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  1. Hell is one of the reasons why Christianity has been so successfull over the last 2000 years. Make everyone too scared to even consider leaving it. Heaven is another one. Make you think death is not the end and you get to live forever. It took a long time for me to get over hell, but now I put it in the nonsense basket along with the hells that many other religions have manufactured to keep people in. Another thing too, is to look into some other teachings about hell in the bible. It's not actually taught in the OT and there is much to argue that Hell is simply the grave. But also consider something else. What sort of psychotic stupid moronic God would ever create such a place? In one part of the bible it says it was created only for the demons. So if he's all knowing, he surely would have known he was mainly going to use it on humans. Or else it really is just for demons and believers are using that to try to scare people into remaining Christians and continuing to invest time and money into it.
  2. "Paul was adamant he was living in the end times. ..." Do you know the difference between the time of the end and the end? Ask a turkey that's being fattened up in order to be slaughtered. Fattening time = time of the end Head chopped off = the end!

  3. Great analogy. Christianity... like every other religion is a form of drug. It is extremely difficult to break that addiction too. Many try but then end up right back in it again. You shouldn't be blaming Jesus though. He was just a man who may or may not have lived 2000 years ago. Sure, he was arrogant, judgemental, violent, deluded and paranoid, but basically he meant well. If you want to blame someone, blame Paul as he's the one who took the character of Jesus and created a religion out of it. Paul was the original drug manufacturer.
  4. For me it was a gradual crumbling of my faith as I started to learn to think for myself and not just accept everything I was told. It all started when I did a degree in 1999 which taught me critical thinking skills. I did my best to push aside the lingering doubts and cynasism over the next 7 years or so. It didn't help that I was starting to hear rational arguments from people (thanks to the Internet) that I'd never come across before because I had always surrounded myself in a Christian bubble, associating only with fellow Christians. One day... around (about 2006) though I realised I was in denial. I just didn't believe this crap anymore. Here are a list of things that lead me to that point: Prophecies being made by evangelists and church leaders were not coming true Miracles were not taking place in my town even though I was hearing amazing stories of things happening in remote out of the way places overseas. There was a lack of unity within Christianity. If the Holy Spirit is involved, why are there so many denominations? Why can no two Christians agree on anything? Why does one person preach one thing and insist his understanding is thanks to the Holy Spirit while someone else contradicts it, but claims the same thing? The bible could be used to argue any point you want, because you can always find some scripture to back up your belief, thus why there is so many denominations and cults. God had not done anything of any particular note in my life for around ten years. (I realised my faith was all based on a few things from way back, which I can now see were not miracles but inevitable outcomes) Certain biblical advice was bad advice and did not work in reality, eg blessing your enemies. Certain biblical contradictions, absurdities and inaccuracies could not be justified without a lot of silly mental gymnastics, reinterpreting, retranslating and lots of ridiculous excuses. Bible prophecies were not eventuating even though people were insisting the end was near. (even more disturbing was the Paul in the bible believed the end was eminent) Much of the bible was clearly ancient man's ignorance and prejudice, certainly not God's wisdom. Vital Bible promises were empty, eg. see next... Demons were not fleeing in the name of Jesus as the bible promises they will (have they developed an immunity to that name over the centuries?) Christians so much wanted to believe in miracles and God that they saw every silly little thing as a miracle, an answer to prayer, God leading them etc etc. Prayer had no obvious affect on anything. Mind over matter and positive thinking were more effective. If you took off you rose-coloured Christian glasses, you found that the God of the bible was actually a pretty nasty, malevolent being. A life in Christ did not make me happy. Strong, healthy, real (not imaginary) relationships did. I did not see a lot of peace and joy in my Christian brethren like the bible promises there will be.In fact I was in leadership in the later years and found out for myself just how unremarkable the lives of these people were. Many of them were weak in faith and needed other Christians for support. Too many hypocrites in church. All holy and pious at church but just like every other non-believer the rest of the time. Not once did God ever try to reach out to me when I came to the end of my tether. No amount of begging God for a touch was working. God never even laid me on another Christian's heart to give me a call or a word of encouragement. By the way, I always had good experiences at church and with fellow Christians in general. My deconversion never had anything to do with ill treatment or anything like that, although seeing all the hypocrites there were in church certainly did!
  5. Still can't get over all those cheats in the Olympics who thank God for helping them win. If they needed super natural help, they sould have their medals taken from them.

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    2. Thumbelina


      Who said these people pray to the God with the big G? Beyoncé and other people pray before their events and give thanks to "god" all the time but it's not the Creator God they pray to.

    3. OnceConvinced


      That's very arrogant to say that, Thumb. It could just as likely be you that is praying to the wrong God. I'm sure the Muslims would agree with me.

    4. Thumbelina


      Not arrogant at all, just insightful. You seem OK, you're being your mischievous self :)

  6. Good, now I can bug you :)

  7. Hi! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your testimony. Like you I was also raised in a Christian home and like you I'm sure I would have broken away sooner if I'd learnt a few things earlier. I married a woman in the church, had two kids and indoctronated them as I was and as my parents were. When I lost my faith around 6 years ago, it worried me that my kids were still having crap rammed down their throats by their mother who was still a practising Christian. When my kids came to me talking about stuff they were taught in church or things that their mother and their step father insisted were true I have been able to challenge their thinking. I tell them, "Yes, that's what a lot of Christians believe, but on the other side of the coin..." And it's just been great encouraging them to think for themseves. I was "blessed" earlier this year to find out from them that they were coming to similar conclusions I had. My encouraging them to think for themselves has now resulted in them questioning and challenging Christian beliefs. And I didn't even have to twist their arm to do it! Just encouraged them to question. Like you I have also opted to keep my deconversion from most of my family for pretty much the same reasons as you. I think the time will come... and I believe it will be very soon... where I will finally come out. It is getting harder and harder to bite my tongue when it comes to the Christian BS I often hear family members spout. I really loved your Point 1. I'd never thought of that before, but you are correct! If we are saved by someone we are saved. There's no need to acknowledge it. So obviously we aren't saved are we? Salvation is only given once we acknowledge God. It's a conditional thing. It's like I've been arguing with Christians for some time now. Jesus's death on the cross was superfluous. If babies, children, the mentally handicapped and the ignorant can be saved without the need for Christ's sacrifice, then his sacrifice was arbitary. Your great thoughts there go even further in proving that it's arbitary. It all really comes down to God having mercy on who he feels like having mercy on. Point 2. Once again you raise a perfectly valid argument. Of course if someone loves us they'll prove their love for us, otherwise they don't love us, plain and simple. Freewill is not violated by proof. Point 3. Spot on again. The God of the bible is a God of double standards. God's love is conditional without a doubt. You are also right about it being difficult to go back to Christianity. It would be like going back to belief in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. It just can't be done unless you were to go through some form of hypnosis or brainwashing.
  8. Xmas Xmas Xmas Xmas! So great to have the freedom to spell it that way now. :)

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    2. Realist


      Yes, I was "once convinced" but only because of indoctrination from fundie parents! It takes balls to get out of this evil shit ... evil which Hitler could not near attain! Do I want to be in your "threesome"? I have a life ... you don't ... so why would I want to pointlessly keep debating someone who has not learnt that yet?

    3. blackpudd1n


      If I could +1 or like your comment, Realist, I so would :P

    4. Thumbelina


      I think Realist had too much "Carlton Courage" that day ;)

  9. Xmas Xmas Xmas Xmas! So great to have the freedom to spell it that way now. :)

  10. Hi! Like you I was bought up in a Christian home and my head was filled with lots of crap. Fortunately I never had fears of demons or God watching or scarey stuff like that, but it certainly did mess up my view of reality and screwed me up in many ways. My parents too, meant well and were genuine. They too were brought up in Christian homes, so knew no better. They never broke free of the indoctronation and neither did I until I was in my late 30s. One mistake I believe some ex-Christians make is to attempt to fill the gap left by one silly religion with yet another silly religion. It's like there's some notion that we as humans should adher to some form of religion and acknowledge some form of higher power. And it's only natural because we're conditioned from birth to acknowledge someone higher up and when we become adults we are often left with no one we can look up to in that role, so we look for some kind of God. However, I don't believe there's any need for that. What I believe is that we evolved as social animals and as a result what we need for a fulfilling and happy life is healthy relationships with real people. Unless you can get that, nothing else is going to fill the gap.
  11. Jesus was not a happy chappy really was he? Not really full of joy at all. In fact he was aloof, arrogant, holier-than-though, angry, judgmental and unaccepting of people’s differences… sure he did have a few good points, but the bible definitely doesn’t paint a picture of a man who was happy and had good healthy relationships.

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    2. Thumbelina
    3. Thumbelina


      Jesus, "a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief" . He wept/weeps when He sees His children bumping and grinding down the road to destruction.

    4. OnceConvinced


      pfft? The evidence is there in the bible to show the personality of Jesus.

  12. A very familiar story. Your upbringing was so similar to mine. Oh the harm that indoctronation can cause. As for telling others, I'd say, there's no rush. Take it one step at a time. Whatever is most comfortable for you. There are still a lot of family and friends who don't know that I'm no longer a Christian and it's been 5-6 years now. I gradually reveal it to more and more people. I'm convinced I'm nearly at the stage of just laying it all out there for everyone, because there are times I really have to bite my tongue when someone makes some ignorant Christian comment and I'm getting tired of that. I want to just be myself and say what I want to say, particuarly on Facebook. The time is coming.
  13. It's so sad you had to go through all that shit. Life can be cruel and unfair. But try to remember, that God didn't put you through any of that and he didn't abandon you, because the God of the bible doesn't exist. It's like saying that Santa Claus is a bastard for no longer bringing gifts to you at Christmas and for giving the good stuff to the rich kids, while the poor kids get sweet FA. I'm just saying this, because Christians try to put us all into the category of "God haters", when you can't possibly hate something you don't believe in. It would be a little like me saying I hate Voldemort and Darth Vader. Just wouln't want you to unwittingly endorse that stereotype.
  14. You handled that very well, I think and gave her some things to think about too. No doubt she'll talk to other Christians and come back with some half-assed justifications and excuses. I'm invisaging similar conversations with my parents some time soon who still aren't aware that I no longer believe.
  15. Great to read your story Pappy. Although I was no golden child, I can relate in many ways. I was seen as a great Christian kid with a huge future too. I remember a former Sunday School teacher saying he was surprised when I didn't win a scripture memorising competition at a church camp. He said "I was sure he would win it". When I was 16 I was handpicked to attend a Children's camp as a leader and the kids called me Uncle. Like you, i don't say this stuff to blow my own trumpet, but it sure goes to show you just how deluded Christians are and there is no holy spirit discernment in any of them, proving without a doubt that holy spirit is non-existant. Yep, indoctronation is a powerful and awful thing. It's sad that your family have treated you the way they have. So much for Jesus in their lives!
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