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  1. Thanks Taba. And thanks for reading my thread. I hope you got something from it. X
  2. Alex O'Connor! That's the chap. He is unbelievably good.
  3. Yes. When debating I'm always conscious that there are probably lurkers who could be swayed. I'm not sure I was that polite and respectful! Particularly towards the last half of the thread where I did tear some Christians a new one! Thank you for your kind words. Were all my arguments familiar to you or did you discover some new ones whilst reading the thread?
  4. I've actually not debated with Christians since 2014 but as it's been 25 years since my deconversion I thought I'd bring my Spectrox alter ego out of hibernation and test my debating skills. Also I'm not particularly attached to my atheism and with the right evidence would believe in God. But so far theistic arguments are so crap.
  5. I love Anthony Magnabosco! My other influences are Matt Dillahunty (my favourite atheist by a country mile), Tracie Harris, Theoretical Bullshit, Knownnomore and that young Alex fellow from the UK (forgotten his name).
  6. Exactly. Though I do have sympathy with the deist position but I don't see how they can link it to the Bible.
  7. Thanks for this. Yes the thread is still open. So you could if you wanted ask them why they banned me and yet kept my status as Active Member! Lol. I gave a rebuttal to Maxwell's cut and paste gibberish on post 208, page 11.
  8. I’ve just recently completed a bit of an epic debate on a Christian site (some might say “creative trolling”). https://christianchat.com/bible-discussion-forum/what-do-you-believe-and-why-do-you-believe-it.186444/ For the more seasoned among you there probably isn’t anything new but for the less experienced you might learn something from it. I’ve been debating Christians online since 2011 and I think I’ve reached a certain level of competency. I managed to stay on the site for 6 weeks before being banned. I did this by: 1. Not blatantly breaking any of their House Rules 2. Being fair and honest – admitting when I didn’t know something or acknowledging when a Christian at least attempted to make a decent argument. 3. Going for the ball not the player. 4. Trying a Socratic approach to questioning and gradually being more assertive. 5. Attempting to be as rational, logical and evidence-based as I could be. 6. Having good Biblical knowledge. 7. Not pushing things too much if I felt the Christian’s whole life would fall apart if they stopped having faith – that’s just mean. The mistake I made was letting them know I would be leaving the country and therefore the thread at any moment – though in reality this has been postponed anyway – but I believe they used this as an excuse to get rid of me prematurely. I tried logging on on 11 September and a message popped up saying they no longer wanted to hear my atheistic, anti-Christian views and that my time was up. But I also noticed they left my status as “Active Member” when it should have said “Banned”. I think they wanted to be perceived as inclusive when in reality they couldn’t even ban me honestly. I had quite an interesting discussion with “reneweddaybyday” who made me realise I couldn’t prove a contradiction in a couple of Bible passages, but then went on to say that this meant these passages were accurate (i.e. true accounts) which cannot be inferred from my admission. There is more consistency in the New Testament than I originally thought though this is mostly due to the fact that Matthew and Luke copied vast chunks from Mark. There was also the usual Christian double negative argument from “posthuman” saying there is something wrong with the unbeliever, which is a shifting of the burden of proof. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting – probably best to just to read my responses (and what I was responding to, contained within it). My icon is a masked Dr Who villain called Sharaz Jek, who is a villain you can sympathise with as he has been grievously wronged during a war over an elixir of life drug called Spectrox. Let me know what you think. It starts to get going from page 7 (of 46 !).
  9. Self-inflicted suffering is necessary until the person realises it is no longer necessary and they are bigger and better than that. Story Book Bible God is an horrendous character (even "sweet" Jeebus). Just read the Bible now and again to remind yourself of how perverted this God character is - advocating genocide, child murder, slavery, forcing rape victims to marry their rapist, hellfire and damnation! How is any of this moral? I re-read the Bible now and again just to remind myself of how terrible it is and each time I think "it cannot possibly have been THAT bad." And when I do read it, it's actually even worse than I imagined! God is just an imaginary abusive partner. We're better off without "him". Enjoy the site!
  10. Welcome wtreelane. Hope you enjoy your stay. Yes I like Dawkins. Bit pompous sometimes but he's coming from the right place. The best anti-Christian resource in my opinion is The Atheist Experience on Youtube (especially Matt Dillahunty). Marvellous.
  11. 1. The truth is none of us knows what will happen to us after we die. There might be some cosmic plan and re-incarnation process of spiritual evolution going on. I think it's unlikely because the evidence suggests that everything that makes me aware will disintegrate when I die. It's not pleasant but then again the prospect of living forever is arguably worse. Fuck me, the boredom! My favourite things will become tired and irrelevant. Also I don't want to run into my ex-boss in the afterlife. The afterlife I've described is obviously temporal. One in which time doesn't exist is meaningless to me so what's the point in thinking about it? 2. I got into New Age stuff after deconverting from christianity such as The Secret and even clairvoyance! I actually still quite like it and it has something relevant and positive to say but I don't really believe it is true. I'm a hard-nosed rational skeptic now. 3. In terms of coming out, make sure you are protected financially and emotionally first and you have an exit strategy worked out if necessary.
  12. Eleandrus - welcome to X-X. Personally what convinced me that the Bible was not true was the Bible itself. It contained so many contradictions and stupid unbelievable mad as bat-shit stuff that I gave up on it. I don't think the Zeitgeist - Greatest Story Ever Sold is that convincing or as well researched as it could have been. I'm not sold on the idea that Sirius was the Star of Bethlehem or that the 3 stars in Orion's belt were the 3 magi. The best book I've read on the idea that Jesus was a pagan solar messiah is The Jesus Mysteries by Timothy Freke. Zeitgeist's analysis of the US money system is better than it's attack on religion. And there are better scientists out there than Hawking (bless him) but anyway, hope you enjoy the site ...
  13. Hi Margee. Really sorry to hear you're going through this. You always seem to be a beacon of light and warmth on this site. I don't usually give advice but I will say the following and hope it is of some value: 1. You must emotionally protect yourself - you are paid to be a hardresser not a shrink. So be the best hairdresser you can be and let your clients go dump somewhere else. 2. This is not selfish - it is simply self-preserving. If you are at a low ebb, you haven't got the energy to give to others anyway or what you give will be poor quality and you will feel growing resentment. There's no point. 3. The Christian God thing is an irrelevant distraction - from your posts I can deduce that you no longer believe in him? 4. "We should all mind our own business" What's your business is yours. What's their business is theirs. It's not your responsibility. You are not responsible for their happiness. Responsibility = response ability. The ability to respond. It's got nothing to do with blame or guilt. 5. Look to the future - you say it'll all be over in a couple of years so you know it will change eventually anyway. A change is as good as a rest. Lots of love and virtual hugs Spectroxxxxxxx
  14. Filipino5 - protect yourself financially and emotionally. If you want to leave, plan an exit strategy. You will get plenty of support and advice here.
  15. SilentKnight - the pastor doesn't own your soul (not that there's any evidence that a soul exists). What's it got to do with him anyway? If you don't want to attend church, then stop attending! Protect yourself emotionally and financially during your transition period. From a personal POV if I had to write a letter to my wife and not be able to communicate to her using speech, this would be a sign that my marriage was on the rocks. Not saying this is necessarily true for you. Just an observation. Enjoy the site. X
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