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    Ex-christian, Ex-buddhist, Ex-Atheist, Ex-Satanist... Iv had enough labels. I will no longer be a sheep.<br />I respect people for who they are. But that doesn't mean i respect there religion.

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  1. Animals fight for survival, and many work together simply because its beneficial. With the exception of offspring, self preservation is the most important thing for any animal. Many carnivores hunt in packs to takedown pray that they wouldn't be able to take down by them self, and to increase the chance to get some dinner. Many animals also have territory wish they protect mainly from things that threaten them or there offspring. Animals fight for what i would call valid reasons. And so do humans instinctively. Following that line i think its reasonable to assume that group warfare started fa
  2. Well it is unconstitutional to teach ID in a school. There are a few organizations that you can contact that will help you fight this. Heres a few links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teach_the_Controversy http://ffrf.org/
  3. I stopped watching TV and anything that has to do with politics, it just makes me depressed and cant do shit about it anyways. God will come is a bad and very dangerous excuse for not doing anything (one more example why religion does more bad then good). If something is going to fix climate change its science. And fortunately we humans are quite good at that. Now climate change on a grand scale being abused for peoples own profits. OMG you need to do this (and give me money) or OMG Its like whats happening with windows XP right now.. OMG no more updates buy windows 8 NOW (we need
  4. In my long time ago deconversion (or better said, monthly religion/label change) the key element was being open minded. Being open minded leads to knowledge and wisdom. Everyone has a opinion on something. And in many cases that opinion cant be changed due to narrow mindedness. Or in other words, people that think "inside the box" cant see things "outside the box". Like when you where deep into christian beliefs you where incapable of seeing it from a different perspective since you blocked everything "outside the box". Like in: i am right, everything else is wrong, im not even going to thin
  5. Its contradicting One can not obtain anything for one self without ego. Ego is also required to know 9.
  6. Welcome Iareason You don't need to classified yourself or take on a label. If you insist: [insert name here] personal beliefs Apart from your beliefs nothing has changed, sure you dont have a imaginary friend looking out for you (which was never there in the first place). Its always been you looking out for yourself, and that has nor will ever change. Your heart clings on to a lot right now like the superior vena cava, inferior vena cava aorta and other major blood vessles Sure this magical feeling of warmth isn't there anymore and i get that. But that feeling or warmth was nothing more
  7. You'd be amazed how the mind can affect the body. Thinking certain things can make you physically sick. I have this with umm how you call it, to much gass in the intestines (hurts like hell). I had this when i went true a hard period and had lots of stress. (got drops for it wish worked great). But after the hard period and stress i no longer needed any drops. Still get it some times when im like super stressed out with work. Being around a person that makes you feel uncomfortable (for many reasons, including ones that you are not consciously aware of atm) could easily make you physically sic
  8. I would just say, thanks mom and send her this page back: http://www.coupons.com/coupon-codes/walmart/ Coupons rullll and its a better way to spend the time.
  9. Some children could use a good smacking (and should get one). But don't misunderstand me, fists, belts etc is child-abuse and there is no excuses for that (and so is indoctrinating your children). Some times though love is required. If they can get away with everything and cant see that actions have consequences your going to end up with some fucked up brats. I also agree that if you are good parents you probably never get to the point where your kids need a good smacking. However the majority of parents suck (simply because the majority of people are not the brightest).
  10. Congrats Kurari Everything can be done with enough time and effort (especialy when you want it, since wanting makes time and effort seem a lot less). Woodsy: rational fear is good and irrational fear is bad. If you wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom, and find a big poisonous snake in the bath tube and you shit your pants that's absolutely normal (and a little smelly ). Fear in that case helps us to get away from danger and not do something stupid like go and pet it. In ones mind all fear is rational. You do not fear anything without what in your mind is a valid reason. Additional in
  11. You could also put it like this: Thinking you know everything makes you a arrogant idiot incapable or thinking outside the box. Thinking you don't know everything and accepting that you probably are a idiot that barely knows anything gives you the ability to think outside of the box and learn and study things that you don't know. Its like: - A person knows god exists (just because): Explaining this person why his beliefs are bullshit has no affect at all (since he is incapable of thinking beyond the illusion he has created). - A person that doesn't know god exists: Giving this person any in
  12. I would say, truly understanding that change is the only constance in existence is the highest level of knowing.
  13. IMO still less scary then Christians. A 72 feet tall spirit sounds more probable then a kangaroo swimming across the Atlantic ocean to visit Noa
  14. This probably sounds harsh, but the way i see spirituality is like "bullshit in a new jacket". Same a Christianity but for people that have a little more common sense. No offense meant, i have been there to, so i can relate.
  15. The same apply's to people being abducted by aliens and getting anal probes. You scared of aliens taking you and putting things up you butt? What im trying to say is, just because some people say something, doesn't mean its true. Now sure there is a difference here... wish simply is: If a police officer writes in report that aliens put something in his butt he will lose his job and get send to a mental hospital. p.s. have no idea where this other post you mentioned is
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