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    Evangelical Christian from 2006-2010. My faith took over my life for a short while, and I'm still trying to make sense of the whole thing. From an agnostic family but many friends are church-going believers. I like music, literature, philosophy, current affairs, travelling, meeting new people and having a laugh.

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    No. The real world is wonderful enough.
  1. Told my employers about everything - massive weight off shoulders and I feel great

    1. mymistake


      So they are going to keep you despite the religious difference? That is very progressive of them.

    2. TrueFreedom
  2. Neither do I, really. And I think it's OK. Life will still go on, and all the things that are meaningful to you now will most likely continue to be what they are. If they change, and lose their meaning for you, then that's also OK. New things will come along. You are still you, whoever that is. Yes, there has been a profound change. But your net identity/meaning/value remains the same. In other words, it's not that you have lost a bunch of stuff. It's that each thing has morphed into a new thing, or a new possibility of a thing, or maybe even opened up several possibilities. I'm probably not being very clear but I'm really rather tired. I hope some of what I say makes some sense, some of the time, to someone. I hear what you're saying Ellinas. I think this is a really good thing to aim for. However, I have become slightly wary of 'X is all that matters' or 'as long as you have X' statements. What if you don't have X? What if, like me, you are not sure you are actually comfortable with who you are at this present moment. If it's the only must-have, then what does that mean for those of us that don't have it? Is our life not worth living? Should we just give up? Obviously not, and you're not remotely saying this, but that's sometimes how it feels. I think the reason this bugs me is the prevalence of these kinds of statements in Christianity, for example 'Jesus you are all I need', 'where would I be without you?' 'in Christ alone my hope is found' etc.. Rant over.
  3. maxmaxmaxmax

    Who Am I?

    Yeah it's a bit of a silly detail. Nothing to do with evangelicalism, as far as I know. Now that you mention it, maybe there is a connection. Now that I think about all the evangelical people I have met, including myself when I was one, there is a tendency to be less holistic in your approach to life, and thus to care less about certain things. There's only one consideration in the decisions you make and that's 'how much am I glorifying god?'. That could be reflected in trivial things such as food choices.
  4. Exactly. Nice way of putting it.
  5. Hi Dagny, You are brilliant. Deconversion is hard. Christianity is infuriating. Welcome!
  6. Yes maybe, but are we not overlooking a simpler explanation: that God, in choosing the Jews, showed himself to be the king of all racists? In fact, he was quite extraordinarily, obsessively racist, if you look at how many non-Jewish racial groups were slaughtered, purely because of their race, at his behest.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I agree that people should talk more about the positives of coming out, because it is a magical thing to be able to be yourself around those you love. For me it has been an overwhelmingly positive thing. However, I do think it depends on your circumstances. I can't say that I think someone with a believing spouse or kids, for example, will have such a positive experience. Being yourself is a magical thing, but so is holding on to what you have with your family. To many people their family is everything. So I can't say, and don't think we should make people feel like they should or shouldn't do it. I agree with Ellinas that it is a purely personal matter. I think people should do whatever they feel is right for them and those they care about. Also, I am always amazed when I see people say it was harder to come out a non-believer than as gay or bi. We seem to validate coming out as gay or bi as a Big Deal, and sympathise with those people and give them support accordingly. I think that's good. But coming out as a non-believer doesn't seem to be talked about in the same way. Does anyone else agree? Really happy for you though.
  8. Check out My Christian Story in Photos in my Gallery...

    1. maxmaxmaxmax


      I've just uploaded the photos and added descriptions. Please comment or PM me with comments/questions.

    2. webmdave


      Excellent way to tell your story, Max. Thanks.

  9. maxmaxmaxmax

    My Christian Story

    A string of photos showing some of the moments on my journey into and out of faith.
  10. Went to Sunday Assembly today. It was great!

  11. Going to a 'pudding party' with some new Xtian friends. Hmm...

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    2. maxmaxmaxmax
    3. Akheia


      Everything is improved with cats. And ZOMG that looks good. Grabbing recipe. Thank you :)

    4. blackpudd1n


      The members of this forum will never look at the word "pudding" the same way again. My work here is done :)

  12. Hi Josh, thanks for sharing. If you are interested in explanations for how religion probably came about, I can recommend Breaking the Spell by Daniel Dennett. Check it out if you haven't come across it yet. Do you have anyone you can go to in real life to talk to about your experiences of leaving faith and church behind? Hi also to UltraJess. Have an Amen from me, couldn't agree more.
  13. Zeph part 12 is in Creative Works. Aaron and Zeph finally meet...

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