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  1. Are you a CO resident?

    1. Eugene39


      I think he was in California. He left the site and F/B about 3 years ago. He felt that to finish the process of leaving Christianity that he also needed to end this phase also.

  2. I disagree. The Right is twisting themselves into knots trying to avoid admitting that this was an action borne of racial hatred. I would have far more respect for the Right if they just admitted that racism is still a big problem. But they won't. And that's the problem. Give me a break. No one is suggesting that we burn any of these ignorant people at a stake. We just want them to be honest for goodness sakes. I think you are far off the deep end here. Whose life has been ruined except those whose loved ones have been taken from them? The first step to solving th
  3. I think that teaching religion in schools is really an excellent idea, provided that all religions are represented, none are favored, and the curriculum approaches religion from a humanist viewpoint. But that's never going to happen so better to have nothing.
  4. Within reason. If the house rules stated that she should join her parents in getting high then a reasonable minor who wants nothing to do with pot or other drugs has every right to refuse his/her parents. Refusing the religious drug is really no different, IMHO.
  5. First off, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being selfish. The whole idea that you are supposed to please everyone else and debase yourself is one of the biggest fallacies of Christian doctrine. The truth is that you cannot truly love others until you love yourself. Christianity would have you believe the opposite. The only thing I would add is that it is not your responsibility to make your mother happy. If she reeeeally wanted you to hit yourself in the face with a hammer and that is the only thing that would make her happy, would you do it? Of course not. It's no different here.
  6. Oh how very wrong you are. What you described is overt active racism. That is not the same thing as racism. Having been married to a black woman for the past 22 years, I as a white guy have had jaw dropping, eye opening exposure to racism in many forms. It's not all one way either. It's not as if no black people are racist. However, America is still a nation run by white people, many (IMHO most) of whom are racists. Whether we are talking about those with political power or members of the police force, racism plays a huge role in policies and attitudes which then result in the insa
  7. Agreed. The real issue is ignorance that leads to this kind of hatred. But no one is interested in talking about that. Gun control is much sexier, even if it's not the root problem.
  8. It's more than that. This is beyond outrageous. If you were sitting in your house and watched someone come in and kill your kids and you did nothing, that would make you a complete monster and everyone would think this of you. What angers me the most is the complete lack of anger and outrage by Christians, particularly members of that church. It is completely inhuman to be understanding or to give your protector a pass. It is an evil that needs to be discussed. Fair is fair.
  9. First off, I want to say that the bastard who shot up those people in a Charleston church needs to be handed over to the freaking Bolton clan and flayed. And if they can round up the mofos who think like him and who agree with his agenda and flay them as well, so much the better. My major rant is this: Why do these people keep on worshiping god? If their god is real then how hard would it have been to give Dylann Roof a heart attack or something? If there is a god and he is the one they think that he is, then he just let this shit happen without lifting a finger! And THIS is the go
  10. I never spanked in anger. We wrote out a list of things that would result in a spanking and even though they couldn't read, the littles could recite that list. (They were things like "No biting people" and it was a very short list.) When I did spank my kids, I told them "You know that this is on the list and I don't have a choice." and then I'd give them two swats. After that, I'd hold them and cry with them saying, "Please don't ever do that again. I hate this." I never had to discipline my kids after they were five. They knew I was serious, they knew I hated laying down the law, and
  11. I also want to second RenaissanceWoman's comments. Leaving your faith is a lot like going through detox. It is emotionally and mentally grueling. The transition is insanely difficult. But it doesn't last forever. You will get through this. And the great thing about that is not only that you will be whole but that you will be able to help future new Ex-Christians. That is a really good feeling.
  12. Putting the face of a homeless guy on a moving company logo just seems wrong to me.
  13. I agree with Burny. Here are a few things that helped me kiss Jesus goodbye: The Gospels were written no earlier than four decades after the alleged events and they were all written by second-generation Christians. This Ted Talk about eyewitness testimony was a real eye opener for me too. Even if the "words of Jesus" are taken at face value, he was kind of a dick. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus introduced the concept of "thought crimes" and "eternal damnation" while surrounding these horrors with pretty words about meekness and being poor in spirit. That's just plain nefarious, IMO. Je
  14. I dunno. To me, obligatory forgiveness is a strange idea. The closest that I can get to it is, "OK, that person did X. He/she apologized and seemed to be sincere. I'll accept the apology and i won't keep bringing up the past. If they behave well in the future, great. If not, I am not obligated to keep them as a friend (or maintain a relationship just because we're related)." If you know someone is an asshole and they have no intention of changing, cut them off. Life is too short for that nonsense. But if they make an effort to be at peace with you, that's often best. Still, you don
  15. I might actually tell him that invoking Christianity on his logo will actually hurt his business. He may think that saying he is a Christian shows that he is honest and reliable but in fact it quite often says the opposite. A logo that says that his company is professional would be better. If he put an ichthus on his business cards or invoices might be better. If they do an excellent job and the customer then sees "Oh, that's a Christian company?" he will be a much better "witness." Tell him that this would be an example of "being wise as a serpent but innocent as a dove." Christians l
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