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  1. Rest your mind and see things as they are... unbroken

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    2. Mister Pappy

      Mister Pappy

      One of my favorite things to contemplate Legion.

    3. nightflight


      And we give these pieces names to buttress the idea of their separateness. Its useful and necessary, but its also deceiving.

    4. Phanta
  2. ex-C it appears that I've been suspended

  3. End I am strangely at peace. Now I'm just curious to see how it plays out.

    1. Dagan


      Hope everything is OK...

  4. On becoming smart, pursue the grain of your intellectual passions thoroughly. Be still long enough to realize what you are truly interested in. When this is firmly in your mind, pursue it with everything you've got.

  5. Causality never lies

  6. TAG! You're it Doc!

  7. Reason is a judgment of the imagination

  8. My mother has pancreatic cancer, and we don't know if she has 2 years or 20.

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