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  1. Chimps are 98% genetically the same as people. If people go to hell, shouldn't chimps go to hell too? Imagine a lake of fire filled with chimps. It's too absurd. So it should be just as absurd for there to be a lake of fire for people.
  2. I like to go to the library and browse around. The one near me has classes, a couple nights ago I went to a free yoga class at the library.
  3. If you criticize a pastor it's the same as criticizing God and he will zap you. Touch not my anointed etc. That to me makes you a cult leader.
  4. Buncha bullshit If God as so concerned about people dying and going to hell why didn't he mention hell in the old testament? Also how come he would tell Noah to be fruitful and multiply? All that does is make more souls destined for hell. Of course this guy doesn't have comments enabled, wonder why,
  5. Notice a lot of Christians ask questions like "Is it ok for me to watch tv/listen to secular music/go swimming/eat ice cream" etc. And then sometimes the answer they get is that those things aren't necessarily sinful, but if you refrain from doing them, then people will ask "How come you don't do that?" and then that gives you an opening to talk to them about Jesus. So then Christians end up living uninteresting lives because they think it is a good conversation starter.
  6. Maybe White supremacists embrace Christianity because it gives them a cover of respectability?
  7. Yuck, this annoyed me http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/14/living/christians-invite-easter/index.html
  8. If all Christians followed this advice they'd be the most mediocre people in the world. To be really good at something you have to give it all your effort. For example, being a great pianist or surgeon or skateboarder. But for Christians, that would constitute idolatry. They are only allowed to be good at praying, reading the bible, and witnessing. Sure, they can be sort of good at "secular" things, but only if they use it as a witnessing tool. Like they will try to be the best at something but only so when someone asks how did you get so good at that, they can say "The Lord." I may be wrong, but I think this mindset makes Christian people afraid to ever excel at anything.
  9. Don't be too emotionally close to your dog! http://www.desiringgod.org/interviews/do-pets-distract-the-christian-life
  10. The fear of Hell never left me even as a Christian, which is a big reason I left it. I thought Jesus was supposed to comfort me and take those fears away. That was supposed to be one of the things he was supposed to bless me with, right? They use fear of Hell to convert you, but then they ratchet it up even more in order to keep you in the fold, so you end up living in constant fear, which goes against all the verses that talk about how he is supposed to comfort you. A glaring inconsistency.
  11. It is weird how Christians will pray to God to send them opportunities to witness to unbelievers, but then when an unbeliever comes along, they are so eager to shake the dust off their feet and rid themselves of the unbeliever.
  12. Former pastor: http://brucegerencser.net/
  13. I like reading Christian websites like Charisma because it's funny to read all the stupid things they say
  14. Cops in England don't even carry guns. Maybe they do now, but when i visited in the 90s they didn't.
  15. I have cursed the Holy Spirit, but I feel like maybe now I need to dabble in the occult, do some black magic or something like that in order to REALLY burn the last bridge and show I'm not afraid of the existence of the supernatural; but I am too scared LOL. Stick with Hermeticism or the Cabala and you'll be fine. However, I'm not recommending it. There are just too many pitfalls. I have a friend who was raised catholic but doesn't go to church, he did some black magic to get vengeance on someone and since then he sees demonic creatures hovering over his bed. I want to do the black magic myself just to show him he's just hallucinating things, but I'm scared I might start seeing things too.
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