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  1. Ive read about this- but it was probably at least over a year ago. It was my understanding that there did exist a tradition for a suffering messiah in Judaism (an obviously minority position) before Christianity in any real form took off the ground, or was labeled as such. But no, I can't remember where I read it. But apparently it's 'out there'.
  2. It rhymes with "douchelord" Oh wait, that's it
  3. Orrrr......another explanation: Jews were persecuted, were expecting a Messiah, Paul and others went around preaching that there was a savior/son of god (and this was revealed to them by studying scripture), that he died and was resurrected for our sins. But, not actually on EARTH...since none of the earliest writings (Paul's) indicate that any of these events happened anywhere on Earth (no mention of Jerusalem, Galilee, miracles by Jesus, Golgotha, and on and on...). Then, a few decades later, someone (Mark) decides to 'flesh out' this story by taking lots of OT tales (virtually nothing Jes
  4. http://anarchycamp.tumblr.com/image/38587449152
  5. I'm making a long overdue return to the site only to say one thing: OC, you're still a fucking douchebag of a human being. What little respect I still have left for Xianity, you take, and ninja kick it off the edge of the Grand fucking Canyon.
  6. Thanks for this linke, boftx. Very interesting. I am increasingly at peace with my lack of certainty, even if my certainty was misguided and delusional. Uncertainty is at odds with my Christian past ("I know that my redeemer lives") and my fundamentalist personality. Oh well. I am growing to find peace. See, nat, this is why you fascinate me. I am a guns-a-blazing dogmatic fundamentalist who is trying to learn to live in the gray of uncertainty. It's an uncomfortable place for me. Ah well. I am learning. Pos, i know what you mean when you say you wish you had that certai
  7. No, you're just interested IN their assholes.
  8. Cant right now....a project for tonight or this weekend maybe.
  9. Would you mind unpacking that a bit and including a few references? Yes.
  10. It’s not that odd. Jesus was a fairly common name so it would’ve still been potentially vague for Paul to say "James the brother of Jesus." Paul rarely uses the name “Jesus” by itself to refer to Jesus Christ. It is almost always “the Lord Jesus”, “Christ Jesus”, “Jesus Christ” or just “the Lord.” It would’ve certainly been more conclusive if he would’ve said “the brother of the Lord Jesus Christ” as he doesn’t use that phrase anywhere else, which would’ve made it distinct as something other than a cultic title. I’m not a scholar either, but it’s Greek, so κυριου (kurios: lord, master
  11. I go just about every week. "Support" for the wife. AKA enabling.
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