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  1. The Joy of NOT Working.

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    2. Margee


      You have the time to watch a Joyce Myers show on religious TV this morning!!!

    3. Thumbelina


      Is that safe for a chickadee who may be prone to False Evidence Appearing Real?

    4. kolaida


      That would be a joy! Thankfully, I Live like five minutes from my job. Whooo!! I do not like driving, lol



  2. God is so good, that if I did what he did, I'd be in jail.

  3. Holy cow! Enlightened, I think you outdid all of us with this... book! I read ALL of it, could not stop. I jotted down my favorite lines, here they are: "I was livid. People were praying for healing! For saving! We invested ourselves! We cried out! No one was praying for “a few extra days”! If this was God’s will no matter what we prayed, then what was the point in praying at all? Am I the only one angry about this?!" "Why is Paul’s word the Word of God?" "Christian history is horrible! Lots of people doing lots of very bad and idiotic things in the name of God. To say I was shocked would be an understatement." "Would you acquit a murderer of his crimes just because he also happened to feed some homeless people?" "If Christianity had its way, you can be sure we’d all still be living in the dark ages." "If God created us, then surely our inherent ‘failure’ is his fault anyway, right?" "It’s very difficult to imagine that the creator of mankind puts higher priority on helping white kids pass their driving tests than he does in intervening as a child is raped for the hundredth time." "The truth is amazing!"
  4. I am proud to say that the real Noah's Ark is now parked by Highway 17 near Cobden, Ontario, Canada. They turned it into a restaurant.
  5. Sounds like a great trip. I actually turned 50 five months ago, so I'm already an Antique LOL. And I'm 16 years older than my wife!
  6. Hey amateur, I decided to come and read your testimony after reading your Did God Ever Speak To You? thread. Am I glad I did! You have one hell of an interesting story and I like your perspective and intelligence. Yet, you have the heart of a child. I never would have thought you were 49 years old (my age). Lots of wisdom in you. Thanks a lot for sharing and welcome to the site (sorry I'm three weeks late).
  7. Hey Scottsman, I really enjoyed reading your testimony. I'm from Ontario myself (living in Quebec now). You're lucky to be out of Christianity at such a young age. The future looks bright for you. I think you will experience a lot of relief, peace and joy once you move out of your parent's house. Don't even need to tell them you're leaving the church. You've reached the age of leaving the nest, that's all. From there you will be able to start building your self-esteem. There are many ways to do that. Journalling is a very good idea. Keep writing, I'm looking forward to reading your posts. And welcome to the site!
  8. Hell is a state of mind, not a place on a map where you can go to. If you are afraid of it, then you are already there. Fear is hell. Is it that bad? You are still alive and breathing aren't you? Well it doesn't get any worse than that. Feel it... and transform it.
  9. Yeah, sin is at the heart of the whole gimmick. If you don't believe that you are a sinner, nothing else makes any sense. But my reasoning was this: Even if all humans are born in sin because of Adam and Eve, Jesus came and restored everything! He died in our place, didn't he? So everything is back to normal. God is happy again! Him and I are are best buddies now, just like He was with Adam before he ate the fruit. So we can all close the book, put it back on the shelf and enjoy life without worrying about sin. It was all taken care of thousands of years ago, before any of us were born. End of story.
  10. Caught in the crap, but I Feel Good (da na na na)

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    2. Margee


      no....you give ME the $200.00 dollars...you're the one who threw me in the air!!!! Why should I pay you?

    3. Denyoz


      For the ride :/

    4. Margee


      noobie..I will teach you to dance and then I'll throw YOU in the air!!

  11. Beautiful testimony, norm. I think the author of Psalm 139 meant, felt and truly believed what he wrote. But I'm pretty sure he was not talking about bible-god. Because the only Spirit I know who is Lord and never escapes me, is my own. The assholes who compiled the buy-bull stole this poem and incorporated it into their evil library so that their followers would think he's referring to the Great Impostor.
  12. Hey Spiritual Pilgrim, That was one of the most well-written testimonies I have read since joining here. You are a writer, right? And man, can I ever relate to your journey. From the cross hanging to the living room wall to the depression, I went through all of it. It's such a painful reminder of what all of us had to go through. BUT I'm here to encourage you. Like TrueFreedom said, it does get better. And like Margee said, we are all here for you. You are one of us. Welcome! Christianity sucks, we all agree on that. But you seem like a strong-spirited guy. There are lots of different paths to choose from. The key is simply to find your own. Your way is the right way, the only true way. The fun starts here. Can't wait to read more of your posts!
  13. Madonna - I Don't Give A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99Oe1lqCsfI
  14. Not being a Christian gets more and more exciting every day!

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    2. Thought2Much


      I wish I could actually get away from it other than in my own head, but since I'm still married to a Christian, and since all of my in-laws are wackagelicals...

    3. Denyoz


      True freedom starts in the head.

    4. crazyguy123


      T2M, I recommend a divorce and a big "FUCK YOU" to all of the wackegelicals.


      You might not like that idea, but that is what I would do.

  15. News: It's a baby Reptilian!

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    2. JamesG


      wooohoo you have evolve past amphibians!!!

    3. Denyoz


      I bet queen Elizardbeth can't wait to eat the little gecko.

    4. kolaida
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