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  1. Well... fuck. BAA was one of the bright spots here at Ex-C, a person that made it worth visiting. His never-tiring commitment to fighting scientific bullshit was something I admired, but he was always able to be so damn nice about it, too, which is something I always envied. I think it was Carl Sagan that said that life is the Universe observing itself. Now, it has one less person's perspective. You'll be missed, BAA.
  2. Sorry, I expect the ultimate communication from an omnipotent, omniscient deity to its creation to be free of easily corrected errors. Why should I worship a god that's such a shitty communicator? In order to devote myself to such a being, I would have to give myself a frontal lobotomy to keep myself from thinking about how stupid the Bible is.
  3. I read the first paragraph of your post first, since it was the first one in the post. I read all of the sentences in that paragraph, but I wasn't terribly intrigued. I thought maybe things would start to improve in the second paragraph, and that things that hadn't yet been said in the first paragraph would be said in the second paragraph. So I started reading the second paragraph in your post, right after I was done reading the first paragraph, since that would make it he next paragraph in the post. It didn't seem like it would make sense to skip to the third paragraph without reading the second one, and I'd already read the first one, so it didn't make sense to read it again, so I did indeed read the second paragraph after I had finished reading the first paragraph, and before starting on the third paragraph. I started reading the third paragraph of your post right after I finished the second paragraph. Then, I realized that there were more paragraphs after that. As I kept scrolling, I realized there were many, many more paragraphs after that third paragraph. I never did finish reading the third paragraph, because after doing all of that scrolling to see how many paragraphs there might be, I began to feel tired just thinking about the idea of reading that many more paragraphs, especially if they weren't any better than the first two paragraphs I finished reading, or the third paragraph, which I didn't finish, because I got tired. Thank you for joining us. I hope you type a lot more paragraphs that I probably won't read.
  4. People follow the god they create in their own head... which is why Thumbelina is good for keeping me from even thinking about going back to Christianity. What kind of horrible person creates a horrible god like that to follow?
  5. BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!! As if you've ever given a thoughtful answer to any question here, ever.
  6. Of course, it's easy to say that the Christian message is simple if you do what you have done, which is ignore all of the bits of your religion and holy book that you find contradictory, confusing, or that you just don't like. What you don't realize is that you have left yourself with something that is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike Christianity as most other Christians would believe. What you do can be summed up in a single word: cherrypicking.
  7. That's like one galaxy for every cell in your body. Depending upon how one counts what cells are yours, that is.
  8. Just to make it even more clear, Christians are going cuckoo over what the simplified diagram of what laminin looks like: This is more like what laminin looks like in reality: As with most things biological, the reality is a bit messier than the simple illustrations. Oh, and, just for good measure, sometimes things look like other things for no particular reason:
  9. I love being an atheist because I don't have to feel obligated to be an unpaid sales person for a shitty religion with an asshole god.
  10. Sorry, but that kind of stupid shit just isn't worth an hour and a half of my time.
  11. Perhaps he's working furiously on writing down the sources he used for his "skeptical appraisal" of Christianity.
  12. This. My father in-law, who used to be a pastor, would always be angry about the same things his favorite televangelists were angry about. Whenever he'd start going on about something new, I'd wonder which televangelist he heard talking about it the previous week.
  13. I love that the calendar on the wall had a picture of a crocoduck on it.
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