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  1. Hi @Jane, Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you were able to break away from xtianity. You seem like a considerate friend. I understand not wanting to hurt them,they often mean well. I think you're also lucky in that most of your family isn't really religious. At least that pressure is not weighing on you as well. But I do hope you find an easier way to navigate your friendships while being true to yourself.
  2. I think there are a lot of testimonies of people who purely think or reason their way out of religion without turmoil being the root catalyst. I always admired those journey's and wished mine was similar, but it didn't start that way for me. When I was christian, I wholeheartedly believed in the things I was told. I occasionally had doubts, but they were dismissed by family and church members with vague answers that I just believed without question. I had many experiences growing up in the church where I felt I wasn't a good enough christian because I wasn't "catching the holy
  3. I got nostalgia about an old friend who helped me leave religion behind. I remembered during that time, I used to visit this forum a lot. I met amazing characters here and I'm grateful for their help in a time of pure uncertainty. I hope to return the favor.

    1. TABA


      Glad you’re here, Unsure!  We’ve all been helped by this community and it’s important to encourage those who   are taking the same journey we did. Deconversion experiences are as varied as individuals and we each have a unique perspective that allows us as a community to help different people in different ways. 

  4. Can't wait for Reason Rally on March 24th! :D

    1. blackpudd1n


      I'm so jealous. Any chance they'll stream or put stuff up on youtube?

  5. I would agree with you except for the fact that I know that if God came to me directly, I wouldn't believe it. Would you? Think about it. If a God came to you in the form of a man, you would dismiss him as a lunatic. If God came to you while you were sleep you would call it a dream. If God comes to you through another person, you say "Well why didn't he come to me directly?" At what point do you actually believe? At one point do I stop and say, yeah, i'd say that was legit... We ask why God doesn't show up in some shape, form, or fashion, but when he does, we ignore him. Entertain the thoug
  6. Hello All, I am a new atheist... Or so I believed. I have been deconverting for a few months now and finally decided that: -God was not real. -I don't need religion to be happy. -I'm not wrong and I won't go to hell, because it doesn't exist. -I am at peace now. Well recently, I was sitting in my room minding my own business when a great woman of God that I know (some would call her a prayer warrior), called me and randomly began praying for me over the phone. And once again, it wasn't things I had ever told her about. She prayed for things that there is no possible way she could
  7. I bought God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens. So far, it's pretty interesting.

  8. I bought God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens. So far, it's pretty interesting.

  9. Absolutely unacceptable. A god that would create and maintain a place of eternal punishment is evil, and worshipping such a god is a craven and immoral act. In order for your god to genuinely be considered loving, it would have to practice due diligence and and ensure that no being, anywhere ever ended up in such a place as hell... Without requiring anything of anyone in order to spare them. The Bible teaches that hell was created for Satan and his angels. Humans are NOT meant to go there. It is just terrifying fact of our existence that we are caught in the middle of thi
  10. That sounds so absolutely terrifying considering that i'm only in phase 2. Just can't seem to get the answers i'm looking for. I don't just stick to Christian resources though. I believe in objective research. I want all the facts from every angle before I make a decision. That's why I come here, but also still attend church. I'm really not sure what to think anymore, but thank you for the heads up on the horrifying process I may or may not go through...
  11. I thought this would be a simple process, but its turning into a nightmare.

  12. Hello All, I'm new to this site and I am still a christian, so i'm responding to the original question. I like science and I could probably read forever and ever about how the world began (its all really cool), but at the moment that really doesn't concern me. What does concern me is what happens after we die. Do I rot in the ground, or is there an afterlife? Growing up in a christian environment my entire life (all 19 years of it), I have been told if I don't obey God, i'll go to hell, so obey his commandments and live righteously, blah blah (Most of you were christian at some point. I won'
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