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    I grew up Christian. I was a fundamentalist Bible thumper for over thirty years. At the peak of my narrow mindedness I was on par with Pat Robertson, who I once admired. In the last few years I mellowed. I became a liberal Christian. I realized the Bible was just a man made mess. And finally I gave up Christianity because I realized it's harmful and leads to bad behavior - some of which I participated in.

    Some people say that atheists do not have enough evidence to conclude that there are no gods. Interesting. I wish I could ask these people if they are unwilling to declare comic book characters to be fictional. What if there really is a Superman who lives in secret? What if there really is a Wonder Woman and we just don't know about her because she is in her invisible plane? I'm willing to take the plunge and say that we know beyond a reasonable doubt that comic book characters are fiction. We have far more evidence that God is fiction.

    Joseph Campbell:
    "What gods are there, what gods have there ever been, that were not from man's imagination?"

    Appalling Bible Verse Quick List:

    Genesis 19: 1-8
    Deuteronomy 21: 1-22
    Deuteronomy 22: 13-29
    Deuteronomy 23: 1-2
    Deuteronomy 25: 1-3
    Deuteronomy 25: 11-12
    Exodus 22:18
    Leviticus 1: 1-7
    Leviticus 11
    Leviticus 19: 19-27
    Leviticus 21:9
    Leviticus 22:24
    Judges 15:3-20
    1 Kings 14: 10-11
    2 Kings 2: 23-24
    Ezekiel 9: 5-7
    Joshua 10: 11-14
    Proverbs 27: 15-16
    1 Corinthians 14: 34-38
    Ephesians 6:5
    1 Timothy 2: 8-15
    1 Timothy 6: 1-2
    Titus 2:9
    1 Peter 2:18

    List prepared by Redator surfingatwork

    And here are hundreds of arguments that God exists.
    Are any of them compelling? Hmmm . . . don't think so.

    Other sources Christianity borrowed from:

    My ex-C testimony:

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  • Still have any Gods? If so, who or what?
    "I enjoy mythology but I'm not religious about it"

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  1. mymistake

    So, thoughts on Donald Trump......

    For eight years the Right said Obama was going to have DEATH PANELS. Of course Obama never had death panels. As soon as the Republicans got total power they tried to take health care away from millions of Americans. They kept trying and came very close to succeeding. It turns out killing thousands of Americans is wonderful as long as you use a policy instead of explosions. The Left is demonstrably better than the Right.
  2. mymistake

    So, thoughts on Donald Trump......

    If you complain every week about taxation and gun control: Not a whiney bot. If you don't want Trump to let Iran develop nuclear weapons: Whiney bot.
  3. mymistake

    So, thoughts on Donald Trump......

    Yeah but this time he is going to work for the little guy. He is going to scam big business and share the profit with the Forgotten Americans like me. And then Trump will scam that Korean dictator guy and trick them into giving up their nukes. And Trump is going to scam the Mexicans and Muslims who are trying to destroy our sacred values. Then Trump will scam those elitist who believe in science so Trump can bring back all the coal jobs. I know it in my heart and I'm too smart to fall for a scam.
  4. No thanks. Never had one of those in my whole life and I don't plan to start.
  5. Well I'm glad you got what you wanted. Bless your heart.
  6. No. I have not. I said a male parent is not needed. Not the same thing. Well this isn't mathematics. But for evidence I would look to all the single mothers who have been raising kids for decades. I have no idea how many that would be but it seems to work anyway. Most of the kids make it to adulthood. I'm sure most of them would have wanted a father who is a decent person. Being raised by a single parent will leave them wanting something, perhaps even a lot. I wouldn't know if there is a statistical difference between single fathers and single mothers. Yet most of the kids make it to adulthood so it can be done. See the difference between needed and not mattering? If something is needed and you don't have it then you don't survive. You can't raise kids if they have no food because they will starve. Food is needed. You can raise kids without a partner but it will be harder than with a partner. Having a partner matters but is not needed.
  7. mymistake

    Why be good if there is no God

    I don't mind. I answer "Because I want to see good things happen". If they don't understand then I would point out that dogs do not believe in God and show them a youtube video of a dog saving another dog. There are plenty of videos to choose from. Yep. There is that whole debate about either God is not sovereign or else evil is arbitrary but I wouldn't waste that on a Christian. They wouldn't listen.
  8. If you want to find something why don't you google for it yourself? No. Do you have an axe to grind or something? You keep trying to force my view into some kind of extreme.
  9. mymistake

    Ooops! Did I go too far?

    Yeah I choose to make peace with my believing wife. Once in a while I will complain about Christianity but only a little bit. Maybe the best move now is to apologize for making too many waves? Tell her you love her even if you don't share her beliefs? You are not going to turn her into an atheist because it doesn't work that way.
  10. mymistake

    Doonesbury slams evangelicals

    😃 My favorite part was "others TBA". Only our President knows what Evangelical Christians are going to be totally cool with next year.
  11. mymistake

    Good guy without gun disarms gunman

    Good man. I hope somebody gives that guy a medal.
  12. I didn't say the article was wrong. I said it didn't disagree with me. Did I say there is no benefit to a father being a good parent? Pro Tip: no "Having screwed up caregivers will hurt a child's development. I don't think one caregiver needs to be male." I think you meant to find articles that state that children who are raised only by female care givers turn out to be whimps. I'm sure Harvard generates a lot of papers like that.
  13. mymistake

    So, thoughts on Donald Trump......

    "My people will never flip on me!" - said no innocent man ever.
  14. If you will read the article you will notice it does not state one care giver needs to be male. Sounds like you don't need me in this conversation.