guilt for continuing to say Goddamit while saying "Sorry, God" numerous times a day. I also read porn magazines....and then felt guilty ... for having natural God given sexual urges. So after a while of dealing with this nonsense I told God, "bye bye. It is absurd to apologize for saying Goddammit all day long or read porn." God said the usual ....nothing. Yes, I quit so I could sin...since I was 'sinning' anyway. And not really deriving any benefit from the belief system. A new age book had a piece of wisdom that helped destroy the mental illness that is Christianity. It said, "If you are doing something that makes you feel guilty, either stop doing it....or stop feeling guilty about it." So I stopped feeling guilty about it. I continued on with occasional Zen practice or book reading. Then found ex-christian.net and discovered that most people seem to quit their Christian belief because there is no evidence for God. A book isnt evidence. It's just a story, like Harry Potter. I also was able to articulate the concept that Christianity consists of fear, guilt and shame. The ex, at one time said that Christianity was a big guilt trip, and she was a lifelong believer. I've learned enough about the bible from the atheists here and probably done more bible googling as an ex-Christian than I ever did as a Christian. I dont resonate with the bible and find it uninteresting. While Jesus may be real, he doesnt seem to make an effort. I've made enough effort. I understand you (Semm) like the bible and Jesus , I suppose. Well, enjoy. To each his own.
  15. Harry Potter is the only credible source to use to discuss Harry Potter.
  16. Why is there metaphorical stuff in the bible? How do we know what stuff in the bible is metaphorical?
  17. I love your faux authority and faux intellectualism.
  18. The Internet, destroyer of Abrahamic belief bullshit.
  19. Looking up information: it's a terrible thing.
  20. The Mozambique study didnt include blind or double blind protocol that I could tell. These people knew they were being prayed for and participated as well. Patients got better. Was it Jesus or was it something else? It looks like the study included 24 people. Is that enough to reach a conclusion that Jesus did it? Couldnt Jesus just answer these questions? But something good happened and I'm glad. Though, I am willing to bet that if you replaced a Pentecostal prayer person with someone else who had a 'special title' and no medical education at all, but pretended to be some authority on energy healing or new age healing and performed some similar ritual with patients that you would probably get similar results.
  21. The baseless demonic influence idea is worse.
  22. If you spend too much time researching the bible you may start to believe that demons are real instead of just your imagination. You may develop a bible addiction or bible obsessive compulsive disorder.
  23. Being banned is his badge of honor. "My preaching is so powerful I get banned wherever I go!!!" (And if that dont work I just call the moderator a cocksucker) /s
  24. This is most likely the reason he was banned off other sites. Not because he was preaching.
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