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    I've always been curious about how things worked. I am an information NUT. I have to learn about everything I am involved with and know it inside and out. Christianity was the elephant in the room that I left alone when it came to inquisition. I was too busy spreading the gospel and reading the bible to stop and think for a minute. I thought the puzzle never quite fit together (young earth, dinosaurs, etc.)but my faith was good enough. you can only hold it in for so long before you have to "peek" and test your faith.

    On my way to become the best apologist who could argue down anyone about christ's validity and be a CS Lewis of the 21st century I ended up instead leaning towards agnosticism as I heard the first few logical arguments against my faith. Subsequently, learning the true history of the bible and my belief system I bailed out all together and became athiest. Since Christianity seemed the closest to anything plausible and it wasnt true, I came to the conclusion that there is no god and religion is a coping mechanism. 28 years down the drain.

    Im still in shock from the idea there is no god. Mainly because I was so deep into this crap my support system is a web of delusional christians and a few friends.

    My wife, a few close family members, pastor, and 2 close friends are the only ones that know. Though I haven't gone public, I have stepped down from my volunteer church activities and removed my religion and church membership on facebook. I am slowly putting my family in the know. Long term I hope to be an advocate for free-though, short term I hope to fade from attending church altogether unnoticed and tend to my family and enjoy the little time I have on this "pale blue dot".

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    There's No Such Thing. Duh.....

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  1. I agree with the latter comments. I understand how not be believing in God makes us appreciate life more, but trust me there are geniuses and idiots on both sides of the argument.
  2. Another thing is we all cheer for our favorite "team" to some degree. Christians think their debaters can do no wrong. Just look at the titles "Wlc owns an atheist.." They love to lean on the expertise of one guy and let him fight their battle and do the intellectual acrobatics. Also titles like that and comments that imply he is "pwning" are merely attempts to elevate an otherwise "flat" and obsolete argument. A good argument can stand on its own without an intellectually lazy troll trying to make it seem better.
  3. Wlc is a philosopher. His arguments are mostly philosophical and he often buttresses the argument with a scientific claim. When he debated Lawrence Krauss, he could not do that because Krauss is much more qualified in that field. You should check out that debate.
  4. It's "self righteous" because we know it to be false. They see it as "righteous" because god is their authority. I truly don't think a Christian can see how arrogant they really are from inside the bubble. The whole thing is a construct is their imagination so it's fitting that they would be held in high esteem
  5. We were only made in his image. His ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts. Notice they didnt say whose thoughts are morally superior.
  6. See, you have to understand the context. the Hebrew word for remember back then.....im joking if he were real he would indeed be a bitter, senile old man.
  7. A friend fundy told me several years back that nephilim were extra scary because they couldn't be killed. they were demons. And though the flood killed their earthly bodies, the spirits live on in the earth.
  8. Belief in ghosts left me before belief in Jesus and god. I used to dosmiss ghost with "to be absent from the body is to be present with the lord". There was no in between. Coupled with no evidence, it really didn't have a chance.
  9. Advanced bible reading 101: bible is always true. When it appears wrong or contradictary, youve missed something or its a probably a metaphor. in these cases you have to think harder, overinterpret and use your imagination. The more ridiculous the better. Wait until we introduce the seven headed dragon. Lol
  10. IMHO free will seems to have been created to reconcile god's inert nature with man's own self-made prosperity or failure.
  11. Lol. A Sunday school teacher has probably heard some of the best arguments against God. Kids haven't had time to make up bologna in their head to make it all make sense to them.
  12. Church has highjacked the concept of family, community, relationships, and mortality and all of those things that you mention you still like. It can be difficult to see one without the other. All of those things are great and the church promotes those things, but realistically, none of that has anything to do with a dead zombie and his invisible rapist dad. It's sounds like you embrace the "values" not the beliefs and wanting to embrace those things is not a crime. I find myself still relating more to Christians at this stage in my life. I don't drink, I love my wife, I don't curse (not that any of that matters), i love the concept of a strong family and I still stand very much in line with the value system that church instilled in me but the stories are ridiculous. I'm not stealing my values from church because even from a pulpit if it didn't have a bible verse attached to it, to me it's secular and I saw that then. The church is taking secular ideas and making them seem as if they are Christian ideas. There are little to no verses about promoting strong families in the bible. Matthew 10:34-35 makes just the opposite clear. Church does this with literally everything they gets their paws on. They highjack youth soccer, science, adoption, feed the hungry missionary type work. If it's seen as good, in time, the Church will try to steal it or create it's own version of it. Good luck with your marriage.
  13. Wow your story is my life. Over time she'll learn that you are the same person. I got that whole sex is different mess too. If your wife is anything like mine its because now she's thinking about it A LOT even during sex and that distraction really can wreck the moments of intimacy. It's not like on your honeymoon bible verses were running through her head during sex. The issue is on the table now and its on everybody's mind....all the time. Also we struggled with (though she won't admit it) with constantly trying to convince herself that things are different. Shes been told all her life that it's supposed to be different. Hell its a wonder you aren't strung out and pawned your wedding band by now. All i can say is hang in there and just keep loving her the way you always have. She has to learn that you are the same person (with different opinions). That doesn't happen overnight. There will be lots of awkward moments along the way. I'm no expert and its only been 5 years since I dropped the bomb on my wife (story is on here somewhere) but that's what I've seen in my life. Also, you should skim through Dale McGowan's book called in faith and in doubt. Lots of good info there.
  14. Nothing wrong with wanting to pray. Technically it won't hurt.....or help. Old habits are hard to break and when we run out of options we throw the hailmary since we feel like its not in our control but we need to do something. I bowed my head out of habit for a while at mealtimes long after giving up religion.
  15. I'm with miamia on this. There is nothing scary per se about your brain ceasing to function and dying but the thought of leaving my family scares me. Will they be OK? Will religion ever die? Will we ever find intelligent life? Will my kid become president? All of these are things that I will miss out on. It almost pisses me off more than anything. There are more days than not when I feel like I've seen enough and am comfortable if anything were to happen.
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