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  1. You can not rely on stories about near death experiences (NDEs). NDEs are fairly well explained by science as heightened brain activity as a physiological response to the circumstances, i.e. they are not spiritual experiences. Generally speaking, people have NDE experiences that relate directly to their culture...Christians "see" Jesus/Satan, Buddist "see" Buddha, and so forth.
  2. Ummm...Slavery and misogyny are reaffirmed in the new testament. There are instructions for slaves and masters and instructions for women to be silent, not cut their hair, etc.
  3. Thanks Eli for finishing the series. My wife and I deconverted just over a year ago after more than 30 years of sincere belief. Your videos were a very important part of the healing process. We related strongly to this last video as we are seeing the beauty of life in greater ways each day.
  4. Hi BDP and welcome to the EX-C site. I can relate very much to a lot of your post...saved at 5 years old, sincere believer for more than 30 years, leading small groups, etc. Seeing the contradictions in the bible also played a role in my deconversion, but more than that I was simply willing to ask questions like "Does any of this exist outside of my own mind?". I was lucky enough to deconvert with my wife. There are many husbands on this site who are married to fundy wives. You will find a lot of support here in that area. I'm glad you are here. Stick around and make some friends
  5. Welcome McMike. My wife and I deconverted together just over a year ago. We were also believers for more than thirty years and very active in the church, leading small groups, etc. We have no regrets. You are on the right track
  6. Welcome DrNo Congratulations for reasoning into the truth. Unfortunately, you should know that your xian friends will likely not remain part of your life. Some will outright reject you. Most will just pull away simply because they don't know what to do or say. This is one of the hardest parts to deal with. Make some new friends here Jason
  7. Welcome to EX-C greylight. I'm glad you found this site. It helped me (and my wife) through deconversion.
  8. Welcome Leisbet! It's a big change, and can be a bit heart breaking, but there are plenty here who will support you. If you get a chance, put your "extimony" in the Testimonies of Former Christians section.
  9. We should reconsider any "absolute" that is made fragile through the simple act of questioning

    1. NeverAgainV


      I wish more bible thumpers would reconsider their beliefs.

  10. Welcome OpenBook! In general, I say take it slow, don't hide out of fear, and don't react out of anger. Eventually, you will have to fully "come out". It will likely come with a higher cost than you expect, but not as high a cost as living your whole life in hiding. Stick around and make some friends Jason
  11. Welcome from another DFW Ex-C! You have found the right place. Stick around and make some friends
  12. Ditto what T2M said. If were are not conscious after death, then who the heck cares? I live my life the same way...with love, compassion, and generosity. And it works exactly the same without a theistic belief. Who knew? Depends on our circumstances, but I couldn't imagine keeping that to myself, and especially not at your age. That's a long time to keep a secret. I say just live your life admirably and answer questions if the are directly asked. More importantly, if you get married, make sure she is on the same page.
  13. Welcome DD! I very much relate to your upbringing, including the private xian school through graduation. I didn't see the truth until I was 38 years old. Congratulations that you found it so young. As far as telling the family, I've had mixed results. My wife's parents and siblings are very accepting. Her Mom is in the process of deconverting. The rest are holding on. My sister is very accepting. My brother and parents know but do not bring up the subject. Stick around and make some friends. You are welcome here. Jason
  14. Welcome JB! Take comfort in the fact that the majority of people here can relate to many aspects of your story. It is sad that your story is so common, but the good news is that many have walked the road you are walking now. People here genuinely care about our fellow humans and are very willing to help as much as we can and as much as you want us to. Stick around and make some friends Jason
  15. Atheism is not a rejection of faith. It is the realization and incarnation of it's full potential

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    2. jblueep


      To put it another way...I think that once someone realizes that the ultimate potential of "faith" is self actualization (becoming or having the power to become everything that they can be), then he/she can embrace the incarnation of that potential and disregard the dogmatic detours.

    3. asanerman


      Very existential jb! What a great way of defining basic trust,and integration as a way which sidelines a point of view or tenet put forth as authoritative without adequate grounds!



    4. Akheia


      I just mentioned blaghag... she's aiming for an "A+" society that is atheism PLUS progressive action and condemnation of discrimination and privilege. That's something even a pagan like me can get behind.


  16. When a person runs to the end of best course of any faith, e.g. the new covenant in Christianity or enlightenment in Buddhism or [insert the loftiest goal of any faith here], the next logical/rational step in their spiritual journey is in fact atheism.

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    2. stryper


      and not every philosophy is a religion.


    3. jblueep


      My comment wasn't meant to be a negative generalization. I'm actually supporting the good that can come out of any religion or philosophy. I simply desire a more efficient path to self acceptance for us all (if that is even possible).

    4. asanerman


      I'm following you jb!

  17. I dream of a world where no one attempts to systematically convince others that they are "broken" upon birth. Conditioning others in this fashion (so that they will accept that an invisible imaginary deity has to therefore "fix" them in conjunction with following a book of incoherent bronze age mythology) is just ignorant and cruel, especially to children.

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    2. Eugene39


      As the bumper sticker says, "born okay the first time"! Love it!

    3. darwinfish
    4. Wings


      so totally agree!



  18. If you cut my hair, I'll just flirt with you and reach around and pinch your booty when you're not looking!
  19. A fundy posted this the other day. I think he's right in that the arrow is pointing away from the cross:
  20. I don't think this life is all there is, but I choose to live as if that is the case

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    2. jblueep


      Who knows, but according to the laws of thermodynamics, energy is not lost, simply converted to another form. Combine that with NDE stories, and I would like to believe that my consciousness will live on in another dimension or reincarnation or who knows?

    3. TotalWreck


      I hope there is no reincarnation...I would hate to have to go through all the shit we go through on earth AGAIN.

    4. TheBluegrassSkeptic


      I like the laws of thermodynamics. It actually has provided solace to my own children when explaining that in our death, our energies get dispersed to the environment around us. Whose to say the energy gets completely rewritten? I don't know, but to know that somehow part of you might be the color in a flower bloom later on in life...I like that.


  21. I wouldn't count on it. Some but not all of these loving christians only want non christian friends when they can "witness" to them and otherwise they distance themselves from them. I wish it was different and hopefully for you it will be just don't get your hopes up too high. Unfortunately, I have to agree with FeelHappy. I was a part of a group of xians I considered to be very loving. Almost all have disappeared simply because of my thought crimes.
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