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  1. midniterider's post in Fear was marked as the answer   
    Do any of those strange things happen now, as an adult? If so, does anyone else also experience them with you? Why would the almighty God of Abraham pussyfoot around someone's life giving them vague signs of his existence? Signs that are hard to distinguish from random occurrence? Is he the God of confusion? Seems like it. Why would a God who is supposed to be love want to confuse his children?
    If you've hung out with Christians you have probably heard one say, "I believe God is leading me to do X....." So why aren't they 100% positive? If God was involved wouldn't you know it beyond all doubt that God wanted you to do something? Why would God leave you hanging like that?
    One of my Christian churchmates once said that he believed God was calling him to the ministry .... then later on when that path didn't work out decided God hadn't really been calling him to the ministry. God lets his children waste their time and effort, I guess. That's what a loving God would do, right?
    Why is it so important that we believe as opposed to directly experience God in person? A Christian might argue that someone is of better moral fiber somehow if he 'just believes' but if there is [an intelligent] God, wouldn't he/she want people to know first-hand what exactly they were worshiping? I think a smart God would show up and say "Here I am! Let's talk." On the other hand, a devious system of mental and emotional manipulation avoids common sense like that and cooks up illogical bullshit to lock you into a certain pattern of thought. And collect 10% of your income.  
    Christians enjoy good fortune (they call blessings) and so do non-believers. But I think we mostly create our own standard of life. During Christianity the occasional unsolicited check would appear and we would thank God and go cash it. Since deconversion the occasional unsolicited check appears and we may or may not thank some imaginary being and then go cash it. I doubt it's God sending me checks. Maybe shit just happens.
    What does it say about a God who kills you on purpose because you don't love him? Maybe we have a better idea of what love is than God does. Have you put these questions to God?
    About the only 'supernatural feeling' I got as a Christian was a vague euphoria while praying. But I also can induce that myself by other non-religious means.
    So what made you deconvert?
    Check out the Godless in Dixie link on this thread: It deals with the lack of achaeological evidence of the events in the first 5 books of the bible. 
  2. midniterider's post in Mark Zuckerberg (No Longer Atheist) was marked as the answer   
    Well, he didnt say, "Jesus is my Lord and Savior" or "Praise Allah" or anything else specific. "Religion is very important to me" is like saying, "I'm committed to the American people." Sounds like a stock answer when you are running for office.
    It's one thing to tell atheists that you're a Christian because atheists don't care.
    But if you post on  a public venue that you own that has millions of Christians on it and say, "I'm an atheist", well that's gonna cause some shit.
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