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  1. I have just found out about BAA. I am deeply saddened by his passing. He was one of those whose posts I greatly looked forward to, and I learned a lot from him. He gave of himself, freely. As Florduh said: This site is diminished... I will remember him.
  2. God says himself that he is the author of evil... to deny this is to deny your own scriptures... without which there would be no knowledge of this god, hence you are NOT a believer. Twist it any way you wish... the truth of it stands... you cherry pick and spin it to fit YOUR inner desire for a god that reflects you, not what the scriptures say - in clear language.
  3. Yes, very. I wasn't born into it... but in my defense, I got into religion during puberty, so effectively clinically insane.
  4. Most christians aren't just biblically illiterate, they are functionally illiterate. At least as far as I have seen.
  5. Wait!!!!.. what about the archetypes/symbology of chaos, water, trees, gardens, dragons and serpents?!!! and how 'creation' and the fight between 'creator' and dragon/serpent and the dispensation of knowledge is a deep mythological and subconscious tale explaining the rise to consciousness of mankind... and how the monotheists subjugated/demonized the goddess creatrix with their changes in the myths/legends? Oh.. wrong chapter... never mind, carry on.... I'll jump in later
  6. The lengths a mind will go to avoid the prospect of death... wow. Somehow, it seems to me that these people really don't understand what death is... it's like way deep down they really think they will just keep on living... whether in an ideal state or in pain (and of course, to them, that means we all will). Oblivion doesn't seem to make it into their consciousness at all. All this myth-making, myth exaggeration and imagination run wild just attests to the state of a subconscious utter abnegation of the prospect of death. It's all very ego-driven. I find it fascinating in a weird way... f
  7. There's a huge difference between appreciation and a smile, and being leered at. The difference is not difficult to discern. Staring is rude. Many men leer, though I'm not sure if all of them are aware of it all the time. I find it very intrusive and uncomfortable to be leered at or stared at...I always have, and I'm always pleasantly gratified when I see their surprise when I will stare them down. I don't think a lot of men are used to a woman who can meet them in the eye. It's a weird cultural phenomenon... and I've been observing it closely for a while now. It's kind of fascinating in
  8. Okay... I have to bring my knowledge in here... the HALO is a representation of the suns rays, it's origins are in worship of the sun god, or various sun gods. It was appropriated.. as were a lot of things, by later christian artists, to show 'holiness'. Christians began to use it in around 400AD. ~ Typically surrounding a godly or enlightened person, a halo represents holiness. Christian artists believed that the halo was symbolic of the light of grace bestowed by God. Before the rise of Christianity, pagans used halos to signify not only divine influence but also power, majesty or promine
  9. I agree that the statistics are extremely recent. It's a new science. BUT... should we wait until we have hundreds of years of data? hmmmm not sure that is a great idea.
  10. I think I've been slowly deconverting since I was about 25 or 26.. so the better part of a quarter of a century, but my path was quite convoluted - going through several incarnations of varieties of christianity and then other forms of spirituality. However when I really look back I've had doubts since the beginning—I just didn't recognize them. This probably fueled my interest in history, comparative religion and the exploration of various spiritual paths and supernatural investigation. It wasn't until maybe 5 years ago that I finally starting considering that it was ALL bunk, and not unt
  11. My brother is a colossal dick. We have never seen eye to eye, and sometimes I think he's a sociopath, albeit a garden variety sort. I was raised, as the oldest, to always defer to him, to be his 'protector' and all that stuff... it took me a long time to finally realize that I don't have a relationship with him, I never have and I really don't want one. I don't like him as a person and he's caused nothing but trouble for me. We don't share anything, not worldview, not compassion, not interests.. nothing. We are diametrically opposed on every philosophy, subject and lifestyle. I get flack f
  12. Didn't have time to watch the link... sorry. Will do later. An increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere... methane doesn't help either. That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Fossil fuels can cause it, loss of forests can cause it, volcanoes can cause it, methane and carbon dioxide trapped in the soil or at the floor of the ocean and then released can cause it. (the Tundra thawing is probably not so good a thing) Loss of the ozone layer probably adds to it (and the increase in skin cancer). Warming oceans can cause it because warmer oceans hold less gases. We need to figure o
  13. I am good without god... how do christians explain that? I am a much BETTER person than I was as a christian... how does that work? I don't need to bring up the Nazi's or Edi Amin, or Bosnia... just one little life. I will go so far to say I am a better person than most christians I have met. I have free will (if that's even a thing) I make choices daily on what kind of person I wish to be in any given circumstance... and I work hard at being better today than I was yesterday. I'm also a lot happier and peaceful.
  14. I absolutely agree. Though I've met good people both in christianity and islam i think they would be good people regardless of religion. However, I have been watching closely and am convinced that there is something terribly wrong with most religious people... and I have to place the blame directly at the feet of the judeo-christian religions. I suspect it's the 'get out of jail free' card that comes with it.. and the egotism of being gawd's special snowflakes. The most awful people I know are religious. I've yet to meet a really terrible atheist, or pantheist. It's hard to describe wh
  15. My, my... haven't you yet heard about our Reptilian Overlords and the Illuminati/New World Order and the celebrity Satanic cults in Hollywood yet? (*amateur) I was exposed to all this crap many years ago... trust me.. things you haven't even heard of yet... oh yes, and pictures, videos, literature... all sorts of 'proof', I'm not impressed anymore. Because.. when you dig a little it all comes up empty - it's all just subjective bullshit. Rumours, delusions, ego, sometimes even a twisted sort of creativity... but most of all - the greed of those who make money off of the gullible. (every
  16. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha okay then... bunny... pancake, it's all I got folks
  17. Naw... I always loved evil, secular music. Being trained/exposed in music at an early age helped (in piano and dance), as was being exposed to almost everything from ragtime to classical, ballet, swing, pop, jazz, blues... etc... and I also grew up during the days of the British invasion, punk and classic rock... I'm still having a problem with modern country and rap though... ugh. (and almost everything on the radio in the past 10 years) Music is the only truly evolutionary redeeming quality mankind has..imho..the ONE gift that homo sapiens sapiens seems to have that is unique (I'm l
  18. I found this little article at The Atlantic. Subject notwithstanding, I was struck by how well it is written. Refreshing. http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2015/11/if-youre-not-paranoid-youre-crazy/407833/
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