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  1. Thanks Taba. And thanks for reading my thread. I hope you got something from it. X
  2. Alex O'Connor! That's the chap. He is unbelievably good.
  3. Yes. When debating I'm always conscious that there are probably lurkers who could be swayed. I'm not sure I was that polite and respectful! Particularly towards the last half of the thread where I did tear some Christians a new one! Thank you for your kind words. Were all my arguments familiar to you or did you discover some new ones whilst reading the thread?
  4. I've actually not debated with Christians since 2014 but as it's been 25 years since my deconversion I thought I'd bring my Spectrox alter ego out of hibernation and test my debating skills. Also I'm not particularly attached to my atheism and with the right evidence would believe in God. But so far theistic arguments are so crap.
  5. I love Anthony Magnabosco! My other influences are Matt Dillahunty (my favourite atheist by a country mile), Tracie Harris, Theoretical Bullshit, Knownnomore and that young Alex fellow from the UK (forgotten his name).
  6. Exactly. Though I do have sympathy with the deist position but I don't see how they can link it to the Bible.
  7. Thanks for this. Yes the thread is still open. So you could if you wanted ask them why they banned me and yet kept my status as Active Member! Lol. I gave a rebuttal to Maxwell's cut and paste gibberish on post 208, page 11.
  8. I’ve just recently completed a bit of an epic debate on a Christian site (some might say “creative trolling”). https://christianchat.com/bible-discussion-forum/what-do-you-believe-and-why-do-you-believe-it.186444/ For the more seasoned among you there probably isn’t anything new but for the less experienced you might learn something from it. I’ve been debating Christians online since 2011 and I think I’ve reached a certain level of competency. I managed to stay on the site for 6 weeks before being banned. I did this by: 1. Not blatantly breaking any of the
  9. Nailed is both informative and entertaining. It seems highly likely that this Jesus bloke was just made up.
  10. Thanks for your responses guys. Some good info there.
  11. Hi does anyone have any stats for the UK or elsewhere about the number of paedophiles as a percentage of catholic priests versus people in authority in secular professions? From the news it always seems that a disproportionate number of catholic priests are paedos but I wanted to know what the actual evidence was. I couldn't find any studies.
  12. Cheers Josh. I appreciate your appreciation. It was a strange argument that took me a while to get to the bottom of his strategic ambiguity. But I feel better for analysing it properly. He could have been right. It sounded partially plausible. But now I've seen the word play for what it is. Total gobshite.
  13. Hi Josh, thank you for taking the trouble to read my little battle. I hope you got something from it. I think it's a good illustration of how manipulative some christians can be on the internet and elsewhere. The structure of his argument is arguably valid but the substance is not sound and so it fails. Not a lot of people know how to handle this kind of attack. I struggled at first (last year) and lost a few battles. But I think I won the war. Town Heretic proved nothing, except how brainwashed he has allowed himself to become.
  14. Think about it: exchristian.net is pure free speech. The Xian boards are like dictatorships. A few yrs ago when I started having questions,m I was banned from one for questioning the morality of the Iraq war. Xians hate free speech. Yes, I was making fun of their slogan. Of course they are all about towing the Christian line and against anything that Christianity is against. Kudos to Spectrox for even trying to talk to them. I wouldn't even waste my effort. To be fair to theologyonline, they are a lot more accepting than every other christian site I've been on. Of course the
  15. Hi guys, here is a link to what is hopefully my final argument with a christian called Town Heretic on Theologyonline.com. http://www.theologyonline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=95297&page=18 The whole thread is quite interesting for ex-christians to read but it's the argument with Town Heretic (TH) that is most pertinent. His argument, if I might remind you, was a sort of No True Christian argument for the apostate. He said that I was unlike him (when I claimed to be a christian 16 years ago) because I could not possibly have trusted the Biblical God. Watch out for a chris
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