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  1. I am a teacher at a Christian high school...so just know it is possible your teachers question their faith as well and can't stand the atmosphere either. Hang in there, bud.
  2. Kent Hovind is not even laughable. He's scary. He's also currently in jail (I believe for tax evasion). Some apologists are taken seriously by debaters (William Lane Craig, Richard Swinburne) and then there are hams like Ken Ham and Kent Hovind.
  3. Two thoughts: 1. I remember hearing that same factoid a lot. I went into college on the offense because of it. I left college as a Christian, but a disillusioned one. I think the biggest thing is simply being removed from your environment where it is routine to go to church and do the same things as everybody else. It is also the age when people start to really reason and take some thought provoking classes...maybe meet some people of a different background than your own. 2. I had that same feeling of inconceivability. How could I not be a Christian? I had always been Christian and it was rooted in most of my relationships. Yet, my Christian testimony etc. was always really boring and uninspiring because by nature I am fairly low key and I followed all the rules. I felt like the people who were really into Christianity for the most part had some dramatic experience with drugs or sex or turning away from the faith or something like that. No cool story.
  4. I think a lot of times when people "pray about something" and God tells them to do something, it is actually just the result of their self talk. For whatever reason this guys doesn't want the extra work/responsibility and he rationalizes with his reason that God said so. At least, that's my armchair psychologist perspective.
  5. Sounds like what the Respectful Atheist said: Source and great blog: http://respectfulatheist.blogspot.ca/ I wondered where you went, marmot! Miss you! Mainly two things: the school year started up again in the beginning of August and I have been very busy, and now that I am out of the closet with my wife I have not needed the therapeutics of posting here as much. I have still been checking on the ex-testimonies every week or so (my favorites!). I'll have to start chiming in more often! I'll check out the respectfulatheist...I have certainly seen evidence of that attitude! Hope you are well, positivist!
  6. I haven't posted here in a while but I caught this gem on FB today. ‎"Has God trusted you with a silence--a silence that is big with meaning? God's silences are His answers." (My Utmost for His Highest, October 11 Bold emphasis mine. There is a reason silence is his answer! God has been trusting me with silence for the last few years and I finally realized it's 'cause he's not there!
  7. I'd put my wife up against yours any day! I can't speak for your relationship but in retrospect I think it went pretty well for me to let her ease into the question. Some people would probably say that I was dishonest but like I said -- we didn't talk about faith when we both had it so it made sense to not talk about it when neither of us went to church, etc. I was worried because a couple of times in the last few years she said, "we've been bad...we should pick a church". Just a couple times and we never seriously tried to pick a church. But I was worried that I could shock her into piety (as it seems happened to a few people I've read about on here). I'm also in the Bible belt not so far away from you so it feels like the culture is just steeped in Christianity...seems like she and I get pelted with it every time we turn around. I'd say if it is not affecting your life and you can live with a low level of internal turmoil, then leave it be for now. I did. Good luck to you and I hope it turns out well. Thanks! It was a huge step that we took a lot sooner than I thought would happen.
  8. Thanks for the kind words! I'm thrilled as well. I think I originally saw someone on here mention that little observation...don't remember for sure. Glad you use it as well!
  9. I just posted in my ex-timony about my coming out to spouse experience. It went mostly like I expected it would -- amazing. No judging, no manipulation, and some shared feelings about Christianity. Our relationship has not changed at all (because we haven't really been going to Church or praying together or reading the Bible for a year or more). She is completely fine with me telling her I don't believe any more. So glad I am this fortunate.
  10. This is probably the last time I revive this thread from the dead (until I quit my job in a few years). I was on a camping trip up in the mountains with my wife a couple of weeks ago. While we were laying in the tent in the middle of the remote wilderness she asked me, "do you ever pray anymore?" I told her, "no, not really." She asked why not and I told her I wasn't interested in Christianity anymore. She asked if I was just talking about the church and the culture (which she knew I had been disenchanted with for the last couple of years) or if it was Christianity itself. I told her it was both -- I was sick of the church and I also did not believe in the supernatural, either. She was a little surprised but she had seen some of the books I had been reading earlier this year (mostly Bart Ehrman). She said she wanted to know what was going on in my head about these kinds of things and I told her that I am happy to share if she asks but I don't always want to share unsolicited. I told her about how when we first started dating I felt "holier" than her and that she was not Christian enough for me. Mostly, this meant that she did not talk about her faith very often at all and she also drank and smoked marijuana/a cigarette once in a blue moon. She was also willing to be partially active sexually. I almost decided to break up with her because of it before I came to my senses and realized how amazing of a woman she is and that it would be ludicrous to leave her because she might not have the exact state of mind as me about the creator of our universe. From then on I vowed to myself that my faith was my own and hers was hers, and it wasn't my business to try to tell her what to believe. Well, that sword cut two ways. When I started having doubts this last year about the supernatural foundations of my faith as well as the Bible, I didn't want to share with her because I didn't want to influence her beliefs. If she started questioning and moving to the same place as I was then I was happy to open up and tell her about my thoughts, but if she wasn't ready for this journey then I didn't want to force it on her. Well, she did finally start asking about it in the tent. I talked her through some of the basic tenets of the Bart Ehrman books I have read (mostly about how the Gospels each has a distinct character and they are different, how some of the Epistles were forged or mistakenly attributed, how there are all kinds of insertions and errors). I told her my biggest problem was the theodicy -- how could an all loving God create life on one planet near one star out of hundreds of billions in our galaxy, and our galaxy out of all the billions of galaxies? Then, he is mostly interested in choosing a band of bronze age herdsmen and helping them commit genocide and setting up arcane ritual laws about dress and food. I also asked her how many books she read in the last year. She has read over 100 (yes, she is a nerd and I love it). I asked her how many were written by the creator of the universe. Then I asked her how many times she had read the book written by the creator of the universe (the answer was none). Strange, isn't it? God takes the time to write us a book with a couple of thrilling stories and good moral stories, but mostly filled with jealous and OCD rantings? I think it was a lot to process, and we talked about it off and on for the next couple days as we completed our trip through the mountains. She really didn't ask me at all about what I believed, she just wanted to know about the information I was learning about. She found it all very interesting and edifying. She expressed to me that she had taken a class on Opression and the Bible in college and it was the first time she had ever approached the Bible like a piece of literature, and she was interested in reading more about how the Bible came to be/the history of the Church. We bought a book on our Kindle on the way home (it was a long drive) and we read a pretty good chunk of it. It is called "The Bible Unearthed". I had wanted to buy it for a while and I decided this was as good a time as any. She read it out loud to me as I drove and we explored how archaeological and historical records interact with the Hebrew Bible (OT). I also put a Bart Ehrman book on reserve at the library for her. As far as our relationship goes, it is almost unchanged. If anything, we are a little closer now because I have bared my soul to her now in a way I had not before. She has no problem with my apostasy whatsoever. I am not sure if she would call herself a non-Christian yet but I think she will probably get there if she wants to do the research and thinking. I feel at peace now about my situation (except for the fact that I am still employed at a Christian workplace). I asked her what she thought about it and she told me that it is not an ideal situation but to not quit unless I had another job lined up. She knows I will never work at a place like this again but she is in professional school right now so I need to support us. Thanks everyone for all your kind thoughts; it has been comforting to have this place to unwind and process thoughts.
  11. I have seen Mennonites, Amish etc. wearing these things my entire life and I never thought about why they wore them. Now I see a post from a FB friend who is becoming increasingly fundamentalist: She posted several pictures of herself looking like she just teleported back to the 1700's. How fucking repressive is this? I googled prayer cap and found an article written by an adherent. Through the arithmetic of Corinthians (women should wear head covering when they pray) and Luke (pray continually) these mental midgets have determined they should constantly be wearing head coverings. Did the guys forging the Bible have any fucking clue about the idiotic behaviors they would be causing 2000 years down the line? God it makes me fume. And these girls view this as some sort of righteous piety.
  12. Until I moved to the Bible belt I don't think I ever really saw businesses with Jesus fish on their sign/building/vehicles before. I'm pretty sure that it is nothing more than a marketing technique. I have noticed the Christians at my workplace always ask around for a professional (auto mechanic, doctor, lawyer, dentist, CFA etc.). They always ask if someone knows a good one. This often means, "does someone have a friend in this profession, and are they a believer." Christians just love to patronize other Christians.
  13. Here is a new one: batshit crazy Jewish fundamentalist with a very foul mouth. This is a long one! One of my favorite parts is where he gets so fed up that he says he is leaving, but not before "i'm going to claim victory". It sounds an awful lot like some of those Christian fundamentalists that "declare blessings" or whatever the hell else they declare.
  14. I think this guy sounds very confused about life in general. Homeless but buys TV+DVD player+laptop+android+storage to keep his shit? Sounds like a regular American consumer to me. And don't get me started about how the only math we need is 2+2=4. None of that technology you're fond of would be possible if that was as far as we educated people. And he still hangs on to some general idea of God and heaven and hell he asserts...without any basis for it. Either troll, or very confused.
  15. I'm sure they prey on people who are unstable mentally but I heard about this study that actually found autistic people to be less likely overall to believe in a deity. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/31/autism-god-study-disorder-deity_n_1558771.html
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