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  1. In order to find out if you are losing muscle mass or gaining it, you would have to take bodyfat measurements every week as well. From there on, you can calculate your Lean Body Mass and you will know exactly how much fat you've lost. As of now, there is no way of telling and you might be losing muscle mass. Losing muscle mass is very undesirable, because it makes losing fat a pain in the ass in the long run.
  2. Oh yeah you can definately find it in there somewhere, but you have to stretch the meaning scripture. I mean, a shepherd claiming he has a relationship with his sheep, isn't that a tad bit weird? I don't think the bible claims you need a relationship with God/Christ in order to go to heaven anywhere. It requires faith, which is a different beast entirely (fearing the Lord, for example, does not imply a healthy relationship).
  3. Where does this 'relationship' theme come from anyway? I've asked a couple of christians, but they couldn't point it out in the bible. My guess is that it's a branch on the tree of the reformation, in the church a personal belief had never been relevant before.
  4. Perhaps that's the reason for the Bert look-a-like at the local kebob shop.
  5. I think the best thing is indeed to completely ignore this man's unkind remarks. From what I've read he has no interest in you personally whatsoever, he just wants you to comply in order to enhance cohesion in the family and he is acting as a mindguard. This is very common behaviour in highly cohesive groups, like a fundamentalist congregation. Unfortunately, christians have given themselves all kinds of justifications to indulge in this (often destructive) form of behaviour.
  6. Passive agressive FTW, no need to apologize there. Let them suffocate in their own shit.
  7. Fortes fortuna adiuvat

  8. Am I getting smarter, or is the general population getting more stupid?

  9. B, it's all good. Like I said, I'm irritable at the moment. As far as christian stuff goes, 99.9% of the time, it doesn't bother me. Personally, I'm at the point where I'm not angry anymore or sad about there being no god. I don't miss having a deity in my life, nor do I miss church. I don't fear hell, and don't worry about death, because I'm determined to live my life while I'm here. I'm just tired and sore, worn out, and stressed out, and the person who posted that pic has already pissed me off once in the last week. Just saw it at the wrong time. My normal reaction would be to roll my eyes and keep on going. Which is what I'd do if I'd just laid eyes on it right now, now that I've had a cry and spoken to my dad. But I'm rambling now. It's 5am and the puddin's sick, and I've been up all night. But you and I, as far as I am concerned, we're all good, and I'm sorry for blasting you. That was a little over the top. We're good. I like the way you're handling this . You're doing a good job and you're influencing my life in a good way.
  10. Sorry pudd, didn't mean to be rude. I used to join in on this thread as well. Since I've been taking all christian stuff that comes at me for just that, christian stuff, I've been doing much better. I do believe this will work for others as well. Pudd, my first reaction wasn't just aiming for you in particular, but more against the general direction of this thread. I feel this way about more threads than this one, by the way. It blows you're having a bad time, and you have all right to vent as much as you feel is necessary. Perhaps I should have made a post about this in a seperate thread. I won't spoil the party no more. Have a good life, guys! You earned it.
  11. I just don't get why you'd bother. I have a feeling this thread serves as a socially acceptable way to trample others without retaliation. To me it seems it would be better for anyone to spend the energy used in this process to improve oneself, or one's environment, instead.
  12. She loves her husband. Is it so hard to be happy for someone else? Jesus, you're making me sick.
  13. 'A spoonfull of kindness helps the other swallow the truth'
  14. Hi there! Just like you, I'm a university student in western Europe. Ever since I've lived on my own I have been slowly deconverting, until I recently stopped believing at all. Being around a lot of christian people didn't help. Anyways, a few good things for me to do were have many conversations with non believers I knew at the time, and I've spent many hours in the chatbox here. Reading books can also be a great way to find new meaning in life. One of the biggest problems I face after deconversion is finding a purpose, everything I used to live for is gone. Have a good time on ex-c!
  15. 0 calories... All talk but no substance.
  16. I wish you best of luck, Trapped Thought2much. I hope something works out for both of you! I'm not married or in a relationship, but I find that being open about things never hurts in the long run. I applaud your courage.
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