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  1. Fighting dispair. Loosing my laptop on day 1 of nanowrimo has really had a devastating impacted on the fun of it. Now I have to borrow other people's computers, or do my writing at the library or work, while troubleshooting all the technical stuff to see if my computer actually survived in some capacity. It's overwhelming. Sorry to be a bit of a downer, but it's been an extreme downer for me. It's sounds like it's going much better for you, so that's good.
  2. I think I'm fairing okay, though there have been some complications that I'm having to "write" my way through. I was intending to approach this year's novel writing month at a fairly relaxed pace, and gauge what my daily word count comfort level is, without really paying too much attention to the 1,667 per day necessary to manage the actual challenge. I'm using nanowrimo as a motivate to write something, anything, daily. The complication that I mentioned was that my computer seems to have developed a serious fault: it won't boot up (some problem with the hard drive, which may be completely shot). More than a little frustrating, having that happen on Day 1. Lame-ass laptop sure chose it's moment. Like I said though, I'm forging ahead, with borrowed computers, and library visits. Emailing my writing to myself, so the text is preserved somewhere. Glad to hear it's going well with you, happy writing.
  3. I've been working at a couple of different ideas, trying to decide the one that is going to be the right one that will really fire off my imagination. Last year's story concept was quite a surprise for me, and it's made me reevaluate the kinds of things I really can be enthusiastic to write about, compared to what I've always thought I wanted to write about.
  4. Are there a lot of nanowrimo participants on here? I definitely agree with you, it's good therapy, even though I didn't take it as far as I could have. Last year was my first go at it, and I'm working at outlining a couple of story ideas for this year.
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