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  1. London


    Just random things in life
  2. "god loves all his children" -- bullshit! god hates everyone, he only loves himself. "god is everywhere, all the time" -- then what the fuck are churches for? why on earth should anyone go to church? Catholic mass. -- what a fucking death ritual. stand, sit, kneel, stand, chant, sit, chant, kneel, eat a cracker, stand, sit. some priest droning on about the same shit week after week. the whole congregation saying the same words over and over in a monotone that just sounds like a satanic ritual. sitting on a hard wood pew like you are being punished. and the most annoying is the dead guy NAILED to the cross on the wall. At some point your brain says, "this is just fucking sick". Religion just sucks the life out of you and forces you to be completely stupid. Grown ups should not have to go through this torture. I wouldn't post a picture of my dead grandma on my wall for the rest of my life so why would I want to see some dead guy I never knew nailed to the wall every week. Years later I went back and read some of the bible. I never doubted that it is a cult after that. For all the lurkers out there, just read the bible cover to cover. There is no god, there is only your happiness to be gained. It's just a scam, the oldest cult in history.
  3. You are who you choose to be.

    1. PeaceOfMind


      And no substitutions, exchanges, or refunds allowed.

  4. I've read a lot of stories over the years and the one thing most of them have in common is that point when it all finally drops away. It's like trudging up a long, long incline and at the very end is a sharp bend. Once you come around that bend, WOW! How amazing. It's like the most beautiful unexpected scene. Things are never the same again and people are usually much happier. Everyone has their own version of this but that's always how I see the sudden shift in how people see the future. It's nice to see the happiness take over.
  5. London


    So damn cute!!!
  6. Being pissed is a normal reaction. However I would suggest being pissed at the church and all the people in it who lied to you and made you believe that there was going to be a prize at the end of the show. Had they not played their mind games on you (and many of us) we never would have had unrealistic hope to begin with. You will see that there are many good things in the world that xianity has blinded you from seeing. Like 2H said, it is freeing. As they say on airplanes "You are now free to move about the cabin".
  7. Fresh Radio Moscow http://tunein.com/tuner/?StationId=107272&
  8. Simplicity makes me happy. :)

  9. Just so you know, it is impossible to overdose on this song.
  10. I love when people tell me I'm gonna burn, it just reminds me to wear sunscreen.

    1. Denyoz


      London bridge is falling down, but not gonna burn.

    2. Super FZL

      Super FZL

      That reminds me of the song "London's Burning" by the Clash.

  11. Chicken, Beef or Spicy? Oh, yeah! Definately spicy!
  12. Oddly last night I ran across this. Slightly OT here but had to share. http://www.wreckedexotics.com/articles/022.shtml http://supercardigest.com/lamborghini/freak-lamborghini-gallardo-accident/ It's a $200,000-$260,000 car.
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