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  1. Okay I admit I didn't watch either video because they are way longer than 15 mins but are you saying they are claiming that the pyramids are much older than the traditional timeline?
  2. Conspiracy theories and science shouldn't be in the same conversation. Apples and oranges and all that. As for the Egyptologists, I don't see why they would be upset. If it turns out this is right then they will simply be the curator of a second ancient culture. It still happened in the area that is now Egypt so they would still be in charge of whatever is found.
  3. Not the pyramids. Just the sphinx. And by "much bigger" we are talking about maybe 10% to 30% bigger than the present day sphinx. Perhaps "much" was a poor word choice on my part. And mostly thousands of years of rain are what chipped away at it.
  4. Wow, that is a really long video. I won't be getting into that but isn't the basic hypothesis that a much older culture made a much (slightly) bigger monument? Then the Egyptian culture grew up around that old monument and reshaped it to their own purpose? (Edited for clarity.)
  5. Yes you can! The Lock Ness Monster has appointed me as his spokesman and the Lock Ness Monster will be happy to have a relationship with you as long as you are willing to pay me. Oh plus the Lock Ness Monster has this list of rules he wants you to obey. Let me just write down the finishing touches on that list and you can start reading it right away.
  6. It is dishonest when Christians call interaction with a spirit "not religion". Calling it a relationship is also dishonest unless you have objective evidence that said spirit is real. You can't commune with a spirit or memory. You have your own memories that you can visit any time you wish. Those memories can be about other people but they were memories you formed in your brain. Visiting memories is not what commune nor what relationship means. Same thing as the Midi-Chlorians that make Darth Vader powerful in the Force. Just a wild imagination.
  7. This is exactly what my Christian family did in 2016. They would angrily list off the infractions (real or imagined) of one candidate who they would never forgive of anything. When asked about the high crimes and felonies of the other candidate it was all about "Well that was the past. He has changed now. We all become new creatures in Christ". Religion and politics should not be mixed.
  8. Currently Knott is only lurking. Some of us ask intimidating questions.
  9. Being nice has nothing to do with being Christian. When you see somebody acting nice they are not doing Christianity. Pointing out this fact does not make me an asshole. It is just the basic facts.
  10. Are we at the part where you keep all your comments vague that way I never learn anything about your views but you act like you imparted some great wisdom? By the way during my whole Gawd damn childhood every adult I ever trusted lied to me about how the world works and what to expect out of life. When I was three years old I didn't know enough to tell them they were wrong or why they are wrong. So it is refreshing, now that I do know, to speak up and combat the nonsense when Christians try to use the same old tricks.
  11. Again, this is a space that was created for ex-Christians. We are not visiting a church and starting shit in somebody else's turf. But Christians do come by here and want to tell us that we were never Christian or that we still are Christian. We let them have a place where they are free to express their opinion. And you want them to be able to do so without any consequences. We just have to quietly listen and not answer. We should not be allowed to ask Christians the hard questions. Because . . . ?
  12. Okay, who have I crucified? If it's a really long list then just give me the top ten people I've crucified.
  13. You know that part is a joke, right? Our profiles also have chess pieces on them. That doesn't mean we worship chess. Words matter. I change my beliefs according to logic and objective evidence. That is the opposite of ignoring logic and evidence to follow a revelation. They are opposites.
  14. The best part about brushing your teeth religiously is that you get to spend eternity in heaven. It's so much better than becoming a Christian.
  15. You are equivocating. You are using the meaning where "religious" is a metaphor for strict, regimented behavior and mixing that up for the meaning where "religious" is literally a belief system regarding the supernatural. You are wrong. Strict, regimented behavior is not a belief system about the supernatural.
  16. Don't you know that arrogance is when people conclude that my imaginary friend is not real? All these arrogant people don't realize just how wonderful and amazing and powerful and perfect I imagine my imaginary friend.
  17. Just as real as Harry Potter. Getting sentimental about a Coca-cola advertising campaign from 100 years ago has nothing to do with some guy who did a bit of charity work 300 years ago.
  18. You just used an equivocation. When you do that you are wrong. That is why some people try to avoid equivocation. If you don't know what words mean then you should ask questions instead of making assertions.
  19. Hello ludicrouSpeed, love the name. I've been married 20 years and have two children. My wife has been a Catholic the whole time. I was a fundamentalist protestant for the first 12 years of our marriage and I've been progressing to strong atheism for the rest of the time. I've been kind of lucky in that our religious conflict has been at a minimum and we worked out a truce on that topic. Sorry if this sounds harsh but please don't have kids if your mariage isn't an ideal environment. Kids complicate things and not just a bit. Remember you don't have to stay in a bad relationship simply because of the "sunk cost". If you and your wife are not compatible then you are not going to make each other happy. You don't become more compatible for each other just because you stick it out. My wife and I are not very compatible. All the conflicts and red flags from our very first year . . . none of them have improved. Every year I told myself and deeply hoped that these problems would get better but none of them ever did. Not one bit. For the most part, personalities do not change. I wish you the best of luck in what has to be a difficult situation.
  20. Well I'm not there but it seems reasonable that your parents would care about you the best way they know how. But if they tell you it's unconditional then your parents are not being honest with you or themselves. I'm sure there is both good and bad in the mix. Awkwardness is to be expected. I don't think that can be helped. Yeah, the way they treat you is unhealthy and unfair. Maybe they can't help it because they are indoctrinated with a religion that is a pack of lies. You have my sympathy. I would also encourage you to think up new ways to protect yourself from this crap. When I moved away from my folks I picked an area that was 500 miles away specifically so they wouldn't visit me often and I wouldn't be able to visit them at all. That distance was such a relief. After a decade away I couldn't remember why we didn't get along. But maybe your situation calls for something else. Find what works for you.
  21. It's called emotional blackmail. You want a normal healthy family and it is in your nature to desire close family ties. Your parents deny a normal relationship with you unless you jump through the hoops they demand of you. Parental affection should not be withheld. Maybe they lie to you about loving you unconditionally but it looks to me like their affection is transactional. You should expect them to lie about love because that is build into Christianity. God is suppose to love us unconditionally but only if we pledge our allegiance to Jesus and join the religion. This is the opposite of unconditional. What is even worse it the demands your parents put on you are to change your core personal identity. This is something you couldn't change even if you wanted to. This is as bad as the stereotype father who could never love his son because the father wanted the son to be a football star instead of a math genius.
  22. Yeah, this is quite typical. When we get a Christian visitor, if they are part of a denomination then they think we are ex-Christians because we went to the wrong church that taught us the wrong theology. If they believe they "don't have a religion, have a relationship" then they think we are ex-Christians because man-made religion did us wrong. If they stopped attending church altogether then they think we are ex-Christians because church did us wrong. The Christian visitors always look to their own personal experience to explain away our existence. It could never be the reason ex-Christians give - that Christianity is empty and false - because Christianity could never be false. Nah, it's bad denominations, bad churches and bad man-made religion. Funny how an all-powerful God who can do anything and is birthed inside people in such a way that Jesus changes lives can't stop these petty little problems from driving people away from Christianity. Something something free will because reasons?
  23. That is awful knightcore. I"m assuming they have some kind of leverage over you that forces you to visit with them and go to their church . . . or else. Just awful. Your parents have an obligation to you that they can never satisfy because they don't understand it. It's going to suck every time they are closer to their imaginary friend than they are to their own family. I'm so sorry. At my last church my last Pastor had a Hate-the-Gays sermon he did once a year. It really pissed me off. Then it must have been so successful with our community that he bumped it up to once a month. I hated that even more. Then he started doing it twice a month and I had to get my wife and kids out of that church so they didn't start thinking that Nazi crap was normal. What the hell is wrong with people? It's like they want to do the 1930's all over again. If there are decent people at your parent's church they will eventually leave that church. Many of them will become ex-Chrisitans because of all the hate.
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