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    I am a expat Englishman living abroad in Poland. I was a Christian for twenty years of so, but recently I have lost all faith in the bible and its god and have now come to a point where I no longer believe in it.

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  1. I found this nugget of advice today; "Can I call a generation to go to bed at 10pm? Most of the stuff you wake up repenting for happens after 10pm." - Corey Russell. I usually go to bed at about 10pm anyway, as I have to be in work at 7.30am, but at the weekends I come alive after 10pm. I work hard all week and I need to unwind. Who does this guy think he is? Why do xtians continually go on about "generations" as in "I believe g*d is gonna do so much in our generation, let's pray for 3 hours to find out what!!"
  2. Yesterday I signed my divorce papers, which under the law in England and Wales means that will be finally free of my fundamentalist wife in about six weeks. I posted on Facebook "there is a light that never goes out," as this Smiths song was played on the radio. This is what one of my xtian friends posted; "Jesus is the light of the world and is alive for evermore hallelujah." I am getting a bit fed up with all the blah-blah-blah about this "outpouring in Cwmbran"
  3. The turning point for me came about in the aftermath of my failed marriage. My ex was an abusive bully, so when I left her for good, the church turned out to be as much use as a chocolate coffee mug. Given a little space, time and the internet, I researched the church's attitude to abusive marriages and some of the shit that people have gone through because of Matthew 19. It appeared to me that g*d would rather have women beaten black and blue by evil people, and guilt tripping people back into dangerous situations with violent people is as evil as the marital abuse itself. A "loving father" would not act like that. This contradiction let me to this site, which in turn led me to other apostate/agnostic/atheist sites and the whole pack of cards came tumbling down over Christmas and New Year 2011.
  4. So all the right whingers Xtians in the USA now want to live in Australia? Do they know that Australia has universal healthcare, legal same sex marriages, free access to contraception and the premier is an atheist?
  5. Perhaps it is because I am tired and a bit grouchy this morning, but this kind of brain dead posting of glib nonsense is really starting to get on my nerves; "‎'let hope arise, let hope arise, let hope arise...'. Singing this amazing song on the way to work. God is good :-)'" Let's establish the existence of the god of whom you sing about before we assign him any such qualities as good. Anyway, his autobiography makes him out to be quite a woman hating, mass murdering tyrant.
  6. Europe wakes up to news of the Obama's victory, and I see this on FB; "The Laws of Sowing & Reaping have proven true once again! America has sown to the flesh & has now reaped 4 more years of absolute corruption. (Galatians 6:7) God set it up that way!" so if God "set it up that way," why are they so mad Obama won?
  7. The hi-jacking of the "success kid" meme is so Christian. They are always late to what is going on in popular culture. This is partly why most xtian music sounds like a mixture of dull as dishwater 80s ballards and 90s Britpop. I can only imagine what they will make of 21st century hip-hop.. " uh-yeah, stand up my soldiers of god,,,uh yeah, let's make it hot in this church, uh yeah,,,shorty got a bjootilicious bible...uh yeah." Please spare us all! The "believe you were created in the image.." picture above is so wrong it makes my teeth itch.
  8. All I can say about the Pepsi can is, "Have these people got nothing else to get angry over?" I wonder if any of them will give the money they will save by not buying fizzy drinks to Water Aid to ensure people in Africa have clean water to drink?
  9. I wasted years trying to find any biblical justification for divorcing my crazy abusive ex. Xtians would throw this kind of stupidity in my face. They have no idea of reality.
  10. Are those xtians commenting on the Oreos article for real? If they want to hold on to 13th century attitudes, perhaps they can do without all the luxuries of modern life. They would soon have much more to moan about than some cookie brand's support for the right of people to have sex with whom ever they choose.
  11. I love that Ezekiel breakfast cereal. I could imagine the prayers at 6.30am ( as this is the hour most xtians get up for praiyur)... "Oh lard, we jus'wanna thank you for the glorious provisioning of your grace and for the out pouring of Ezekiel flakes into our bowls of rightousness this day." Ayyyyymen! Honey, pass me the Moses Milk and make me some 2 Timothy Toast while you're at it....
  12. this midweek masterpiece comes from England; "When Heaven confronts us in our mistakes, it is like the Lord encountering Job and saying, “Prepare yourself like a man…” (Job 38:3) Walking in the light is not for wimps. It requires a deep faith in God’s love and in the power of His grace to provide what we need to change. This kind of thing just makes my head spin, cannot believe I used to listen to this rubbish.
  13. Two corkers today to start the week; ‎"The Kingdom of God is God's rule in ACTION." and " ‎Calling is the truth that God calls us to himself so decisively that everything we are, everything we do, and everything we have is invested with a special devotion, dynamism, and direction lived out as a response to His summons and service." The football's here and I'ma being summoned by beer to the bar. Na Zdrowie!
  14. Hey Muse77, welcome to ex-Christian. I can relate to the way that the church and christians treated you when your first marriage broke up. I know that xtianity makes humans' brain turn to the consistency of rotten marshmellow at the best of times, but to blame you for your ex-husbands infidelity??? He left you and three young children and they said that you were in "rebellion." What planet were these people from? You are better human being than they will ever be. What p*sses me off so much is that they preach this g*d of love at people on Sundays but spend the rest of the week sharpening their fingers to point at people from Monday to Saturday. I left a highly abusive marriage three and a half years ago and the church would either bury its head in the sand or come up with trite BS like "you both need to submit to Jesus" and "seek a Jesus solution." All the big questions, the church could not answer, so I read a little, researched videos on Youtube and read the links from this site and stopped believing late last year. I really feel for you and I am so glad to hear that you have met someone else. I have just met a lovely Polish girl who is kind, intelligent, funny and as cynical as I am. Hugs from Poland. Paul the expat.
  15. The good thing about the British system is there only officially four weeks of official electioneering. However, we do tend to get four to six months of build up, a bit like all the hype before a big boxing match, before the residing Prime Minister drives across London to see the Queen. Then it is all over for another four to five years. With the Jesus cookie quote, why not beat the fundamentalist with the spoon and / or gag them with the tape, cook the eggs for breakfast and then explain to the kids that Jesus is really the Cookie Monster?
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