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    Art, Movies & Music. NPR & Chicago Progressive Talk-WCPT. 1970's & 80's. Comic books & graphic novels. Learning how cults manipulate & thought reform.
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    Ex-bible cult devotee. Raised Catholic, got involved in abusive calvinist/baptist sect. I'm a struggling artist. & trying to make up for lost time in the cult...it seems daunting, but at least I'm FREE of that abusive bible cult. Woooo Hoooo! :D
    I did not crawl under a rock & die. Funny, how the bible says that jeezus came that folks might "have life more abundantly.." supposedly. but that was NOT my experience. Over the years, fundamentalist bible religion was sucking the life right out of me. The day I allowed myself to begin to think beyond the confines of that religious box, was the best day for me. That was when the dam got a crack in it & over time..it burst & there was no stopping my desire to find some answers. I had so many questions & doubts that were never allowed to even be considered while I was in the bible cult.

    I still have my struggles, but I'm OK with them, because I got free from the religious bullshit.

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  1. I saw it a few years ago...just awful.
  2. Yes. Had i not been indoctrinated to the liberal Catholic faith of xianity....I would not have looked for a more pure form, as I saw so much hypocrisy in the Catholics all around me. Liberal Catholicism set the seeds.....for worse to come aka fundamentalist bible religion
  3. Too bad we couldn't feel the same way 30 years later as when we begin dating! LOL If I were guaranteed that, then I **might** consider getting married again...hypothetically. LOL Also, many are pressured into marriage if the woman gets pregnant, that it's the "right" thing to do....and i've seen people do that who ended up very miserable. Some divorced- fortunately, others, still together, hating each other and living separate lives! Sad I know one man who was coerced to get married...really she was SO manipulative and she ended up treating him very badly. he is miserable... pro
  4. This is my biggest 'beef' with relationships. I get infuriated if I am taken for granted. I hear you Margee! I think that's why I lean towards the -no need for marriage- because when you know someone is NOT yours and could walk away at any time, you just might try harder! LOL and if it doesn't work out, it's easier to say your goodbyes. Marriage really can become a trap, a prison for some people...kinda like abusive religion.
  5. (((HUGZ))) I think it's normal for him to be possessive...to a degree. As long as it doesn't get abusive. It's not easy ground to navigate. If you really like him then you will stay, but if you are having reservations, perhaps you should listen to your gut?? I think really that a lot of us want to find some type of -soul mate- or something...??? We have been with this person and now want them to be "ours"...maybe he is thinking that way? Not telling you what to do or how to think because this is tricky ground to navigate. But i will say if i were you i wouldn't ask about the marriage thing
  6. Absolutely this! We are on the same wave length. I have a friend who's married and her husband and she are divorcing. Her husband dropped weight, is hitting the gym a few days per week and has looked better than during most of their marriage. Talk about taking for granted? He wouldn't take care of his body for his wife but now at the idea of fucking prospective women, he's all about fitness. What a fucking joke. I told her ...this should tell you that it was the right decision but all she feels is like a failure. Marriage, like religion, makes people feel like failures if it doesn't
  7. Want to add that my husband and I had our 25 year anniversary this year and every surgery he's ever had, every time he was sick or for whatever reason I have always been there for him. However I don't think one has to be "married" to -be there- for others we care about. I think marriage can make someone take the other for granted, after all they are HOOKED now & now they just don't have to try as hard.... I hope and think decent people don't do this. However I think it's human nature to sometimes take the ones who we know are lassoed to us, for granted. I understand the Native
  8. I got married because I loved sex...and in order to please buybull God the only way to have "sin free sex" was to get married. I also had to find a true believer as well..... Anyhow, I don't think I believe in the institution of marriage. I'd do things way differently if I knew then what I know now. I've made the commitment and have 2 great kids from the marriage, but I think marriage is kinda bullshit.
  9. Much the same as my story. i spent a few years of addiction level studying and researching. Tons of lost sleep and all that. I think as one poster put it - we want it to be true, because everything we understand about life itself hinges on it. Hey Flutters, good to know I wasn't alone. The religion was what I ate and drank...the sermons, the bible studies...I memorized scripture. I was not a lukewarm believer. *sigh* oh well.... Anyhoo, when it all came crumbling down I was just a total mess. Boy the internet was incredibly helpful! I found sites about Spiritual Abuse, read other pe
  10. When I left the bible cult I had been a part of for almost 2 decades...I started looking at other types of xianity. Because the cult was so damned harsh, I thought surely if there is a god, he's not like the horrible mean people in the cult. So I began looking at churches that taught different doctrines than the one I escaped...I couldn't read enough! I wanted to know, inside and out the how's why's of what this bible religion was all about. I read books, read websites, read the bible...and I thought, a LOT. In time when I finally realized it really really was all a bunch of man made
  11. Welcome!! I'm so glad that you are freeing yourself from the vice grip of bible religion! Yaay you and your wife! As some have mentioned, consider yourself lucky you have a spouse who is willing to go with you in your journey. Of course there will be obstacles, as you mentioned how family will take it...or maybe you wont share it with everyone? You'll figure it out as you go. It was one crazy day when I realized the "god" I had believed in and gave up SO much for...was all a big fat lie. There were so many emotions, devastation, anger, grief, relief, happiness...it's definitely a j
  12. That is SO true! Us non-christian gals are way more interesting when we can be who we REALLY are, and not some stepford wife. Being fun, vivacious and yourself does attract people. The submissive, meek christian gal seems way more boring then us heathen...although some men will be "attracted" to the beaten down submissive type because they can see she could probably be easily manipulated and kept under his thumb. I think a christian who finds a heathen woman and "converts" her is like a prize to him, that he "tamed" her?? But she wont be the same person after xianity crushes her spirit.
  13. I'm thinking it could be that their church is looking for new blood and that's why they don't bother with the gals in the church. They see you as fresh meat.
  14. That sounds awful. Yeah, I don't get the prayer stuff anymore, I mean if god wanted to heal her wouldn't he have just taken the cancer away? In stead she ends up having the surgery. I just don't get it. Glad to hear she is on the other side of the surgery and that the docs and nurses did a good job. Hoping your wife heals soon. That's gotta be rough. Keep pushing on.
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