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  1. I thought I´d share this. Maybe it helps someone here So, this is a blog of a girl named Laci Green. She educates people about Sex positivity http://lacigreen.tv/what-is-sex-positive She also makes videos on YouTube. This is her channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJm5yR1KFcysl_0I3x-iReg She has some really interesting videos. So, I hope it helps you in your healing! Cheers!
  2. Well, positive, yet REALISTIC view is healthy, but what they are trying to sell is positive view yet COMPLETELY unrealistic and magical. I loled so hard when I read in that "Secret" book that in order to get a husband you have to wear a nice night gawn, buy a bed for two and pretend that your husband is sleeping next to you (firmly believe that he is already there). WTF?! This is how you´re going to find a potential husband?!
  3. I think it has to do with fear....if you were frightened as a child that you will go to hell if you don´t believe in all the things they say you will have difficulty letting go of this beliefs....
  4. Well....as far as I know only missionary is allowed, everything else is condemned.
  5. Well, I think I´m pro life. On wikipedia they say pro life movement is against abortion, euthanasia, death penalty, embryonic stem-cell research. I´m against abortion because I think it´s kind of irresponsible. I think woman should have thought about their fertility long before they decided to have sex. Every action has its consequences and if you don´t know that having unprotected sex can make you pregnant than you are a complete ignorant. I think abortion allows women to act irresponsible. Using contraception and acting a little bit smarter is really not hard. I´m against euthanasia just because I think I shouldn´t do to other people what I wouldn´t like other people to do to me. I wouldn´t want anyone to murder me. Plus, there is always a chance for a spontaneous recovery. Death penalty, I´m against it, well, because I have a heart I think every person deserves a second chance and instead of killing her we can resocialize people. People who commit crime usually had really messed up childhoods, they were abused and neglected and then we as society treat them no differently. Instead of helping them we murder them. I think it´s cruel. We can educate them and offer them psychological help instead of putting them in prisons. We all realize that putting a person in the prison does not help them, it just keeps them away from the society. Not to mention how they treat them like shit. Now, maybe I am totally idealistic and naive, and I know there are some personality disorders which cannot be cured, like sociopathy, but then again, maybe we didn´t try hard enough. When it comes to emryonic stem-cell research, I support it, I don´t see a reason why not. I support scientific progress.
  6. I remember when I was 17....it was the first time I heard about rules that all the religions have about waiting for marriage to have sex, sex as an obligation inside a marriage (like you must do it once a week evan if you don´t feel like it), only missionary position is allowed. I was really shocked! I thought the reason why one should wait until marriage was for security reasons. Like, to be sure that if you get pregnant you won´t remain a single parent etc. Especially since divorce is not possible. But, for me personally. Marriage is just a piece of paper. And I don´t need society to allow my relationship and tell me when I can have sex with the man I love. I think it´s just ridiculous. Also, in my country the government is trying to introduce sex education in schools and the Church (which is pretty powerful in my country) opposes it strongly and is telling children on the TV to skip the sex education classes. People keep saying "Why should they learn about sex? Sex is something intimate." Well, yeah, I agree. Sex IS something intimate, but who interferes in the intimacy more then Church? Telling you when to have sex, how many times, with who, which poses are allowed and which are not....It´s just ridiculous.
  7. Oh, come on, you were a christian and now you wanna be a satanist? Isn´t that just going from one extreme to another? Satanism is nothing but a self-serving brainwashing cult, just like christianity. Why not just be irreligious, than you can have any attitude that you want? Why follow anything? And magic? I mean, hello! How foolish that is.
  8. Aww, I´m sorry for you! I have been in the same place! I was so dissapointed with people in general, but especially Christians, because they should be better than others (for what they preach), but they are dickheads. They don´t care about you, they care about you only if you accept their doctrine, if you agree with them, if you don´t argue. Gross. Not to mention the level of frustration you can feel in them. A really spiritual and good person would never be frustrated the way they are. I trusted them and they just used me and brainwashed me. They took my innocence. I was totally disillusioned in the society and depressed and I did some big mistakes after that, because I thought: "Oh, well, if everyone is so damn corrupted, why should I be good." I regreted it, because one should be good no matter how other people are. One should do what is right. It helps to believe that there are indeed genuinly good people in this world. No matter what they believe, where they are from, or what they do, I believe there are good people. And that keeps me going.
  9. Oh, yes, Margee. I remember having panic attacks because of that prayer! They keep saying if you pray you will feel better, but actually you feel worse! Brainwashing.....that´s really scary.....! How come nobody notices that or speaks about it in the public? I mean, as you said, repetative prayer can induce trance state, isn´t that dangerous? Especially if you are teaching children to do that. I heard protestants are against repetative prayer for the very same reason, but then again, they have other weird things, like speaking in toungs
  10. Hi! Haven´t been here for a while! I´m not sure if this thread already exists, if yes, please let me know! But, I´d like to start a thread about prayer and my experience with it. Usually people refer to prayer as asking God for something they want and usually it´s adressed here as something that isn´t working or is a sign of insanity. But, I´d like to adress prayer as a brainwashing tool. Naimly, after refusing to believe in Christianity because it was just too irrational to me, I was told to pray a lot, but not just speaking the prayer out loud. I was supposed to really concentrate on every word I said in the prayer and that´s how I will become a believer. And so I did. I prayed every day the usual prayers, like "Our Father" and the like. I also prayed "The little crown of the blessed virgin" a couple of times and what happend was so shocking and frightening to me. After a while I changed in my mind and my soul. I started believing in God and their values and just everything they said, not just mentally but also with my "heart". It was a horrible feeling! As if I wasn´t myself anymore. As if I was a zombie who was just reproducing what they told him. That turmoil I will never forget. It happend about 8 years ago, but still when I remember it I get so scared. I never ever wanna go through this again! The biggest problem was that intellectually I didn´t agree with their attitudes and values so there was an internal conflict inside of me. It took me years to resolve it. But, definately the most frightening of all things was that change that happend inside of me and that´s why I think prayer is actually a brainwashing tool, or a programming tool. What do you think? Did anyone have a similar experience?
  11. After I finished the Catholic school I have been avoiding watching TV, listening to popular music or reading newspapers and magazines, although I rejected Christianity. I thought that I was doing it not because of Christianity but because I became aware of the mass media manipulation. In the mean time I was also reading some books about it, and I was reading about the conspiracy theories on the internet which only strengthened my attitude that media is only trying to brainwash us, etc. A year ago, I rejected the conspiracy theories and started watching TV again occasionally, and today I bought a women's magazine after a long time and at first I thought "Oh, right, I totally forgot why I decided not to buy this crap.", but after a while I noticed that I feel more at ease, much more relaxed. It's like I've been prohibiting myself to buy magazines so that they wouldn't influence my opinions. I was so rigid. I started wondering, are my opinions so weak that a magazine would destroy them? I also noticed that I don't fit in with my peers at all....I was wondering why, and I found many reasons, but today I realized that the reason why I feel like an alien might be because I'm isolating myself from the culture that surrounds me. Once I spoke to one guy and I told him that I don't watch TV, read magazines etc. and he told me "You cannot be an island." His words made me think, but I ignored it. Now, I'm starting to think that he might be right. And also I'm starting to think that maybe my decision to do that was actually not mine at all, but was part of the Christian indoctrination and I wasn't evan aware of it? What do you think about this? Would love to hear your opinions Cheers, Sunny
  12. Dr. Winnell herself said in one of her conferences that she has published a book 15 years ago and that it's weird that non of her peers wrote a book as an answer to it..not evan to deny it....nothing.
  13. Step up and fight the good fight for.....well.......ok....... whatever it is you're fighting for.....or about....or whatever. If I do that Par, it will be a rather boring and pedantic journey into the modelling relation, the philosophy which underpins natural science. I don't want to put anyone through that if they are primarily interested in what feels good. Come on, Legion, say it! I'm interested
  14. Yes, I was also never a fundamentalist, but afraid that it might be true.....
  15. Thanks everyone for the answers! Ok, so I talked to a friend about it and he said that what I'm talking about is Plato vs. Sophists discussion, if that makes it easier to understand? So, yeah, I was always a sophist.....I don't believe in a objective truth, it's very chauvinistic to me....like I have no freedom of thought.....I'm not talking about verifiable truth like the gravity, but the worldviews, attitudes, values, perception of reality etc....
  16. I'm sorry guys...it's hard for me to explain it..... What if I don't want something to be the truth? For example, I really hate the Christian worldview. Can I say, it's not truth FOR ME? I can really relate to what Hitchins said "I don't want to live in the Universe with such a God" I don't want to! I don't want to believe in a tyran God who sends people to Hell. Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite, because I compare it with a person cheating on me, for example. Now, I don't like that fact neither but I have to accept it. I cannot say "This is not truth for me" only because I don't like it. But, the thing is....I can prove if the person cheated on me, but I can't prove whether Christianity is true. You see, many people here left Christianity because it didn't make sense to them.....I left partly because of that, but mostly because it didn't FEEL right! (I'm an ISFP, a feeler )....I have no rational arguments why I left.....I guess this is the main reason it's hard for me to explain cause it's emotional, it's hard to analyze it rationally.....I just don't want to believe that cause it's horrible! I don't want it to be true! Does it mean I'm avoiding reality and living in an imaginary world? How do we know what reality is if we all have different perceptions of reality? I'm confused....
  17. So, you're saying that a subjective truth is relative? Should be relative?
  18. Let me try to explain my question a little better..... I imagine objective truth as a ball and each of us has to know and accept the ball, but we also have the liberty to paint it in whichever color we want. For, example, I like the purple color, so my ball (i.e. my worldview) would be purple. I wouldn't feel comfortable with a red ball and would feel unhappy with it and maybe threw it away. Now, I never felt comfortable within Christianity. That "truth" just didn't fit with my worldview. I didn't like it. But, what if it's true? Wouldn't it be horrible that I must live my whole life with a worldview I can't stand? I differ objective truth from an ideological truth and think that an objective truth like laws of science should be known, but the way we imagine OUR world and the way we "paint" and organize our lifes should be free of constraints.....Shouldn't it? But, I'm still not quiet sure what differs these two truths....how does accepting the law of gravity differ from accepting that Jesus is the son of God? Maybe the first one makes more sense? Maybe the first one requiers our intellect while the other one does not? I'm not talking about evidence here.....
  19. I was watching a video of Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss, here's the link: I would like to refer to a point they made. Naimly, they quoted Christopher Hitchins wher he says that he doesn't want to live in a Universe if there is such a God. Later they said that some people go from Christianity to Budhism etc. because the particular religion doesn't FEEL right to them. Dawkins says: "Who cares how you feel! What matters is what is true!" Now, from a scientific point of view I can understand what he meant, but if we twist it and imagine it is said by a Christian fundamentalist, would it still be right? I mean, let's imagine that Chrstianity IS true, then of course it doesn't matter how we feel about it. But, what if we still don't FEEL good in this kind of a worldview? What should we do? My question is, what makes this two truths different? The truth that scientists tell us and an ideological "truth"? I'm not sure if I was clear enough....
  20. Yes, it has many contradictions, like claiming that they are the "light" to the world, but their worldview is so dark and depressing that scientist named the midevial "Dark ages", they say belief in God casts away all the fear, yet you must fear God, you shouldn't be proud, but then again "Where's your pride?".....there are much more of this, but I can't remember at the moment....
  21. Hmm...interesting...so far most INTJ's and most introverts....two INTJ's I know in RL are also atheists.
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