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  1. Hell is one of the reasons why Christianity has been so successfull over the last 2000 years. Make everyone too scared to even consider leaving it. Heaven is another one. Make you think death is not the end and you get to live forever. It took a long time for me to get over hell, but now I put it in the nonsense basket along with the hells that many other religions have manufactured to keep people in. Another thing too, is to look into some other teachings about hell in the bible. It's not actually taught in the OT and there is much to argue that Hell is simply the gr
  2. I was brought up in a Christian home. I've been an ex-Christian now for 8 years (now 47 years old). Now consider myself atheist and consider Christianity to be ridiculous now. I consider it to be full of deluded people living in a fantasy world. I see nothing supernatural in this world. Everything now I believe has natural causes. Now to the point... I was clearing out junk from my drawers and cupboards the other day and came across my old tatty bible which I got as a gift when I was 16 years old. I of course treasured it as a Christian. Now it is dust covered, the cover is almost off.
  3. Very easy to find people whose heart isn't in it at church. Most of them would rather be somewhere else, even the devout ones. lol I sometimes attend my parents church when I visit and I have a lot of fun picking fault at the sermons in my mind. It's so easy to refute almost everything they say. They don't realise how lucky they are that when they preach that people aren't allowed to interrupt. Speaking of contradicting themselves, it's amazing how often they do it when you're looking out for that kind of thing. It's the same with most Christians though. They will have some arg
  4. My parents are also dedicated Christians. I have been deconverted now for around 8 years but haven't told them. It may be that they have worked it out or a blissfully unaware. If I happen to stay at their place over the weekend, I'll even go along to church with them. I find it amusing now attending church, seeing all the deluded people who seriously believe the garbage they are preaching. I find it fun to pick holes in the sermon in my mind as the speaker preaches. It's all such a big game, isn't it? Will I tell my parents? Who knows, maybe some time. Probably when I get pissed off with s
  5. Ok, I am putting myself in the shoes of myself from ten years ago. I became a born again Christian from the age of 7 years old and followed him faithfully and served him faithfully for around 30 years of my life. I had a wonderful relationship with Jesus. He was with me all day and I could have a good old yack with him whenever I wanted to. I shared all my thoughts with him and truly believed that he was responding to me. I felt him convicting me when I did wrong. I believed he guided me through life. I felt his presence when I worshiped him and allowed him to lead me into ministries. He prov
  6. Like God is really interested in stretching out people's legs at the command of some idiot faith healer. Yet doesn't seem to be able to grow back amputated limbs or feed starving children. Whatever! There's always a trick to it. Always! I also notice they've disabled comments so that people can't expose it for the bull shit con it is. I can do a similar trick with my arm without touching it with my other hand and it freaks people out each time I do it.
  7. When I look at it now, I see a God who was getting such bad press... people were beginning to see what a tyrant he was... that he decided to give himself a make over. He decided to bring out Jesus, kind of like a gentler, nicer version of him and said, 'Here you go, focus on this guy instead" and hoped that people wouldn't realise it was simply him with a makeover. But of course God still couldn't really move away from his malevolent nature because the doctrine of hell was born. Like they say, God never changes. He's still just that same sadistic malevolent genocidal bastard he always was
  8. I was pretty shy myself and used to have tunnel vision. I'd see a girl I liked and I'd only be interested in her, although I was usually too chicken to even try to strike up a conversation with her. And then I would be totally oblivious to other women around who were actually taking an interest in me. I am so furious with myself for being so dumb. I can think back now and I can see it all so clearly and all the opportunities I missed out on because of it. Didn't help that my Christian mother unintentionally gave me false mindsets when it came to talking to women. I grew up with the belief that
  9. I stopped beating myself up over my "God given" human nature. Oh and yeah, I got to sleep in on Sunday mornings. But basically it was business as usual. My morals remained intact, the only difference was I no longer had an imaginary friend in Jesus.
  10. Hell was never an issue for me and never a reason I lost my faith. As a Christian I never feared it because I believed I was saved and in a relationship with Jesus Christ. And I never went along with the whole ridiculous belief that Hell is eternal torment. That was as much nonsense to me then as it is now.
  11. I can kind of identify. As a Christian i prayed and prayed for God to send me a girl friend - my future wife. I sat back and waited, expecting that God would send her. It wasn't until I was 22 years old that I finally got one! And even then it was because I'd got tired of waiting and decided to get off my butt and be a little more pro-active. I figure if it wasn't for being a Christian, I would have found someone way sooner. But I had too much faith in my imaginary friend Jesus. The only way that really works is to be pro-active because God ain't gonna do anything for anyone.
  12. I've been involved in four actual relationships in my life number 1: Staunch fundamentalist Christian (ex wife mother of my kids) number 2: Non believer who did attend church at one point when she was younger (the one I was with when I deconverted) number 3: sexy atheist - former white witch (wish things had worked out) number 4 (and current): believer in God who would never attend church due to the hypocrites in it Guess which one was the slut? You guessed it. Number 1. All the others are staunchly loyal, with strong morals, especially the sexy atheist woman. Give me a sexy atheist
  13. Again, if you want to understand what the Bible teaches about hell then one's approach needs to be to take all of the verses and organize them side by side. Then consider the various competing hypotheses. Then pick the hypothesis that lines up with all of the verses in the Bible. Arguers focus on one single points or passages to make whatever point they feel like making. Your point, with all due respect, appears to be to try and nurse a spirit of being offended. If one approaches the bible with their own agenda, they will only ever end up seeing their own agenda reflected back at
  14. You are referring to confirmation bias. That's what got me into a religion I wanted to believe. I left kicking and screaming and sad because I could no longer maintain the belief even though I wanted to. Nobody chooses to NOT believe, it's an inescapable conclusion many come to after honest study and reflection. The "evidence" to support belief is not really there unless you just want it to be; then you'll make it work somehow. It was the same for me too. There is definitely not enough evidence for me to choose to believe in God even if I could. There is just too much overwhelming evid
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