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    Guitar, bass, kayaking, martial arts, hiking, fishing, hip hop, punk rock, ol' school country.
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    Joined the Coast Guard in 2010 and am stationed in Alaska. I've been agnostic for about 3 years and am finally comfortable calling myself an atheist.

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    There is a higher power. His name is Shaq.
  1. I watched the first parts of your series over a year ago. They really helped me out as I was still wrestling with my recently lost faith. Thank you for making them. Perhaps line you used that really stuck out the most is "Its okay not to be a Christian." I doubt any of us were told that growing up.
  2. I wish I didn't destroy all mine. I want to get a nice fat Bible to hollow out and store my .357 snub in.
  3. Most the Christian stuff I see on FB are little prayers and inspirationals, harmless stuff. This is one of the few times I saw something really worth posting. Just such a stupid thing to believe. Yeah I guess I'm evil because I haven't had Jesus forgive me for dirt-man and rib-woman eating fruit at the beginning of time. This will give me even less to post because he's defriended so no more of his Christian/911 truth nonsense.
  4. Unfriended that clown. Some of his posts were good for a laugh, but I'm tired of his sanctimonious religious crap and conspiracy theories.
  5. Does not capitalizing "Christians" mean something to some Christian communities, or are you just pointing out bad grammar?
  6. I don't have many fundie friends, but I have a discussion here that really takes the cake. It started off good when my old college room mate "John" posted this, but then "Bill" started posting Bill: That's not a very Biblical statement. John didn't make it, if I would have, I woulda put a better explanation of 'good' & 'evil'... basically I was wanting to convey that a person with a certain religious connotation could doesn't have to fit a particular stereotype... this is kinda in 'response' to the american notion that conservatives are automatically christian and automatically 'good' and non christians are automatically 'evil'... (from a moral perspective) I knew when I posted it I would have to explain myself :-) thanks for being iron Bill: Thanks for the explanation, Joseph. I myself am very much troubled by this "civil religion" notion but nevertheless according to Scripture there are no good people who are not Christians. "Good' has to be defined from Scripture and not from societies understanding. Non-christians are always evil (e.g. Rom. 1-2 et al.).
  7. JoeCoastie


    Most Christians I knew growing up said ghosts = demons. Strange as it sounds my belief in ghosts was the last thread my faith hung on to. I liked looking at ghost pics and videos and though if ghosts exists, then God must exist too. Eventually I began to see how easily debunked most ghost pics and videos are.
  8. I can relate to the thread's title. Reading the Bible only drew me further from faith and I was always a good boy. Never got in trouble in school, made good grades, etc. I thought atheist kids were hooligans and delinquents who just wanted to rebel.
  9. I wrestled in highschool and I've also wrestled god. Finally pinned the son of a bitch.
  10. Somebody then predictably posted the wikipedia page of converts to Christianity to Islam (missing the whole damn point like I was trying to show how awesome Islame is.) So I posted "My point is that people play musical chairs with religions all the time. Such acts neither give or take credibility from any religion."
  11. I usually don't stir the pot on FB, but one FB friend posted an article about Kuwaiti Prince Abdullah Al-Sabah converting from Islam to Christianity and smugly commented "Amen." So I posted this as a reply. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_converts_to_Islam_from_Christianity People play musical chairs with religion all the time. Just cause some dude switches to one to another doesn't prove any religion true or false. Just showing this guy a little critical thinking. Maybe he'll look past the meaning of a silly headline next time. I really hate those Christian fluff articles about atheists who became Christians, while ignoring the many Christians who are becoming atheists.
  12. No drama at all so far. Seems like its all good. I checked out that Johnny Horton song. Its right up my alley. Thanks everybody.
  13. Doesn't seem like a long to me, at least for a topic like that. My dad was very religious, but died 9 years ago. My mom is pretty religious, but doesn't really know much about scripture and such. We rarely if ever talk about religion, but she assumed for all this time that I was at least a believer.
  14. I wasn't sure if I would ever tell her, but I couldn't do so through phone, email, or Skype. It would have to be face to face. As a widow I wasn't even sure if telling her would be the right thing. She lost her husband and didn't want her to worry about her son's soul on top of that. She's visiting me in Alaska and I showed her around some of the glaciers. Throughout the visit we'd discussed politics (We've always enjoyed this and kept it friendly), but she did notice I am now leaning much further to the left. Our conversation later went to the issues of birth control and Catholic universities and hospitals. I commented on how silly they are for wanting to act like its still the middle ages and the harm they do in discouraging birth control. I didn't really think that comment would have been such a big deal as my parents were open about their use of birth control. Look around any Catholic Church most families have 1 or 2 kids, its not a secret that most Catholics think the Catholic Church's stance against birth control is ignore-able rubbish... But perhaps I sounded too anti-Catholic in my statements and she says, "Don't tell me you're not Catholic anymore." "Uhhhm... No." "Well at least you're still a Christian right?" (I'm the worst liar in the world so I don't even try.) "Uh... about that..." We discussed it for about two hours after that. No anger, no tears, no hate. I think I'm in greater shock than she is. I think she might have already had her biggest shock when my little brother came out as a homosexual. I feel a mix of relief and guilt. I'm just trying to sort out these thoughts right now.
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