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  1. Well, the Lion King has the word "sex" written in the sky in a few frames of the movie. I remember Christians going nuts about that. It's actually there, too.
  2. Luscious...I love the illustration of that first one with the car wheel, it's beautiful to look at, but actually I think it's bad design cos it's really difficult to read. I want to buy that art deco ship poster tho, looooove it.. and the popcorn poster is very clever. As usual, the simplest ideas are the most effective and memorable. Thanks for posting that.
  3. You reminded me of a museum trip I made myself in art school with our class to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Besides the shock of seeing a Mapplethorpe exhibit (!!), in one room the entire floor was covered with used tampons, arranged in neat rows on the floor. That was the exhibit! Bloody awful..
  4. This is also my problem. Coding makes me want to vomit, and I have not the slightest inclination to keep up with mobile/responsive web design. Web in general holds no interest for me, which makes me think perhaps design is not where I should be, because really, designing for mobile devices is where it's at right now. Bluh. If I don't feel passionate about the medium, what's the point?
  5. Oh wow, they realise it's 2015, right? I feel your pain, I finished my graphic design diploma in 2012 and since then haven't had much luck finding either a job or freelance work. The job I'm in now employs me as mainly a warehouse bitch with a little graphic design thrown in, plus I do a little freelance here and there.. but yeah designers are really undervalued and people seem to just assume you will do small jobs for free. And with larger jobs it is scope creep that is the problem. I am reconsidering whether I want to pursue design at all now, it has really gotten me down. Anyhow, here's my website if you wanna check me out: http://emeraldcitydesigns.com.au/ Have you seen http://www.websitesthatsuck.com/? That shit is gold..
  6. Plus, people all over the world, who previously didn't have access to the unimaginable wealth of information on the net, now have it all at their fingertips. It will take time, but the information revolution will snowball around the world and superstition will eventually succumb.
  7. my encounter with a fundy wanker today (ad hominim attack intended)
  8. not to mention the fact that he only gives us grace if we do exactly as he damn well says....which is the exact opposite of grace.
  9. Oh, haven't you heard? God DOES heal cancer. Unlike in the Bible though, where he healed people instantly, it takes him 3 weeks, and he doesn't provide any verification at all of his healing or initial diagnosis. But still..praise Jesus! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxYz5elkpKA
  10. As smokers die off, savvy proletariats everywhere are converting to Islam to claim their five daily prayer breaks. Props to you!
  11. So today is our 15th wedding anniversary. It is also my wife's birthday. It is also (believe it or not) our twin girls' 5th birthday. I've always thought it was really special that we had three birthdays and an anniversary all on the one day. It really meant something. But today, amongst all the birthday wishes etc, not a word is spoken by anyone about the fact that it's our 15 year anniversary. It's just really sad that this special day has lost all its magic. I'm taking her out to lunch for her birthday, but don't hold any hope anymore of reconciliation beyond having a functioning friendship, which is the best I can ask for at the moment.
  12. so much money for fundy themed movies at the moment
  13. It's gonna happen, whether you like it or not, so you might as well do it on your terms. Maybe send out a pre-emptive email or facebook post outlining your reasons. You will definitely lose friends, there's no way around it unfortunately.
  14. Good times. Sounds like a fun family. I would bet my house that this woman masturbates compulsively.
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