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  1. Hmm...got up around 9 am. Watched a trivia competition that was taped right here on the Central Washington University campus (thought about talking to the host, who is a student here). Am currently eating a chocolate muffin and drinking an Italian soda. For the rest of the day, am planning on watching The Simpsons 400th episode and studying for my last two finals of my school career (in the immediate future).
  2. Woke up at 8:30. Got onto the computer and started working on my math homework, which I will continue to do until Monday afternoon or so. Laundry to do (which I forgot to do last weekend). A thorough cleaning of the bathroom is also in order.
  3. As soon as I finish my hot chocolate, I'll be working on some sticky homework problems. This evening, I plan on either watching or taping The Simpsons 400th episode.
  4. Really short version: homework, Star Trek, sleep.
  5. Went to eat breakfast and plan on working on homework for the rest of the day.
  6. Erin


    I wouldn't mind being married, if the right person and circumstance came along (but of course I'm young and naive). I've taken into consideration all the other posts and the pros and cons of that institution. Before now, I haven't thought much of it. Kids I'm still uncertain about. One day I don't want them and then the next day I do want them. I guess having (or even adopting) kids will just have to wait until I get me straightened out before I have to care for another human being that has part of my DNA.
  7. This is also how I feel and try to live my life by.
  8. As the fifth anniversary of the World Trade Center collapse pushes nearer, there is some compaign asking "where were you". Well I have two words for you campaign: "IN BED"! It was 5:46 in the morning when the first plane ran into the first tower (whichever one it was). I was trying my hardest to stay asleep. I was a senior in high school when it happened and it seemed too far away to really affect me. I mean the towers are 3000 miles away. It's not like it's in my backyard or something. I was really pissed that day but for all the wrong reasons. The deal was that everything after school was canceled (I was the high school volleyball manager at the time, and I took my job very seriously, but I had no job to do). The baseball season was halted for NEARLY A WEEK! I also happen to enjoy watching baseball very much and it was going to be one of the few games I'd actually be able to see. Stupid contracts. The only reason I was so mad at the attacks was that everything I liked doing was cancelled for a week. I didn't care about the lost lives or the rescue effort or the fact that the nation wasn't safe anymore (which still hasn't hit me yet). I just wanted to do something after school, instead of the usual homework, tv, bed. And then, there were the curtailing of my civil liberties. I wanted to be able to check out books without my choices being scrutinized. I wanted the freedom to be able to criticize the job that the government was doing without the risk of being watched or thrown in jail. I want speak out against the unnecessary war. Any thoughts?
  9. Greek godess: tied between Artemis and Athena (gee, imagine that, I definitely share characteristics with both of them) Egyptian: Thoth Norse: Forseti
  10. Well, I sort of sympathize with you. I only seem to have a mucus problem. Can't cough it up though and my nose is snot filled. Time to go blow my nose again...
  11. Could it just be stress then?
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