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  1. That did make me laugh! I don't mind that your story made me cry. To me, your power with words means you really brought home the human impact of what might otherwise be a dry, dull Bible story. Just imagining what you'd do with the story of Tamar, or the slicing up of that concubine, makes me cringe--those are others that made me realize that there was no fucking way this book could be describing a moral religious system or deity. Oh but hey they were just girls, so whatevs, I guess. http://emoticoner.com'> I'm really glad you're here. I look forward to seeing what else you write. You have an astounding insight into this stuff. I've been out for 20 years or so by now and I love that I'm still learning about it, thanks to people like you.
  2. Christians are rather fond of parroting the tired old excuses for why we left their obscene religion, and one of the lamest of the lot is this one: "You just didn't want it enough." You just weren't trying hard enough. You didn't want God enough. You didn't pray enough. You didn't love God enough. You weren't submitted enough. You just didn't want it enough. This is one of the cruelest and most wrong of everything they could say, but it does show a number of holes in their bizarre worldview that I want to dissect. Let's take the first assumption: That I didn't want God enough. This assumes so much about me--the speaker has no idea how much I wanted God, how sincere I was, how active I was in the faith, what sacrifices I made for that faith, and how much I did to try to hold onto my faith when I realized it was fading. Whatever it was, it wasn't enough, and he knows that--why? Because I'm not Christian anymore. He assumes that if you just "want it" enough, you can surmount any doubt and any discovery of fact. And clearly I did not "want it" enough because here I am, doubting and knowing all these facts in my little pink ladybrain. However much this amount is, it is less than he "wants it," because here he is still believing. And let's consider the second: that sincerity itself can keep faith alive, and that lack of sincerity is what destroys faith. And the third, implicit assumption: that someone can know, objectively, just how sincere another person was or is in believing something, and assess the amount of it on a scale. Alas, this is all self-serving, ego-defense bullshit. I can see why Christians have to attack sincerity, because they've got nothing else really except emotional manipulation. They themselves can't even imagine not feeling sincere in their faith, and they can't imagine that the message itself has flaws. So if someone leaves, clearly the problem is with the person: she was tricked, or she just wasn't dedicated enough, or she misinterpreted something, or she just didn't want it enough. And it's a lie, a cruel lie, and does nothing but illustrate that the Christian has based his worldview upon a lie that requires his suspension of logic and rationality. I'm going to let you Christians in on a secret that all ex-Christians know: Sincerity has nothing to do with faith. When I was a young child, I desperately wanted to be a unicorn-riding space princess. I'm not kidding. I fantasized about it all the time. If you're thinking right now "wow, I bet she had a HORRIBLE childhood," my response would be to laugh, because buddy, you have no clue. Every day that I survived was a damn fine day. I'd have gone to any lengths whatsoever to become that princess; I lived in hope that one day I would see the cosmic emissary who would announce who I "really" was and whisk me out of my daily reality of poverty, violence, addiction, and abuse. I believed this fantasy with a strength that makes my mouth water just remembering it today. In the middle of a beating, I remember glaring at my abuser and thinking, "One day, one day, I will preside over your execution... so enjoy this while you can." It was all I could find refuge in. Eventually I realized there were no such things as unicorns and if there were space princesses, I certainly was not one of them. My sincerity is not something I doubt even today, and had nothing to do with losing my faith in this fantasy. As belief systems go, this one was doomed from the start. There was no possible way it was true, and once I realized how impossible it was, I had two choices. I couldn't drill down on being an exiled noble daughter for too long when I knew I wasn't, so I went for Option Two, which was to figure out another way to survive and get through what was happening to me. And I did. (And then dove right back into a similarly ridiculous compensation fantasy later when I became fundamentalist, but that's a topic for another day.) What killed my faith in this little fantasy was not lack of sincerity, but lack of truth. But if someone told me, "You just didn't want to be a space princess enough--that's why you lost faith in it," I'd probably stare at him like he was insane before laughing at him--or slapping him. I lost faith in my fantasy not because I wasn't sincere enough in wanting it, but because it just wasn't true. If I'd been a real space princess, my sincerity in believing it would have nothing to do with its truth. We live in a society filled with people who don't accept science, but that doesn't make it untrue. Millions of people sincerely believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim Kenyan, but their sincerity doesn't make that true. My beliefs do not in any way impact what is real and not real. Nor does my sincerity in those beliefs. So as the Camel with Hammers had to once, I now announce, formally, that attacking my sincerity as a Christian does not in any way constitute a legitimate attack upon my disbelief. Attack my ideas. Attack my facts. Attack my evidence. But Christians, you are not now, and never will be again, allowed to attack my sincerity ever again. You will not be allowed to make assumptions about my level of faith or how much I wanted God to be real. You will never again be allowed to impugn me, malign me, and belittle me to prop up your own faith. So find something else.
  3. I hope she listens. The symptoms are gone, but if the tooth did miraculously regenerate all on its own, that's something she's going to want to verify--and then get proof of so she can go on talk shows and annoy atheists
  4. That was breathtaking. I wept when I read your account of the Midianites. I'd always known about this story; it's part of why I regard the Bible's god as a monstrosity. But I'd never thought about it in such terms. It was especially good to see that your wife and family came out of that bondage with you. You are fortunate beyond telling--both you and your wife. Welcome, and thank you for letting me walk with you.
  5. Spotty internet, impassable roads, and arthritis. What is this, the Yukon?

  6. I don't think he even understands the questions, let alone his own answers to what he thinks are the questions. Was he homeschooled? Because I went to plain old public schools and even I know that he's full of shit from top to bottom. (Especially about the black holes. WTF?)
  7. Three different nationally-recognized physicians are now arguing over who gets to write the paper about my BIL's bizarre problem, but he's out of the woods. Surgery next week, good prognosis. Thanks all.

    1. blackpudd1n


      I vote for the one who decides to treat him for free :P


      Seriously, though, I'm glad to hear that the news is on the up :) Hope he recovers soon and well :)

    2. mymistake


      A real life episode of House? I'm glad your BIL is doing better. I wish him a speedy recovery.

    3. Thurisaz
  8. Anybody ever read David Eddings' Sparhawk series? The Muslim crackdown on women is starting to sound like that freakish vaguely-Arabic "prophet" in the first 3 books, the really old nearly-toothless guy who'd run out of things to proclaim so was now grasping at straws. By the time Sparhawk got to him, he was demanding people not kill flies as they were the "messengers of God." This all smells like a ploy to get women back in line by being more and more and more controlling. My first marriage was a lot like this before I left.
  9. Good heavens, with all the crazy shit the Arab world is doing to its women, they're actually getting their tighty-whities in a bind over EYEBROWS?!?
  10. BIL is cross-your-fingers okay for now... but the docs have never seen a situation like his. If I shake my bottle of painkillers, will Dr. House show up?

    1. Thurisaz


      Oookay those are some words you don't want to ever hear from a doc... O.o

    2. blackpudd1n


      You'd probably have a higher chance of Dr. House showing up than Jebus. It's worth a try.


      On a more serious note, I hope he pulls through.

  11. Fucking first-world problems of entitled douchebag Christians. Makes me rage.
  12. Fucking SUCKS... my BIL is in the ICU at the ER right now and we don't know why yet. His mom's on the scene. I fucking wish I could pray to someone.

    1. stryper


      Then do if it makes you feel better. FSM will bless you with his noodlieness


    2. MultifariousBirdLady


      I hope he feels better and gets fixed up very quickly.


    3. Serendipity Rose

      Serendipity Rose

      Our virtual {{{hugs}}} are with you, Akheia.

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  13. It's a message from God: GET MARRIED OR THE PUPPY GETS IT.
  14. Feed of "The God Delusion"... neato!
  15. I was an ex-Christian but still going to church when Harold Camping peaked. I remember going to church the next Sunday and all the Christians were laughing at him. I just kept a poker face when they said they knew he was wrong because the Bible says "no man can knows the hour". *face palm* *double face palm* *head desk* So they're less crazy because they had the sense not to name a specific date for when a zombie wizard will come and take everybody away in the clouds to go to a sky city with streets of gold?
  16. HAHA one of the guys on the "Nice Guys of OKCupid" tumblr blog looks 110% like my Evil Ex.

    1. Serendipity Rose

      Serendipity Rose

      A little evil deception going on there?

  17. Wal-Mart and Twinkies: a match made in heaven.

  18. I'm having trouble thinking of the chirpy little fundie who wrote that bit of ghastly, amateur free verse and then put it out on the internet thinking s/he'd get lots of compliments.
  19. Yeah... because after God lets a bunch of kids die, what their devastated families really want is to have that same God "heal" them. Me? If my kid had been killed, I'd have some very choice words about anybody and everybody'd who'd let it happen. Saw this on a blog: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rev-emily-c-heath/dealing-with-grief-five-t_b_2303910.html?utm_hp_ref=religion'>Stupid shit Christians should avoid saying about the shooting. I'm glad that a lot of Christians are disavowing all these ridiculous things their peers are saying. Also: Religious glurge just wouldn't be the same without basic grammatical errors like "had of."
  20. "Jesus, SHUT UP! You keep telling us spoilers."
  21. What a smart kid he sounds like! And welcome to the forums. Quick linkie to the video in question because it is THAT AWESOME: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLjHAzqqOm0
  22. Oh, Friendly Atheist has been running a slew of articles about Christians using the shooting to advance their Taliban-like agenda. It's infuriating and disheartening, but on the plus side such craziness really does illustrate exactly why we must continue to speak out against and civilly defy the fundagelical encroachment on our liberty and reason.
  23. Apparently God likes Iceland more? Must be all that abortion.
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