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  1. This is the worst part. Having to prove to everyone you're NOT about to go on a fornicating, child molesting, Satan worshipping melee. Ex-C's have to be better people than Christians. But that's easy, because most are. One of the first questions my wife asked once I told her about losing my religion: "So are you going to have an affair?" She was dead serious and scared. Mine said the same thing actually. Thought i was immediately going to run off with some hot young heathen.
  2. Dammit prplfox, after saying "don't watch this video", of course I HAD TO WATCH IT!! Damn reverse psych. Such a cruel bitch! Anyway, yeah the irony is so ridiculously thick I could hardly listen to what they were saying after the initial minute or so. Because believing in invisible magic pixies is insanity...but believing in an invisible, Inaudible, imperceptible IN ANY WAY magic MALE pixie that created man out of fucking dirt is so obviously different. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacepalm. Holy shit.
  3. Still waiting on God's word to be revealed. Haven't seen anything that qualifies yet.
  4. I just read your entire post (I skimmed through it earlier). Just wanted to let you know Im in pretty much the exact same situation you're in, as are half a dozen ( at least) others of us who are active on here. Let me know if you have any ??s, I'd be glad to try and answer them or help in any way I can.
  5. ^^^^I'm one of those guys still with a fundy. Well meaning and non-threatening fundy, but, well, you know. It aint easy, but if they're a keeper, you can make it work.
  6. Can you have some real fun with the christbots and post a picture of your own -- like this one maybe: (click to enlarge) Marriage--According To The Bible I like to keep it simple. A Biblical marriage is one man plus all the wives and sex slaves he can afford. wow. thats the simplist, most understated way i've ever heard that put. thanks for that.
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