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  1. What can you do? Cry it out. Start having some closure-type prayers; as if god is preparing to leave on a permanent missions trip to a remote island and you will never be in contact with him again. Cry some more. Talk it out on this forum. Find out what makes your spirit happy and do more of that.
  2. Thought provoking! In the time when the gospels were being written, the Bible hadn’t yet been canonized; there was much debate among early Christians about the gospel message, what was true about theology/Jesus, etc. I think the story was often tweaked a little to appeal to the intended audience; the authors chose to embellish different details which they felt were important. Matthew and Luke were speaking to different crowds than Luke was. And, no, they didn’t all agree with each other. Side thought: are christians saved by grace or by works? If they align with Paul they are saved by grace. If they agree with James- by works. (If a Christian actually reads the bible and believes in absolute biblical inerrancy, then they are saved by faith & denial of cognitive dissonance.) I think this was one reason for canonization councils, because there were so many versions of the gospel being preached at that time.
  3. TrailBlazer


    “Tell me how I can best support to you” “How can I help you?”
  4. Wow. I learned something today. Apparently, the short answer is: the fall of mankind, telomere gene variants post-flood, possibly the water sphere surrounding the earth theory; higher carbon levels, etc.- (but not as likely). But perhaps it was YHWH in his mysterious wisdom, who decided it was not good for sinful men to live for so many years. “The real question then becomes not, ‘How could they possibly live for so long?’, but rather, ‘Why don’t we live that long any more?’” https://creation.com/living-for-900-years
  5. Agreed, very difficult to overcome anger with theist folks when we see religion feuling malice and discord amongst them. Personally, I try to catch myself feeling angry; try to think of the world from their perspectives, and I “ride the wave” of anger into (hopefully) feeling compassion for them, or mostly pity (as bad as that sounds). I try to do this, but I’m human: I get angry too. Before I could leave the church, I used Sunday mornings to regroup from the pew; I hid a copy of the Tao te Ching inside my Bible case and I journaled my atheistic thoughts through every sermon. Eventually, I spent Sunday mornings by myself in nature to think. Does your husband want to take your son to church while you get some time to yourself?
  6. Welcome. You’re one brave dad. I don’t want to sound dismissive of what you went through, but I wanted to share that Christian fundamentalism effected/hurt some of my family members... What you went through wasn’t right. How some “religious” people treat others is ignorant and can cross over into plain cruel. Show your children what real love and compassion is. Teach them to befriend and accept others for all of their “sins”, because it’s our flaws that make us beautifully human. I’m glad to hear you haven’t given up on humanity completely. Hope the dating app goes well for you.
  7. Trying to rip someone away from their religious belief is disrespectful and not kind. What we choose to believe or not believe in is deeply personal and important to each individual person. The exception might be when someone’s life/wellbeing is harmed or put in danger because of a religious belief.
  8. It’s not easy to leave a belief system and even though everyone’s experiences and story is different, somehow we all ended up here. Welcome.
  9. it’s a process. Waiting patiently for others to be ready to face their particular “demons” can be tough; responding to them with love and compassion can get tiring, but it is worth it when they tell you that they are ready to stop blaming and to start healing
  10. Look at the flowers. Really, look. Some have full, vibrant, symmetrical petals with neatly proportioned, geometric leaves. Many others have asymmetrical petals; missing petals; little flaws in color or shape. Some grow twisted leaves that aren’t nearly spaced. Some have malformed stems that cause them not to grow like the others. Some we call “weeds”, but they’re bright, resilient, and important. A few of them are simply planted in places that aren’t ideal for them to grow. They are all uniquely beautiful.
  11. You, your kids, your husband - each of you is responsible for your own choices about religion and/or spirituality. IMO, he is projecting his own guilt for “failing” to raise a Christian family, (and possibly shame for showing up alone.) I, for one, am thankful that you (and everyone else) can converge here for understanding and acceptance.
  12. If I were to choose to put my faith in a supernatural deity, I would not put faith in one that shows conditional love and favour toward humanity. Thats all.
  13. Do you live in the US? You can contact Disability Rights and/or a domestic violence hotline. You can also contact a department of human services directly and they can help you figure out your needs.
  14. It’s a little annoying when Christians claim that I am wrong, but I can get over myself. It’s quite objectionable when Christians claim that what they believe is absolute truth, when I know darn well that even within Christianity there are some major discrepancies about what’s what. How can anyone claim to know “truth”? Like I said, I can get over myself and accept that other people believe what their gut says is “truth”, who am I to tell them any different?
  15. I empathize with your stress about theology, truly. You might need to slow down, breathe, and cool your circular thoughts/worries for a little bit, however.
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