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    I never thought I'd be an atheist, but here I am, on the compost heap of Christianity. Christianity broke my brain.

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  1. Make Me Invisible

    Wow....... you nailed it! I admire you trying so hard to make church work for the sake of your family but I can totally understand that the rift in your authenticity--the gap between who you are and who you have to pretend to be--is too much of a burden to bear. Ugh. Wish I could support you in church--we could do some really good subversive and passive aggressive shit together.
  2. I guess I asked for it.

    Yes, it's INSANELY expensive. That's the boat I'm on. (And that story is elsewhere. Koolaid, anyone?) To me, I think she sounds scared. She's scared you're going to change as a person (for the worse) into some awful monster with no morals. She's afraid for her and her children's stability--financially, emotionally, socially, etc. Maybe you can find ways to demonstrate daily that you are a better husband and father now. That might put her at ease.... My 2 cents!
  3. Bad Christian Bumper Stickers

    Maybe an atheist group could go around and put signs on the crosses that says "FREE WIFI HOTSPOT".
  4. Christianity is like syphilis or herpes! Getting it can be a bit of a buzz, but it's a pain in the a$$ to get rid of. And, worst of all, those that have it like to share it!
  5. Yes, me too! I struggle with social anxiety and introversion. Peopling drains me. I'm learning to laugh at myself and readily admit to people, when the topic arises and after the inevitable "YOU USED TO BE RELIGIOUS?!?!?!?, that "Yes. I was a real nut job for Jeeziz!" Own it!
  6. How do you handle Xtian door-knockers now?

    LOL!!! You're more bold than I am! I pretend I'm not home *or* feel compelled to answer if they *do* see me. I'm such a good Xian girl-puppet!
  7. Christmas is not the same

    I view the songs as the mythology it is. I cringe when people take it to heart tho. That’s kind of like me thinking The Lord of the Rings is a true story (it is a better story). I love good music so still listen to a lot of it. Having kids would add an element of difficulty tho!!
  8. How do you handle Xtian door-knockers now?

    I tell them I’m not interested. I want to hand them a glass of Koolaid tho!
  9. You and I have very similar journeys and dispositions. I found it helped me to laugh with other ex-Christians about the lunatic ideas we held. I’m more honest with people now than I ever was as a Xian. Now I tell people (as I feel necessary and if it comes up) “I was a religious nut case” or “I drank a shitload of Koolaid”. Laughing about it helps!! Our stories make us who we are. Our stories also make us interesting and unique.
  10. I never thought I would be here

    I LOVE your story!!!! (Here's mine: http://new.exchristian.net/2011/09/how-living-in-bible-belt-destroyed-my.html) I love your zeal and honesty, and the love you have for your family!! I'm so glad you and the Mr. are also thinking similarly--a HUGE benefit. A couple good peeps in TX are 2Honest and jblueep. They haven't been on ex-C for a while now, as they are more face to face people. If you're on Facebook (message me) and I can connect you guys.
  11. I never thought I would be here

    Word. Black and white thinking still cripples my mind. Every day it's a struggle to not think that way!
  12. Wow, I'm so late to the party!!!!! It's my new normal! I am not a parent (reasons posted elsewhere LOL) so am not really good for advice on this topic! BUT..... I think what you're doing is AWESOME. Raising 5 amazing kids, who are even demonstrating some critical thinking! You are being transparent and honest with yourselves and are finding ways to be honest and transparent with (in a way that is not completely destructive to) your dependents and others around you. I have so much respect for you and wish I lived in TX now! There are some awesome TX folks who are parents 'beyond belief'. Are you on FaceBook?
  13. Hey NowWhat I am SO GLAD you've joined us in this ex-Christian online community!! Yes, it can be terribly destabilizing leaving religion. For me, this ex-Christian.net site and forums were an absolute lifesaver during my deconversion process. There is so much crap to sort through as we leave religion--What is real? What is fake?--and find our own way. Please stay in touch with us here. I'm happy to connect or help out where I can. (((Hugs)))
  14. The hardest part for me is decolonizing my brain. It's like cognitive housekeeping but it's taking me years. Just when I think I've gotten rid of all of the loony ideas of Xianity, I find another dust bunny of stupid.
  15. Dreams and subconscious fear

    Meh, what's the harm in grabbing that cognitively familiar security blanket? Hell, you're asleep when you're calling out to The Diety, so you are neither responsible nor in your right mind for whatever words come to your (dreaming) lips!