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  1. Got the most amazing gift in the post from my cousin- a professionally made photo book with pictures of my grandparents, my aunt I never met (she died when I was young), pictures of my grandparent's farm... In effect, the family album I never had. Yes, I did bawl my eyes out.

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    2. Wings


      Awww, wow! That's so amazing and so kind of your cousin. Sounds like good family... sorry you didn't get to meet so many of them, but the ones you have sound great.

    3. blackpudd1n


      Oh, I will. Especially because I haven't had access to my grandparents' albums since I left home 13 years ago, and I won't be able to see them again until my mother is dead. And I never saw any photos of my cousins growing up.

    4. blackpudd1n


      When my aunt found out that my mother had had children, she told my cousin, "one day, either one or both of those girls will come knocking on my door, and I will not turn them away". When I came knocking, my aunt had been dead four years, but my cousin remembered what her mother said, and said that she wouldn't turn me away, either.

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