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  1. I sense you are experiencing this right now since you asked this question again. This is a tough one. Could it cost you your job? Can you find another job? Can you say, "it's none of your business" and leave it at that? That would guide my answer.
  2. That's fabulous! Exactly what I tell my mom everytimes she starts talking about the end times!
  3. Read Bart Erhman. You can catch some debates with him on YouTube.
  4. Yes, that's my home schooled socially awkward son!
  5. "like minded" "God's providence" There are so many things it's hard to list them all. I hate when they tumble out in the things I say daily. It's so hard to get that crap out of my head and out of my speech. I remember Easter Sunday last year, a member of our home church came in and the first thing she said was "Jesus has risen!". It was so freakish sounding to me I almost lost it!
  6. You seem like a very tender hearted man and I enjoyed your video very much. I completely understand where you're coming from, I totally agree. It's really what I'm striving for myself. I think I have even more compassion for people now than when I was a believer. Mostly because I'm not judging everyone I meet. I find myself enjoying people for who they are. But I can quickly tell who has good character and who doesn't. I think you are most certainly on the right path!
  7. I spent time yesterday writing and sending a letter to my SIL apologizing for the crap I dished out to her over the years. She said some things back to me that were hurtful to read, but they were deserved and I sucked it up and acknowledged the truth of her words. We have decided to start our relationship over. I think there is a bright future ahead for us. Manly because I have had a lobotomy!
  8. I think he is really saying, " I'm alright, I'm alright, I'm alright, I got this, I'm alright, right?"
  9. This post kills me, we are dealing with this right now. I have homeschooled all of my 5 kiddos from day one. Everyday I have to deal with my anger over the things I have done and believed over my lifetime so far. I have to keep reminding myself we are free from these things and we are moving on. I am still home schooling, but we have completely dumped all the religious crap curriculum. We are studying everything under the sun! Whatever interests us. How refreshing!!! We are watching whatever we please! Listening to new kinds of music. Learning to use profanity ( those above 16 anyways). Basically, enjoying life. Working on healing. So, I know where you are. I have struggled with putting the kiddos in public school. I want them to have friends. But then I see how much they are learning at home studying what interests them and I really don't want to stifle that. So I am working on the social aspect still. I have seen so many home schoolers struggling to figure out who they are after leaving the watchful eye of their parents. And their parents scratching their heads because they thought it only took sheltering to grow their children into the people god wants them to be. It's sad. My oldest boys and I deconverted at the same time, so we are learning together. It's exciting! I think you are headed in a good direction. You'll find your wings!
  10. The rapture end times stuff freaked me out also. I was always worried about whether we would be raptures before all the bad stuff happened or after. Would I be able to endure torture, watching my children being starved and tortured. I was pretty sure I would deny god to keep my children safe. My thoughts would go round and round. I would dream constantly about it. I would have all kinds of dreams about my faith in God, being tormented by demons, but now I have peaceful dreams. It's funny how we think God speaks to us through our dreams. I have come to see that what we struggle over in our waking hours is dealt with by our brains in our sleep. Very interesting. There is a lot of crap to deal with, it takes time. Glad you are here. At least you can come here and talk things out and get support. Welcome.
  11. My dad had a massive stroke when I was 15, he was 35. He had high blood pressure that went untreated. He was born with an abnormal mass of arteries in his brain, which ruptured and caused the stroke. He died on the 2 hour journey to the next biggest hospital able to handle his situation. The EMT were able to bring him back. He tells of his near death experience. He spent the summer in the hospital and in Rehab learning hoe to eat, walk, talk, etc. He is now 51. He walks with the support of leg braces and a walker. His speech is still bad. He still has many issues the stroke left him to live with. My mother takes care of him everyday. He treats her like crap and never once shows her appreciation for what she does. He is extremely self centered. Did I mention he became a Christian when I did?! He has always praised God through all of this. I used to think it was all miraculous too. But why? Miraculous would be a father who was able to go through all of this and be completely normal and healthy as if no stroke happened. I completely understand your feelings! Your post made me stop for a moment and think about how I really thought about what happened. I have often felt angry my dad was so changed by that stroke. How our lives changed so much. My family ended up moving back to Ohio after I graduated high school. My dad couldn't work, mom couldn't work because dad needed constant care, the savings ran out. They moved where family could "help" out. I stayed in NM to go to college and I was dating my husband at the time. It is my dear mom who takes the brunt of his pleasant (rolling eyes) personality. The family that was supposed to help has written them off because he is so nasty to them. Their church takes advantage of them and my mom's in ability to say no. It burns me up! I'll stop now! It's making me angry. Picking up my knitting now, feeling calmer. . .
  12. I struggled for years with heavy periods! I thought they would get better after each child. No, not the case. I finally found the right doctor and had the NovaSure procedure done last September. They cook your uterus with radio waves! Seriously. My periods no longer rule my life. They almost don't exist. Best thing I ever did. We were through having kiddos. Husband was "broken" again. I have my life back!! You do what you need to do. No one else can understand what misery this can cause.
  13. That . . .i can't even think of anything to say except YUCK!!!!
  14. I hated using Bible verses to discipline the kids! No wonder kids are leaving the faith, they are taught the bible is a tool of discipline. They begin to hate it! I did t hat a couple of times and saw where that was going real fast. Also hated having them pray to ask Jesus for forgiveness! It's so messed up!
  15. Tell us how you really feel. . I think I've deleted that one before.
  16. That sounds very encouraging to me! I think you are on your way!
  17. Okay, I was a spanking fundy. I cringe when I look back! My son is now on here also, Shinigami. He was very respectful, I appreciate that but I told him I was having to deal with the crap from these wacky teachings also. So he was free to talk about his feelings. But anyways. My little ones now are treated with respect and allowed to be who they are. I do give them guidance, but I let them have feelings! My littlest guy has melt downs, he's 5. He wants his way. I send him to his room to adjust his own attitude. He always comes down with a smile and we talk about what happened. Life moves on and his will is still his. This is life in our house. We talk a lot. Feelings are recognized and respected within reason. If someone is being unreasonable, time is given for them to think about what is going on and how things should be handled. I have awesome kiddos. Now, some things to consider. 1. What do your kiddos eat on a daily basis? I found, when my kids were eating a lot of junk; full of food dyes, various sweeteners, crap they misbehaved. They were monsters! I cleaned up their diets and they became different little people. 2. How much sleep do they get? Over tired children misbehave. Get a good sleep schedule in place. 3. How much time do you spend with them? Children will seek out your attention in some form even if it is negative attention. Time spent is so important. I realize life is busy. Make time with your kiddos a priority. Sit down and simply ask them why they are misbehaving. Listen to what they have to say. Take it to heart. Fix whatever is wrong. Parenting is not for the faint of heart!
  18. You're responding without empathy, love or forebearance. Do you idiots even take your own book seriously or is obnoxious some higher fruit of the spirit that we can't see because the holy spook isn't helping us read between the lines? People here don't enjoy chatting it up with you guys, they just like using you as a punching bag to hone their debate skills or release pent up anger they can't release on other obnoxious xians in their own lives. I think you get that, which makes me wonder if you are a masichist of sorts. Thank you! Luv2knit, I am sorry if you saw my post as attacking you. It's sometimes hard to communicate efficiently when not face to face and when you don't know someone. What I meant was that you are allowing what other people do affect your emotions but emotions are not facts. When we allow our negative feelings to dictate how we behave and react to others it can adversely affect our health and happiness and this is NOT beneficial to you (I am so talking to myself too, I am learning these things). In your life you WILL be encountering religious people and some of them will want to save your soul. Religious people have no right to infringe on your personal space or they are not supposed to legislate their religion. However we are afforded freedom of speech and we all encounter beliefs we do not like or agree with. I've seen atheists being so utterly sacrilegious to believers on the net and I've seen Muslims cuss at and threaten them but when they do that to Christian beliefs, Christians believe that atheists are free to not worship their God and they are free to express themselves and God will deal with it in His time. As long as people are not beating each other over the head and forcing each other to believe as they do then maybe they can be tolerant with one another? Some atheists and Christians can actually bandy words and be cool with each other. Also, please consider that believers may care for your good. Before I became Christian some Catholics would say " God bless you Mammy" and it did not bother me. I was annoyed with some other pushy Christians but in hindsight I am glad they bothered me. You said you did not mind me posting in your thread so I do see you do try to be tolerant to Christians Again, I'm sorry I came in here and bothered you, I saw Cits' post and was like " Oooooo Cit-son-ga!" and I wanted to tease him a little so you can blame him lol (Cits, if you read this, it was a JOKE ). There are other people around here that do not like bible quotes also so I just say hi to them, if you don't mind I may just say an ocassional hi to you? Sorry again. You know, I have had a great fiber day! I started the day dying wool, I looked at knitting books, I knitted, and I shopped for yarn. It was a fabulous day! And on that note, I will say, you may say hi to me anytime you wish.
  19. Sending a HUGE hug! That's all I have this morning.
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