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  1. Psychology Of Sublimation

    Rank, I've not forgotten this. I hope to throw some ideas out there soon.
  2. Cyprus Deal Steals Bank Deposit Money

    Au contraire mon frere. You have only begun to feel the pressure. I am going to squeeze you, slowly, inexorably, and... politely.
  3. Oh women, oh women, do you like what you've helped make? You wanted the security and freedom, and so you turned to daddy gov. And they welcomed you. Because they knew who would be their greatest threat. Virile men.
  4. Cyprus Deal Steals Bank Deposit Money

    Check it. When last I had the good fortune to visit Judith Rosen, I spoke with her eldest daughter. She was unashamed that she was in the Earth saving business. And she had a curious focus. Her major, if I recall, was some kind of environmental thing-a-ma-jig. But specifically, she was all about bringing forgotten agriculture skills, practice, and awareness to urban folk. Irony. Irony must be a universal thing, given that nature is complex.
  5. I'm not sure relevant facts have to escape us in order for us to ignore them. We obviously aren't as smart as we like to think we are, at least in the context of the group or whole. It's not smarts. It's not. Most people are clever and intelligent (in my opinion). What we lack is wisdom.
  6. Everyone acts on what he perceives to be his self interest. Often, it isn't. Short term goals are killing us. I agree. But why have certain facts escaped us? We, people, are sexual social linguistic badasses (in this corner of the jungled universe). Others are part of our selves.
  7. Reductionism And Materialism Are Not Scientific Givens

    A rose by any other name is just as sweet. I'm not sure what more to say. You (and A-man), and I are just enough alike, and just enough different to make things hard. There's always been a drawback to mysticism. And it is this. Embraced alone, it opens the door to a whole pile of complete horse fertilizer. Mysticism must be balanced with pragmaticism.
  8. Cyprus Deal Steals Bank Deposit Money

    So you actually do equate 'public' and 'government'?Our government has more interest in shaping a docile voting population, than in creating critical thinkers. You're really workin' hard to squeeze him into that talk-radio Librul caricature, huh? Actually it's not difficult at all. He's it. Him and his are who I'm aiming for. They've actually helped shape me, their foe. If they had left me and mine alone, I wouldn't be who I am now.
  9. Who said "woe is me" and how do you know what other people do or don't do? Your response, as is frequently the case, has nothing to do with the topic but is simply an unfounded attack on the supposed motives, abilities and actions of others. How about responding with some facts or relevant and reasoned arguments regarding the topic? The topic, not the character of those who disagree with your politics. Just a suggestion to help facilitate productive discussion. I knew a guy when I was last homeless. He knew Obama was a reptile. But he was on the dole you see. He didn't care what was good or bad for the people. He cared about his government check.
  10. Yeah, that was implied in my original comment "Duh." Yours is a much better explanation. Of course those who disagree with us and still embrace what the party stood for will accuse us of not just having a differing opinion, but we are also blind, stupid, and duped by Obama. Whatever. I'm not going to jump in on many of these political threads this time around. There's really little point. Why do I believe it's futile? Because politics, like religion, is replete with normative language. You should do this, and you ought to do that, yada yada. But our normative moorings themselves have been shredded. There's a reason why those in the tea party have an anti-intellectual bent. When Leftism seized academia from classic liberalism, they turned upon rural American people with a switchblade. They didn't have to do this with their intelligence, but they did. Rank you've recently questioned my bleak outlook on human affairs. And it's true. I don't know what the near future holds for us. I feel that if I only hope, then there is no chance. But if I hope and act, then there's a slightly better chance. There is a global power restructuring underway.
  11. Cyprus Deal Steals Bank Deposit Money

    So you actually do equate 'public' and 'government'? Our government has more interest in shaping a docile voting population, than in creating critical thinkers.
  12. Cyprus Deal Steals Bank Deposit Money

    Our agreement is rescinded. Come let us reason together. Let iron sharpen iron. Why do you seem to equate 'public' with 'government' or 'state'?
  13. I thought that was how he likes to play. Of course, I'm relying on memory so I could be hallucinating some of the history. I'll just stay out of it, okay? In my earnest opinion, I think we would all do well by each other if we allow ourselves the room to learn and grow. If we laugh at reasonable risk, or castigate each other for once being children, then we'll discourage learning.
  14. Sorry, Legion. Few, if any, have your deep insight and understanding of, uh, everyfuckingthing. Yep, I got real and you're right again! Man, I'm almost there with Socrates, believe it or not. Sometimes I don't feel like I understand a damn thing. So, I stare at the bricks in the wall and smoke a cigarette.
  15. Psychology Of Sublimation

    Galien, it's a causal world. People may judge, and there are consequences for it. I think the freedom of association is paramount. Like it or not, people may do as they choose with their time, including choosing with whom to spend time.