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  1. Since "I can only be certain about my own existence", that's where I start. This is "what I rely on for evidence, and why it is grounded." Know yourself. The more I get to know who I really am, the more I realize that the world around me is but a reflection of me. Other people are just copies of me, strolling along their own timelines. Society is more or less a magnification of myself, and even the universe. As above, so below. Macrocosm and microcosm: seeing the same patterns reproduced in all levels of the cosmos, from the largest scale all the way down to the smallest scale. In this system, the midpoint is Mankind. So since I'm real the rest must be real too since it's similar to me. It's impossible to know something if it's not within yourself. Does that make sense?
  2. Dear Insightful, I just want to encourage you to be true to yourself. Your first love is not your wife, it's yourself. Your identity is the core of who you are, and your beliefs are the center of your identity. Be true to that. If this upsets your "loved ones", then ask youself if it's the real you that they love or the superficial you. What would you want for your children? I think self-realization is the most important thing. Do it with love, and all should be good. Pain is part of growing up, it's not a sign that something is wrong. You have to grow up, your wife has to grow up, and your kids have to grow up. Be a role-model of what it is to really grow up. Cheers!
  3. Wow, a new form of matter. Molecules of light! Perhaps even bodies of light one day:
  4. When I hear that I always think: "Yeah, but do you?"
  5. My answer is NO to both questions. I guess this is a good way to measure our level of depression. I expected so much more from life, I'm not sure why. I'm very disappointed in what this planet has to offer. I might want to come back as a bird. I want to fly.
  6. Thank you TSP, very thoughtful of you. Yeah, I know what you mean by "getting out of my head." First I try to transmute my thoughts by changing the negative ones into positive ones, but often I just run out of fuel. Positive thinking has it's limits. So then I just stop thinking altogether, and go into FEEL mode: feel the air I'm breathing, feel the comfortable armchair I'm sitting on, feel my nice hairy body soft furry cat... The purpose of life is to feel good, isn't it? That's what it all boils down to.
  7. We were all born into this crazy world and never really given a say in how society is run. Everything has been decided and established by others who are now dead, but who apparently knew what they were doing. When I was a kid I thought by the time I would reach adulthood I would understand why everything is the way it is and I'd be given opportunities to change the things I don't like. It turns out that I was never given an opportunity to change anything. Not anything significant anyway, like the banking and political systems, forget that. I can change the clothes I wear and choose in which prison cell I wish to live in, that's about it. Even the idea of running away doesn't make much sense. Where would I go? The authorities would find me one way or another. I just have to submit and shut up, like everybody else. Death sometimes seems like the only way out. It will come, I can always comfort myself with that.
  8. Thank you Margee. Yes, I feel better now, talking about it helps. I managed to escape to the library after dinner. I'm in the "Quiet Zone" now, where kids are not allowed. This is about as close to heaven as I can get.
  9. Yikes! I sympathize with you ficino. When we commit to someone, we never know what we're getting into. "Love will conquer all" we think. But love is like the Christian God... (no need to say more, that says it all). I don't exactly feel isolated. I feel trapped in other people's lives to the point where I don't feel I have one any more. A life, that is. Kids have this incredible capacity to suck it right out of you. In 10 years the last one should be out of the nest. I'll be an alcoholic by then.
  10. Commune is synonym to family. No, I don't want to start another commune! I want to run away from it.
  11. Thank you Babylonian, you taught me a new word: wanderlust.
  12. Well, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one. Thanks TrueFreedom. Your profile name is really inspiring, by the way. I need regular vacations by myself too, like once a week. Ok, once every two weeks, I'll be reasonable.
  13. I woke up this morning wanting to run away from home. It's not the first time, but this morning the feeling was very strong. I had to fight with it. I bet a lot of people feel like running away from "home". Why would we want to run away from our dwelling place? What does "home" represent? Problems, routine, boredom, bills, lack of freedom. That's what I want to run away from. But I'm a stay-at-home dad. So the home is my workplace. I bet people who work outside the home want to run away from their jobs. When I was in school I wanted to run away from school. I wonder what would happen if everybody decided to run away at the same time.
  14. What are loved ones? Do we have hated ones? Every one is the same. They are all versions of you. This creepy pasta sums it up pretty well for me: An Egg
  15. I would make him incarnate into a good fundamental Christian family in the smallest town in the Bible Belt with no Internet access. And he would be gay of course, and extremely effeminate, with uncontrollable urges to cross-dress.
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