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    I was born into this crap! Lived the first 20 years of my life with daily brainwashing! Married an unbeliever near 30 years ago (best thing I ever did!) but have never buried my demons caused by Christianity! Have just found this site which is what I was looking for! Thanks all for your experiences! Many are so similar to mine!

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    my puddy cat!!

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  1. .. what are you smoking?? I think I have a life ... hopefully you can find one too!!!
  2. .. no .. in our world we are equal ... not as in yours!
  3. ... wife here now looking at this ... she cannot believe you are a christian with an attitude like yours! Her words .. not mine!
  4. .. a typical who happened to find god in later life after a few hard experiences!
  5. so who is quite offensive then???
  6. so what are YOU then?? I am just replying TO WHAT YOU POSTED!
  7. Were you not going and MAYBE coming back here on Monday?? See even THAT was a lie!!
  8. keep going ... you are making a great example for people who come here who are struggling with your religion!
  9. ACTUALLY ... it has just become a thread ALL ABOUT YOU!!!
  10. fuck no! I see your true colors so why would I want that? Are you REALLY a christian?????
  11. looked in a mirror lately????
  12. ... so HARD done by .... maybe you should hear my story ... Nah .. cannot be bothered even telling you!
  13. ... keep going ... you REALLY are showing your true colors! Your forum would be SO proud of you!!!!
  14. Still waiting on a reply from my question by the way! Twice posted now!
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