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  1. They're obsession with sex is insane.
  2. Didnt know there was a thread on this already. Delete if you want.
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2546850/Children-possessed-200-demons-levitated-walked-backwards-walls-hospital-staff.html Really creepy stuff, especially because the doctor, case worker and police witnessed these incidents. Just when I'm almost over religion, I hear of stories like this.
  4. I was going to ask the same thing. Last night on coast to coast or some similar show they were talking about a women who was possessed by numerous "demons/spirits" after having a heart attack. Her son was explaining how she changed voices (left a phone message with a young girls voice) and had to be restrained in her hospital bed. He also said his son was attacked and left with purple scratch marks and one room smelled of sulfur. I'm trying to break free of religion but find this stuff pretty disturbing.
  5. The man on the shroud is too tall. Average height for the time/area is 5'2, plus the long hair.
  6. A fundie I was friends with posted this on her fb page and said "I dare someone to debunk this". Its a video about faith healing. Broken tail bone healed in Jesus name
  7. Same here. I'm sort of addicted to these type of videos on youtube but trying to ween myself off. Some of their endtime/conspiracy theories seem real at times.
  8. Similar situation with me, I was basically agnostic until I met a fundie girl on youtube (we stopped speaking) yet I'm addicted to Christian videos on yt (especially dealing with endtimes,conspiracy, etc) and sort of find myself getting sucked back in.
  9. Thumbelina, just curious......are you a 'born again'?
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