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  1. Last days it hits me how uncomfortable I feel in 'the world'. When I look at (secular) people I still - though I don't believe anymore myself - feel different, like not knowing how to fit in between all these people and things you can do. I want to 're-enter' the (secular) world, and for sure I am (already) in this world, but this fear grabs me to try out new things and meet new people. What if they're unfriendly, bite me, see how uncomfortable I am and laugh at me for it. As a xian teen I so much judged, condemned, and put aside secular people and activities. I couldn't believe it cou
  2. I think we all bear wounds from the past. Unfortunately my teen years we're also affected by the disrupting teachings of the bible. I was so hard running after the Jesus I'd give all for, and at the same time so hard loosing myself. Sad : (, but we can embrace our losses, embrace that child. I'm still sad what he missed due to his religious endeavours, but I can't be mad at him, he was just a child.
  3. Hi there fellow bloggers, two weeks ago I first ran across the term hsp (highly sensitive person) on the internet. In brief a highly sensitive person is more sensitive to his/her surroundings (smells, sounds, light, social cues) which has a neurological base in these individuals have a propensity for the right side of the brain. The term first popped up in psychology somewhere at the start of this century. Well the case is, in certain ways I find myself applicable to this description if I reflect over my personality: I'm sensitive to music, seeing someone in real life or on the te
  4. First of all I would like to say hi to all of you!, as this is my first post on the forum. So far it has been really interesting reading about all the experiences shared by you, and to be able to relate to that. A radical shift in my mind concerning my christian beliefs occured to me on November 20 last year. I happened to come across the 3vid3nc3 series on youtube on a sunday morning, and from the first minute till the last one of it I was hooked. Just so much of it resonated with me, and it gave the final blow and push to rationally step away from my christian beliefs. I was a
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