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    Music is my first love and singing, songwriting, playing celtic harp a little and tambourine (very useful in my past life as a christian in evangelical churches) as well as listening to classical music are some of my joys. I love to cook, write, be creative, read, learn, teach and raise my son and two VERY LARGE BREED puppies.
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  1. I agree Galien, but I believe that UNLESS and until we deal with the christianity delusion, we will not be able to wake up to other life's opportunities. Religion is certainly insidious.
  2. I love to read and learn. I have read a library full of books and delved into great thoughts with reckless abandon. That is until I became a christian. After I "gave my life to Jesus", since I "was no longer my own" but I was "bought with a price", I didn't have the right to run my life and think great thoughts and follow great thinkers... I had to follow Jesus...that was it. I am NO LONGER a christian. I have seen myself, accepted my beliefs and have lived as an EX christian for almost two years. I really have never taken a fighting stance that I ne
  3. I am glad that I WOKE UP. I am really glad that I no longer live WITHIN the constraints of life according to an unseen "sky friend" and the "doctrine" that the community perpetuated. I don't miss it. I don't miss "him". I began to realize this shortly AFTER my deconversion started June 2011. It was pretty much complete by August and by November I felt comfortable saying to others that I was "no longer a christian". I had FOUND my life...and it was "not hid" in an invisible sky friend like I was told...IT WAS HID in plain view and all I had to do was WAKE UP and open my eyes to see it. Why
  4. As christian, I obviously "believed what isn't true" and perpetuated the DELUSION of peace supposedly given to me by religion and I remained "in the christian box". I actually thought it was a "good life". Since I have broken out of that box, I realized that to NOT believe what is NOT true was only secondly important to "refusing to accept what IS true" and that is where I am TODAY.I am on a healing journey of acceptance and I don't have the time or energy to waste in fooling around with rainbows and unicorns. I have checked myself at every decision to make sure that "what I believe IS true"
  5. Wow, do I have a story for you!!! (Long but concise and relevant to deconversion from christianity; a tragic but true love story in brief ) A story of a young man and woman; first loves at college but 3 years into the passionate bond she becomes a christian and within 4 months TO THE DAY, they separate. She thought that she would NEVER see him again; he has been controlling and impulsive, passionate but EXTREME, highly intelligent but emotionally unstable...she had to MOVE ON and find a "nice christian boy"... She married TWO of them. The first one was a porn addict and a bit obsessive
  6. NEWsong

    Who Am I?

    Max...I am still "piecing it together" too...I understand. Will we EVER understand perfectly??? I don't know. I know that as christians we thought we knew "perfectly" and THAT is what stopped our seeking the truth about ourselves, our "religion" and the world in general. It just seemed to me that when I was a christian; my LOVE for things OUTSIDE of christianity was shunned by christians as being "taboo" but I did NOT allow that to stop me from loving with my heart; to stop seeking wisdom and understanding...it just showed me how closed minded and controlling religion has to be to keep it
  7. Hi Akheia! You said: GREAT point...they CANNOT imagine anything that would possible disrupt and demolish their fragile myth. I have also heard that "God still loves you" as though I have suddenly become "disinterested in receiving love" since I no longer want or believe that God's love is THE THING that I should desire most in life. Delusion...that's all that it is... Great post!!!
  8. NEWsong

    Who Am I?

    Your resolution is refreshing but it slightly confuses me that you are wondering "who you are"...sounds to me like you have accepted the truth that you have found about Christianity and allowed yourself to question your "faith" to enable you to freely think about faith, family and values in general. I had a deconverting sounding board as well. As I commented on my blog post; part of accepting my newly deconverted self was in understanding that WHO I AM is MORE than what I believe or do...I am more influenced by WHAT I LOVE and that is what "makes me ME". Nice post...thanks for sharin
  9. When I look back onto 2012, it will always "be the year" that I lived FULLY as an EX Christian. In 2011, I began the deconversion process in March and found that I was "deconverted" by November. It was a turbulent year with my mom being diagnosed with 4th stage cancer at the age of 87, living several states away from me to where I had not already seen her for nearly two years when she passed away in Sept 2011. I had resigned from my full time employment and relocated and my son joined us in the summer and he began a new school in August. Amidst all the personal change and loss, I found tha
  10. NEWsong

    Essential Reading

    Hi Falemon... I couldn't agree more...reading even MORE "outside sources" is ESSENTIAL to our personal growth. We know that when we were christians we were discouraged to read anything BUT the Bible and other "approved" material...very much like the Catholic "faith" that don't even encourage their people to read the Bible less they don't see the need for the Cathocism... (not Catholic but was aware of this when I was a christian) I have read "A road less traveled"...very good...and this quote is SO true “The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feelin
  11. Well it is almost upon us...my second Christmas as a EX christian. I am okay with it really. I still enjoy the music and love the lights, candles, scents and sounds. I think that I am NOT annoyed by the "secular" part as much, I actually LIKE the Vintage Santa Clauses and the fun children's "Christmas" programs even more now. I have not had ANY desire to spend any part of my "Christmas celebration" in any church or with religious television programming or even listening to christian radio. It is just not a part of my life anymore and that is okay too. Looking into my soul a little deeper,
  12. NEWsong

    Real Life

    Real Life I spent YEARS believing that I was truly living but I knew, deep in my heart that I was NOT living the life that I really wanted. I was trying to live the life that I "thought I had to" live. I didn't DARE to think that I could HAVE the man that I first fell in love with in college since he was NOT a christian. I had convinced myself that I would not be happy with him just because he was not a christian at the time we broke up. I continually reminded myself of this yet I did not want to free myself of the dreams I had of him; of his arms around me and his passionate lips overtak
  13. I saw something of interest that a CHURCH had on its sign after a MAJOR POWER OUTAGE in our area. My household had no electric for nearly 3 days... We were driving around on a Sunday morning after our power came back on at 5 am and read "WE HAVE NO POWER" on a church sign. My husband and I looked at each other and laughed and he said "We've know that for YEARS!!!".
  14. * * * I love this pic and message that I have found and just wanted to share it with you. I feel that it profoundly describes the journey that many of us have traveled and many of us are traveling with family and friends. * * * We have learned SO much about ourselves. We have learned that we have to tread our own path. We cannot follow others, blindly, even for the hope of community or acceptance. We have learned that we will not settle for less than truth and love in our lives. A cheap imitation will not do. We ha
  15. NEWsong

    Not In The Dark

    That's a real response. I just wrote in my http://livenotonevil.blogspot.com/ blog that Christians are more or less taught by the church to NOT take responsibility and to "trust God" to do it FOR them. They don't even take responsibility for their own weaknesses and consequences of their own behavior but call it an "attack by the enemy" as if they are REALLY that important that an "nearly omnipotent" being such as the Devil is "after them"...sheesh...really. They may really think that praying for others will really help them and even SAVE THEM when taking them food, water or giving them a
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