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    The east coast of Australia, in the state of NSW :)
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    Cats. Particularly two, called Bruce and Wednesday :P Feminism. Learning. Honesty. Heavy Metal. Doc Martens. Reading. Talking. Mental health issues. Daria.
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    I'll tell you more if you'll make me a cuppa :P

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  1. I think I'll just hang here for a moment. Been a long day.

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    2. blackpudd1n


      Haha, yeah, I just needed somewhere to chill for a bit :) Wasn't going to hang around, but SilentLoner got me with an abortion topic.

    3. mymistake


      Nice seeing you again. How are you Pud?

    4. blackpudd1n


      You too, MM :) I'm pretty good :) Looking at moving back to Sydney for a few years. Got a double-grading for Hapkido in a couple of weeks. Wednesday's been sick again, but she's okay now :) Bruce is in a bromance with my boyfriend. Not sure if he's dating me or my cat anymore lol

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