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  1. accidentally just read some "proofs" the xian god is real... didn't buy it, but it made me feel all loopy. Checking in here for some sanity! :)

    1. mymistake


      "The Bible says . . ."


    2. Wings


      "how else do you explain everything...? The tides. They go in. They go out. Amen."

    3. Positivist


      There is "evidence" for many viewpoints; there is also misappropriated and misapplied evidence. Remember that these existential questions have been contemplated since the dawn of consciousness. No one has a solid answer on anything--all are best guesses but the differenc lies in the degree of certainty and/or arrogance. The best we can do is evaluate the evidence and make a decision and move on. Be not shaken, Wings!

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