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  1. Wakingup, How would you go about preventing yourself from happening if you could go back in time? I have a friend who is 23 and pretty deep into the church of christ, and she wants to have lots of kids (more then 3!!) I can only imagine the kind of harm she is going to do to herself and what kind of life she will have she wants to get married to another 'godly man' like her, I can only see danger ahead for her. She was the one in her family that had to be the adult early and I personally think inside it's eating away at her and she's compensating with religion. She has done alright for herself but she does have a stressful life it seems.
  2. Many of us will never quite leave, you never really "get over the pain", it just subdued with time. Unless you find something to fill that hole, it will remain patched over with just bandaids. The impossible expectations and dreams we bonded with in our childhood do not suddenly go away. Many will live with the psychological trauma of being lied to and bonding to unreal expectations based on those lies the rest of their lives.
  3. Now the effects of religion on mental health... Religion has huge effects: It causes depression, it causes needless waste of time, it's akin to child abuse, and indoctrination. In my opinion teaching a child a religion is just as bad if not worse then sexually abusing a child. You're taking a child and lying to it during critical developmental stages of its life, those that children that are susceptable will be scarred for life. My school record and much of my adult life has been consumed by depression, hopelessness and suicidal thoughts since around 12 years old. For some kids they will pin all their hopes and dreams on religion and neglect any real dreams they might have in this world. Many will be content with a simple life based on the belief in the fantasy of christianity.
  4. Quite frankly christianity's appeal is escape from this world to a better place. Certainly it's about survival and happyness, living a life where you are most likely destined to die before science solves the problem of death and disease for everyone. The whole reason I was so attracted to christianity / religion god in the first place was simply that it is difficult to be happy as secular person if one is not very gifted or good at much or can take pride in something, and even then its still difficult. Since you don't get to keep all the things you worked for, and your time is not your own, it's owned by the rich and the state. Hence you are forced to work to survive because of selfish economic idealogy and unethical human beings. Living in the world this world is not really that great. The reason why people believe in god are many but fundamentally they are about survival, no one would believe in the bible or jesus if all they promised at the end was a pat on the back. -Eternal life -Happyness -No evil -People that do not discriminate and hate one another You can easily see why the bible is so appealing. But frankly even most christians barely read their bible. Not only that the bible is in such conflict with itself doctrinally having been re-written it's not hard to see why there are so many denominations.
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