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  1. Posted a secular humanist picture on fb and an aunt quoted scripture at me on it. Feeling both nervous and energized...

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    2. NeverAgainV


      good 4 u. :D That's a huge step, yaay you.

    3. Wings


      it was honestly just a picture with a quote about how it's important to use evidence when believing something. She quoted a bible verse about blessed are those who believe but have not seen. An atheist friend of mine ended up going off on how she's rich for a scam and Jonestown proves what happens when people don't think. Lol. But no, I tend to be rather "quiet" on fb, even though I have to read fundy stuff from other people

    4. Adrianime


      Well, that's cool I suppose. I've never posted anything related to religion on facebook. Except the quote: "It's easier to fool somebody than to convince them that they have been fooled." Although I don't think that people saw the connection to religion.

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