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    I've always been curious about how things worked. I am an information NUT. I have to learn about everything I am involved with and know it inside and out. Christianity was the elephant in the room that I left alone when it came to inquisition. I was too busy spreading the gospel and reading the bible to stop and think for a minute. I thought the puzzle never quite fit together (young earth, dinosaurs, etc.)but my faith was good enough. you can only hold it in for so long before you have to "peek" and test your faith.

    On my way to become the best apologist who could argue down anyone about christ's validity and be a CS Lewis of the 21st century I ended up instead leaning towards agnosticism as I heard the first few logical arguments against my faith. Subsequently, learning the true history of the bible and my belief system I bailed out all together and became athiest. Since Christianity seemed the closest to anything plausible and it wasnt true, I came to the conclusion that there is no god and religion is a coping mechanism. 28 years down the drain.

    Im still in shock from the idea there is no god. Mainly because I was so deep into this crap my support system is a web of delusional christians and a few friends.

    My wife, a few close family members, pastor, and 2 close friends are the only ones that know. Though I haven't gone public, I have stepped down from my volunteer church activities and removed my religion and church membership on facebook. I am slowly putting my family in the know. Long term I hope to be an advocate for free-though, short term I hope to fade from attending church altogether unnoticed and tend to my family and enjoy the little time I have on this "pale blue dot".

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  1. "Friends with Kids" opening scene has "the god delusion" in view on camera. The worst part is the christian review of the movie sites this as a caution. FACEPALM! http://www.crosswalk.com/culture/movies/nothing-family-friendly-in-i-friends-with-kids-i.html?p=2

  2. The longer I spend pondering the logic of christianity, the more I find it just plain stupid. I figured i write these out every once in a while. I though about the logic of burning an upstanding family man in hell while jeffery dahmer converts in prison and gets to go to heaven. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlZv7V-Gixg Let's say I accept since god is in control and thats the way it works whether i like it or not, that doesn't dismiss the fact that murdered children never got a chance to accept jesus. And undoubtedly, the bible implies that unsaved children go to hell since no one is
  3. The opening to "CBS this Morning" (your world in 60 seconds) is probably the fastest argument/video that anyone could make against the concept of a benevolent deity.

    1. SquareOne


      Where may I see this?

    2. gall


      why do you say this?

  4. If a day is as a thousand years, who is Longsuffering? god or the bride of Christ. talk about being left at the alter.

  5. I'm similar but in a flipped order. I realized that emotions were a big part of it all so I stripped away all the emotion and attempted to stand of facts and logic of apologetics and hermeneutics and by that point the claims seemed absurd. Suddenly those mean atheists in the debate videos actually made sense and I found myself siding with them.
  6. Old Testament Summary: Creation, Sin, Prophet, Destruction, Miracle, Recovery via Hero, Sin, Prophet, Destruction, Miracle, Recovery via Hero, Sin, Prophet, Destruction, Miracle, Recovery via Hero...........

    1. ficino


      Brilliant, lol! How many screenplays rolled into one?

    2. par4dcourse


      Conclusion: god= trouble

    3. roadrunner


      lol. it's so obvious. look at what precedes and follows all the big events in the old testament.

  7. my wife didnt know that members' tithes pay the pastor's salary. She thought there were 'different funds for that.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TrueFreedom


      Now that she knows, is she more open to cutting back in that area and giving elsewhere?

    3. Blue elephant

      Blue elephant

      And is the pastor an example of conspicuous consumption? Could give her something to think about!

    4. roadrunner


      of course it doesnt matter. its not to him. she says that you're giving it to god. I cant be too mad bc I used to think this way too. The heart of the giver is whats being blessed and the church (with god's provisoin) will use it according to his will. What a stupid way to look at it. I've seen enough of how the finances worked that its quite simple. Everyone gives money that is then used to pay salaries and other church expenses to keep the church moving and growing. This is god...

  8. I've learned more in the last 3 years of my life than from birth up until that point.

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    2. Thought2Much


      What you and par said.

    3. crazyguy123


      Did you deconvert 3 years ago? If you did then that might explain it.

    4. roadrunner


      yes i opened my eyes and wasn't afraid to hear an opposing viewpoint anymore. so i learned about everything that pertained to a question I had. no information was off limits........and here I am.

  9. Thats terrible. Shame on that pastor. I was waiting for silver lining in that your parents got to see that happen but they sold you out. Welcome to the club here. No one here will sell you out like that.
  10. sorry for the late replies. DrNo: You are right that I am being an enabler but through conversations with others about our marriage I am finding out about some things that evidently hit home with her. To paraphrase I think she is beginning to understand my plight which touches on your other post. I cannot bring up my unbelief without it leading to a tearful conversation so I chose to "minister" to her through my actions. Nat: I am technically agnostic because I do not know if there is no god. Im 99% sure there is not one but I'm 100% sure that its not Yahweh. The remaining 1% is reser
  11. yeah, that ship has sailed pretty much. I said all that to her several months ago. Its like talking to a brick and I dont expect her to understand. she admits that she has no answers but its seen to her a virtue and a personal revelation. I dont stand a chance against that with logic. The common thread Ive seen with non believers is they have a quest for knowledge. She is happy in her bubble As far as the kid, I actually taught her a few magic tricks that she does at school she loves. shes pretty good at it too an adult could easily see it but her 4/5 year old peers are marveled by it.
  12. she says she never had a doubt. but I can honestly say I didnt either until I wanted to learn more. She does try to "brainwash" them a little. but the 4 year old is amazingly rigid in her thinking, very analytical, she's got an imagination but its nothing like mine was as a child. She knows that dinosaurs walked the earth BEFORE people. and that things change over time. I feel like at least her knowing this she can obviously see how primitive and uninformed the societies that composed the bible are. Also, I have on my side that we are fundamentalists that which is a minority sect of christiani
  13. I came out to my wife as an atheist a while ago. Shortly after she was accepting of it but she was undoubtedly very hurt by this. She was expressing frustration in that she didn't have the answers to questions that I was asking but I wont seek the help from people that have the answers. This is frustrating to me that she can live in ignorance of anything that is so important. To make matters worse, a few months ago, I said that we would no longer tithe with my income. We would only use hers. At the time she was very accepting of it and we even selected a charity that we would donate to ins
  14. My four year old asked what the devil was. I said its another name for Satan. She resonds 'what is that'. Are they not learning anything in sunday school?

    1. crazyguy123


      Even if she knew the answer to everything she asked, she still would not have been learning anything in Sunday School, except for learning about mythology.

    2. roadrunner


      I'm still having to come up with real but silly looking answers to theses questions so that if she spills the beans to my wife I won't have egg on my face. I was thinking about going for the little red man with a pitch fork that wants you to do bad.

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