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  • Still have any Gods? If so, who or what?
  1. For my husband, I'd say it was a mix of a couple of them. He's always been somewhat indifferent to what I believe but I think deep down he's happy I've come to my senses and that we're now more or less on the same page. The rest of my family didn't even know that I believed in the first place.
  2. For me, hell was the thing that kick started the questioning and my loss of faith. I remember, I was just sitting on the sofa and my husband (who hasn't believed since he was a kid) was on the computer across the room. And as I watched him I found myself finally thinking about it all...for a few moments I stopped the mental gymnastics and started questioning why a supposedly loving god would send such a good man to hell just for not believing. So for me, there was a specific thing which kicked off my loss of faith.
  3. I spent last Sunday just vegging with hubby....we went out to a carvery for lunch, wandered round some shops and snuggled at home.
  4. I've seen the film and I'm currently reading the books. I've heard basically the same as what sethosayher has said...that the film has been toned down.
  5. Thanks for the links. I've downloaded the videos and will watch them later when I've got some more time.
  6. I started out with a wishy-washy belief in god when I was a kid. I thought of myself as a Christian ever since being dragged to a Christian club at school by a friend but in reality I had little idea what it all meant. Though after the death of my grandad I threw myself fully into Christianity. A few weeks after I made that decision I married my husband...he's a non-believer and though he respected my beliefs I feel he helped speed up the demise of my faith. There was only so long that I could ignore the whole idea of hell...I lasted a good few years but after a while it really got to me and I
  7. I hated the singing. I felt that I had to sing but every song or hymn was always too high for me and so I'd spend each service pitying those who'd had the misfortune to sit near me. Other than that it was just simply having to get myself out of bed in time. No lay in, an hour and a half less to spend with my husband (he was an atheist then, still is, and so didn't go with me), or even just an hour an a half less to do something more useful. It just felt like it was zapping useful time away from me yet I felt guilty if I didn't go.
  8. My parents are atheists and never talked about religion. The first time I heard of Christianity was when I started school and we all had to sing hymns and say grace before lunch. I just figured it was another thing that the teachers were supposed to teach me and so I stuck with a kind of wishy-washy Christianity which I didn't really understand. As I got older I threw myself into it more and became quite a conservative Christian. It was my atheist husband that brought me out of that phase and eventually away from Christianity. He didn't say or do anything. Just one day, I was watching him from
  9. I still post on a Christian forum. I signed up there when I was a Christian and got to know people. I don't really debate, I just like to chat there.
  10. First taught about god when I was age five...basically when I first stepped foot in school. I started questioning my beliefs around 2 years ago. Though it's only recently that it's really sunk in that I can never go back to Christianity, I'm 24 now.
  11. You can wach the episode on Google Video... #510 Evolutionary Psychology
  12. "Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?" ~ Douglas Adams "I don't go to mythical places with strange men." ~ Douglas Adams "Truth does not demand belief. Scientists do not join hands every Sunday, singing, "Yes, gravity is real! I will have faith! I will be strong! I believe in my heart that what goes up, up, up must come down, down, down. Amen!" If they did, we would think they were pretty insecure about it." ~ Dan Barker "Think about it. Religion has actually convinced people that there's an invi
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