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  1. Rank, I've not forgotten this. I hope to throw some ideas out there soon.
  2. A rose by any other name is just as sweet. I'm not sure what more to say. You (and A-man), and I are just enough alike, and just enough different to make things hard. There's always been a drawback to mysticism. And it is this. Embraced alone, it opens the door to a whole pile of complete horse fertilizer. Mysticism must be balanced with pragmaticism.
  3. Galien, it's a causal world. People may judge, and there are consequences for it. I think the freedom of association is paramount. Like it or not, people may do as they choose with their time, including choosing with whom to spend time.
  4. I'm a Jekyll and Hyde. But I wasn't always aware of this. We hide things from ourselves so that we may better look at them later.
  5. Song and dance are super cool but how about the wine and women that should go along with it? Yes, well... I can be a bit too serious at times. My libido and my desire to escape from reality are things I must manage. I play, but it's a strange thing.
  6. Rank, you seem to have crystalized several ideas for me here. But I'm not sure. Let me bounce some ideas off of you. They're still sort of coalescing, but they seem to be hovering around some ideas about nomads, trade of goods and services, viable populations, and social closure. Let me think a tad more.
  7. I wouldn't make too much of it. Many of those that have lofty and driving goals and have learned self control, I believe, are capable of overcoming almost any possible genetic handicaps or adverse propensities, often with seeming ease and alacrity. The people at work know that I will dance and sing.
  8. Rank, thanks for sharing that. I thought it was tragically beautiful. I want to think a bit before I try and respond with greater detail.
  9. It's not progressed as far as it could have I think Forrest. There's room there for people to make names for themselves. Robert Rosen remains my hero biologist. Doesn't mean he was perfect, just excellent (in my opinion). He said something in either Life Itself, or it might have been Essays on Life Itself (can't recall). Something like.... cooperative structures are not only selected for in nature, life would be impossible without them. In the main, I'm interested in the last. Let there be understandings. My own interests seem to have gravitated towards sociology.
  10. I will study up on this topic so that I hopefully can ask relevant questions in my next posting Forrest, you make me smile in a deep and abiding way. May life be yours and your children's. Yes, the methodical study of nature with the intent of producing models of natural systems. That's fairly well it I think. The concept of entailment is the central idea. Bringing inference into congruence with causality. I'm fairly confident that category theory has more general capabilities than can be expressed computationally.
  11. She seems to think that her beauty alone will buffer her from it. Which one was that? The mechanics? I like to quote Mark Twain here... I don't want to be a part of any group which would have me as a member. When last I went camping, I almost stepped on a copperhead. I also met a retired drill sergeant who was hunting turkey. Which one do you think was more dangerous?
  12. I think there's a difference between cynicism and skepticism. Well, I don't believe there's any shame whatsoever in being a social animal. We've used language and coordinated our behaviors to our mutual benefit for ages. I likely won't be reproducing either. As I was telling a young woman the other day, the things I've chosen to take responsibility for do not include that.
  13. I once spoke with a philosopher who asserted that a general theory of human societies would be like a meta narrative. It's not clear to me that states are always required. How long have we had them? I mean, we tend to generally associate them with civilized behavior, yes? Since Mesopotamia? But states pretend to a monopoly on violence. And they are about conquest. I mean, there are implications here.
  14. I've noticed something lately. I'm a tad more powerful than I was about 2 years ago. They say speak softly and carry a big stick. I know this woman who was once my youth group director. As I look back it, it seems obvious to me that she had no business being entrusted with my education in most matters. I told her point blank last time that I spoke with her that I believe in causality. She said something to the effect of a creator of all this. I don't know. She seems to be confusing the world as it appears with nature becoming. I no longer mess around with certain people. I generally steer clear of them, but if they mess with me, then we're going on a motherfucking trip together. I'll get OCD pragmatic curious on your ass. I will pull you from your cocoon early little moth, and we will both be changed.
  15. Fair enough. But I wouldn't use a game metaphor. It's a dance. And the concern for our grandchildren's children is real. I know this girl. She's pretty. I think she knows it. I'm sad when I see her, because her world seems unreal to me. If there are a variety of sub-cultures and if when in Rome we did as Romans do, then we'd have choices. There's a story about Lao Tzu. It's said that as an imperial librarian, when he learned of his government's corruption he left for the countryside. On his way out of the city, a guard who was aware of Lao's famed wisdom, asked him to write something before he left. Thus it is said the Tao te Ching was written, and the librarian was never heard from again.
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