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  1. I actually found Ken Ham talking to be kinda encouraging. I know one idea out there is that God is shrinking (used to be nature, then he was everywhere else, then he was the sun, then he was the stars, now he's some metaphysical being), and I saw Ham's branch of creationism similarly regressing a bit. He talked a lot more about speciation than I remember being taught five years ago (refusing to go all the way obviously but acknowledging the branches from common ancestors), which suggests he's back-tracking a bit in the face of evidence. Dunno if it was the nature of the debate, but he also seemed a lot less certain of his stuff. He used the God of the Gaps quite a bit, but he also said a lot of stuff like "here's what we know, but here's something we'll never know because we weren't there". Even when Nye brought up how we know certain things, all Ham could say was "actually, we don't know and we never will". That debate in itself won't de-convert anyone (at least it certainly won't convert anyone though), but it might get people thinking and help with their processes in 10 years' time. But I actually came away from that debate feeling like creationism is a bit of a fading violet - if not in numbers then at least in ideology.
  2. Sup homies, long time no post. I felt like I'd largely gotten over religion (or at least gotten to the point where I can live and let live), but 'tis the season for fundamentalism isn't it. Today my blood got to the temperature where I felt like writing an angry status on Facebook and decided it was time for a quick return. So hi again guys. The situation Anyway, some of you will have no doubt seen the fuckmuppetry that is some random blog claiming Noah's ark was found some time ago, and then covered up because all scientists, governments, liberal media outlets and even Fox News are all in on a secret conspiracy to keep the word of God hidden from the uneducated masses. But some random news site hellbent on posting nothing but positive news (I work for a similar company: but they're honest and call themselves advertisers) has been able to lift the lid on it. Suffice it to say, the fundies I know are being quick to confirm what they want to believe and sharing the link whenever they see one of their friends putting it up. As a Catholic scientist once said of fundamentalism, "it's kind of a plague". Everyone's talking about how fascinating it is, and how great that one more piece of the puzzle has been found. Fake alert The first time I saw this come up, a friend of mine who's actually pretty reasonable with the whole God shit promptly posted a link detailing how that find's been well established as a fraud. I didn't read the whole thing, but the link detailed how the measurements of the "boat" were pretty vague and not as close to the Bible's account as advertised, how the iron deposits were pretty much random and consistent with the rest of the area and even how the ground being penetrated is an outright lie. That site detailing such a critical response to this find? Answers in Genesis. Yep, Kansas's own state education provider. Let that sink in for a bit. ANSWERS IN GENESIS is calling your account of Biblical evidence a fake. Just... think about that for 10 seconds. Even then... What baffles me is how many of these people haven't actually put any thought into the logic of this fucking boat. I know how confirmation bias works, and people want to subscribe to stuff that backs up their beliefs without examining it through a critical lense, but think about it. How do the animals fit? It was supposed to be seven pairs of each type. I saw a site that did the math for it and while I can't find it anymore I do remember how tightly fit everything had to be. That leads to a question of buoyancy. Even assuming the boat doesn't break under the weight of all the animals, how does it even float? What stops it from sinking like a brick? I'm no physics expert, but time I checked you need to spread the weight around to keep the thing afloat. Then there are the questions that never occurred to me but seem so obvious. What did they eat? Makes sense to store all the grain and shit, but how about carnivores? What happens when you try to stash meat for all those animals for 40+ days (plus however long they were afloat for)? How does it not start to rot? Or do they just eat other animals and slowly rectify the problem of overcrowding? Even if you make THAT work, you have to factor in food in your spacing and your weight calculations. And how much shit would 14 of every animal produce every day? How many people were on the boat? Could they physically dump it all overboard every day? Look, when it comes to wiggle room for the truth and validity of religion, I'm one of the more generous people on this site (religiosos Ex-Cluded). But how in the world can that story be literally true? Even if the Bible is "right" (I hate that word with a passion. It feels so loaded), that story can't be anything more than allegory - ie, a fun little story that might or might not have a meaningful lesson at the end of it, like the parables. I'm even happy to accept it AS allegory, but you don't have to feel like your religion is invalidated if they can't find evidence for one of your stories (and therefore feel like it's validated when you supposedly find something that fits). One more thing While I'm complaining about fundies, I saw this on Facebook. Where do we begin with the stupidity? Celebrating Christmas (which is a bastardised pagan holiday anyway) means you should subscribe to its original cultural meaning? I don't give a shit about unions on Labour Day. Not the best example, I know, but fuck it. And some of my favourite songs are hymns (and a couple of Christian carols too), but I like them for the music and I even don't mind the lyrics on many counts. Eh, fuck it. I know I don't get that stuff as heavily as many here. I just had to vent. Thanks for bearing with me folks. ED: Forgot how nice it was to post on a forum without a swear filter. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck.
  3. I think both, but only one of the two feeds the persecution complex of those poor devils.
  4. That sounds something like what happened to me around Christmas, but I sent the email to my grandparents and I got the thorny response from my uncle, who then brought my parents into it. Apparently my mum got sent a really venomous letter by her father after he assumed she was behind it. That "how dare you" language sounds very similar to what I copped too (this jackass actually implied I'm a worse person than he ever was despite his extensive criminal history). They're the kind of people that will talk up how edifying a Christian life is and the values of integrity, love, kindness and honest discussion (deadset. Although their version of "honest discussion" means something different to them than it does to me) with one breath, while gossiping behind dissenters' backs and using bully tactics to show their disapproval with the other. If your family structure is anything like mine, they will pretend to both themselves and the world that everything is fine and their actions are justified. They won't admit the deviousness of what they do, they won't accept new ideas (in my opinion, fear is a big motivator for their closed-mindedness) and they won't tolerate people who have said new ideas. They can talk up how wonderful they are and their family is and how God is the core of their perfect morality (but they're also worthless sinners and there's no contradiction there), but I can tell you with all the sincerity in the world that the relatives on my mum's side are the most manipulative, disgusting, deceitful, hypocritical, two-faced and bigoted people I know. The only reason I feel I have to be nice to them these days is that a friend of mine just got a $13,000 inheritance and I don't want to take any chances. Seriously. What you do from here is up to you. I don't know how easily your family can just agree to disagree on stuff, I don't know how likely they are to just put something in the past, I don't know your living circumstances and I don't know how close you are to them (I'm basically a hermit now, which helps). You could try and explain how much they hurt you or that you're still the same person, but I wouldn't expect too much from them. Well in for standing up for yourself, and I do hope things get better for you. If you want to talk more extensively about opinionated family members, feel free to shoot me a PM.
  5. So a teacher I had in school posted a link to this timeless gem about marriage from a site called "The Christian Pundit". Reading over some of the horror stories talked about, one has to wonder why you hear about so many Christian guys like that. And I bet there's nothing that turns a woman on more than being a subservient to the head of her household. I wondered what else these guys preach and saw a few other interesting ideas floating around. We've got this one here saying you'd be upset if the President wrote his own vows when getting sworn in, so Christians shouldn't be writing their own vows today. The 1500s called, and they're thrilled someone else agrees with them (literally: they cite a book from 1549). We've got this one here talking about how preachers' daughters should be doing their best to enhance their dads' reputations. The rest of it's just general stuff from four choirgirls who at least pretend they don't have a sinful thought in their body. On a sidenote, why is it that preachers' daughters are usually crazy hot? However, my favourite piece was this. I'm not even going to comment here. Instead, I'll let a select quote speak for me. "There is no substantive difference between this and armed robbery." The article carries on like that and there's a part two I don't think I'll be reading. The rest of the site looks generally theological. The scary/encouraging thing is that had I been reading this three or four years ago, I'd be lapping it up and possibly sharing it too. Looking at it now, I can't believe anyone would buy that line of thinking: much less that I did. However, if ever you feel like you haven't made much personal progress, have a look at the stuff on that site. If you find it outdated, overly interfering and borderline dangerous in some cases, then you've probably come a long way since deconverting.
  6. As you know, gay marriage was made into law overnight. Naturally, the God Squad was out in force. Highlights included: *People listing off Bible verses as comfort. (Whatever helps you sleep at night.) *The slippery slope fallacy everywhere. (Yes people will start marrying animals soon because they can make binding contracts. What a retarded thing to say.) *Someone saying that God will have to apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah if he lets us go unpunished. (You fuckheads probably think God caused our drought earlier this year because he knew we'd eventually legalise gay marriage. Too bad he broke said drought before the bill passed but hey, he works in mysterious ways no doubt) *Someone else predicting "Taking God out of schools... banning bibles in motel rooms... the decline will continue" as though it's a bad thing. *One chick getting really upset because she feels her marriage is now worthless. (Honey, I think that says more about your marriage than the bill.) *And the obligatory "I don't hate gays". (Take out everything before the word "but" and I wonder if you'd say what you have left in front of your "gay friends".) I'll probably have some more ranting for later. Thankfully our liberals were making their presence felt too.
  7. "If there's one thing I hate more than prophecy, it's self-fulfilling prophecy." - Bill Maher.
  8. The final reading for the marriage equality bill is in an hour and a half. I'm quietly hoping God a) exists; B) smites NZ for our sinful legislature. I have a digital camera out overnight from my journalism school and I want an exclusive shot if it happens.

    1. Galien


      Thumbs up NZ, well done

    2. Onyx


      NZ just legalised gay marriage! 77 to 44 in a landslide voting session in Parliament!

  9. I've gone three weeks without beer (not by choice, I swear!) and I'm actually beginning to feel a bit edgy. I can't help but wonder if I've built up a minor addiction...

    1. Adrianime


      I notice if I go more than a few days without meat I start feeling weak and irritable, even if I've had plenty of other protein.

  10. If I were a god I'd be appearing in someone's toast or really well-timed songs on the radio to communicate with people. That's just me though.
  11. So far this Easter I've come up with the theory that there isn't a more sadistic/masochistic religion in the world than Christianity. Those lovable nutjobs seem obsessed with the pain Jesus endured on the cross and how worthless they are.

    1. QualifiedCommenter


      I think the point is that they're thanking him for willing to do it, and for being glorious enough to rise from the dead. What gets me, among other things, is how it never strikes them that he was essentially sacrificed to himself.

    2. Inqui


      "Myself, myself. Why have I forsaken me?"

    3. milesaway


      considering that misery is like a sick fetish for them, should we really be surprised?

  12. Why did God outlaw homosexuality? His boyfriend thought that would make it hotter. I make fun of a lot of things. Honestly, I don't see what gives God a free pass. It is important to be mindful of the time and place (as always....), but I'm still not letting the holy spook off the hook just because some people sincerely believe in him. And while we're at it, here's my impression of Jesus dying on the cross that I did in front of some muslim guy I met on a public bus once: "Myself, myself, why have I forsaken me?" Am I going to hell for that? Probably. I don't care. The guy laughed and made a note of it for future use, and that's good enough for me.
  13. A guy I went to church with, like, 10 years ago, just posted this on Facebook: http://goo.gl/jZQf9. I just commented with "it's not the tree size, it's how you use it." It'll be interesting to see how many people think I was being serious.

  14. That is why trolling is a lost art: no-one ever does that anymore.
  15. So NZ's gay marriage bill passed its second reading by 77 to 44. Surely it can't fail from here.

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    2. Akheia


      Here's for hoping equality wins!

    3. Onyx


      Glad to hear that, it's long due. All the same, we should have done that in the 80s like The Netherlands did. But better late than never.

    4. Blue elephant

      Blue elephant

      Here's hoping! NZ can set the example for Aust!

  16. But isn't Jesus supposed to be free to those who search? Do these Christians actually think about their theories?
  17. Am I the only one who read the italicised stuff in Ken Ham's voice?
  18. The History Channel is now for history what MTV is for music.
  19. The SDAs believe in that. When you die, you go into "soul sleep" until Jebus comes back and the dead get awoken from their graves. Come to think of it, I never thought about what happened if the person got cremated. I'm curious now.
  20. The SDA church was similarly even with the way they "teach" sex ed. I was taught that my dick was a peashooter of doom that would almost certainly catch something if I didn't abstain. There was also the whole not wanting to upset God thing and that included the thought crime Jesus talked about. Even in relationships, I was always sketchy of PDA that went beyond hand holding and maybe kissing, and as a result almost all of my relationships/attempted relationships have been similar to (with a similar reaction from me), which has led to other things I won't go into here. This was even after declaring myself unreligious. We weren't repressed nearly as badly as what you've described though. That's brutal. O_O
  21. For those unsure of what to call themselves, I've just stumbled on the word "apatheist," and I like it. I've also set my FB views to "irrelevant" because I think any kind of divine belief or unbelief has nothing to do with how good a person is. Just a couple of thoughts.

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    2. LifeCycle


      But then there are those like myself who are fed up with all this does God exist, God does not exist, BS. Apatheist describes my current "condition" well. =)

    3. Galien


      i agnostic, but definitely apatheist.

    4. Serendipity Rose

      Serendipity Rose

      My label changes as needed. I prefer to use humanist because that explains what I am, not what I'm not. Plus it can be a good conversation starter. :) But to each his own, eh?

  22. It's not even an original argument. They just took some snippet off that "atheist professor and Christian student" essay. And no, it doesn't get any better.
  23. Hahaha, I know that feel. I'm getting jack shit when my older family members start dropping off and you've gotta wonder how different that might be without the church taking so much. A mate of mine just got $13,000 from his grandfather - depressing thought really, haha. The last time I went to church was more than a year ago. There was one specific church I was curious about because I knew so many people who had started going there. I'd heard two opinions of it from non-religious people, that it was 1) full of crazy fundamentalists, 2) a cult, so I thought I'd see for myself. Everyone I met was crazy friendly and loved talking about sports and politics (but they all voted National, ewww). Watching the whole thing was a really interesting experience and I begun to get an idea of how they manage to rope in new initiates members. They made a really big deal out of welcoming newcomers before the sermon, and at the end they ran their standard guilt-tripping speeches. "We're all really worthless and there is torment to come, but I believe God can take your mistakes and cast them to the other end of the universe!" was one, and would have been effective for those struggling with things in their past. Another one was "everyone we've talked to on the streets believes in SOMETHING" as if that "something" was absolutely Biblegod. It was a smart use of suggestion, I'll give them that. I'd just left Christianity (having left the church a while previous), so I feel like I got a lot out of the experience, just not in the way those nuts would have liked. I also learned I can still bullshit my way through a Christianese conversation. Maybe I should become a pastor at some point. Anyway, this thread seriously made my day. Hopefully you don't have to go through that experience too much.
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