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  1. Pro Con
  2. I was hoping the brilliant minds over here might have something new to say about this issue *sigh* Some of you guys are about as good as constitutional scholars as Christians are at interpreting the bible. Wasn't the 2nd Amendment really written to protect the southern slave owners from the tyranny of the north? Not exactly great moral grounding here. Lastly, first time back since florduh became a mod - I miss liking your comments. Maybe we should be able to like mod comments.
  3. That Verrrrrry First Moment Of Doubt

    For me it was my first year in seminary. We were translating a passage in Thessalonians that I had always been taught was about the rapture. I raised my hand and said, "The word rapture doesn't exist in this passage." And my prof just casually said, "No, no it doesn't," and totally moved the conversation on.
  4. You know when I started deconverting it was because I lost my faith in the bible at seminary. And when I moved back home, I guess I still wanted to be like my family, so I actually considered becoming Catholic again. Technically, I guess I still am because I was never ex-communicated. One of the of the reasons I couldn't really commit was because of the sex-abuse scandal. I was horrified by it. Once, I had my son, I went mass a few times and I knew I couldn't do it. I don't believe in Jesus, or his resurrection, why would I celebrate that once a week? Or pretend to respect a Priest, and then never do anything they tell you to do like every other Catholic? Ef that!
  5. I have that problem a little bit too Agord. I just don't understand how any American can support an institution that systematically protected child rapists for decades. In NY they pay a lobby group to help change our laws so the victims of sex abuse can't sue after a certain point in time. The church disgusts me to my core. The brainwashing is so deep though. I attended a funeral mass this week and unconsciously found myself doing the responsorials. All those years of mass get so ingrained in you. My husband looked at me like, what the hell? I had to consciously remind myself not to participate. Then we went to a wedding mass two days later and I made sure I was paying attention. The good news is the mass no longer moves me at all, I look at the entire experience as insanity. When I first deconverted I would cry whenever I went to mass, but now I see it for the crazy that it is.
  6. I'm surprised they are still around. Most of the Charsmatic Cathlics I knew eventually just went full-blown anti-Catholic Pentecostal.
  7. Fred Willard Pulls A Pee Wee

    Now I get why Albert Brooks just tweeted he is getting Fred Willard and computer and a den for his birthday. Classic.
  8. God on you! Your father deserved to be defended, and these irrational pricks need to,stop blaming people because the answers they are so confident in don't work. Of course, that would mean engaging with reality and starting a new career.
  9. 5 Logical Fallacies That Make You Wrong

    They are notorious for using logical fallacies, and outright lies! We used to watch British parliament in college just for the laughs. They are so great at being gigantic dicks to each other but also soundy classy. I think "right, honorable gentleman" is British code for douche bag. You know Pudd, these few threads we've preliminarily started to help us learn logic to understand arguments people are making, and to argue better ourselves have got me thinking. Most of the discussions we get into with friends and family aren't based on facts or evidence. It's more like, "I read this, therefore..." or "My opinion...". Then someone doesn't like what the other person is saying so they bring up another issue or attack the persons character (although the attacking character may just be my family! LOL). I'm always focusing on how illogical I think the other person is being, or that they don't even understand what I am saying. But maybe it would be more productive, if I understood when I may be making unsupported claims that sound good, or just rolling my eyes & calling evangelical Christians and right-wing republicans stupid!
  10. 5 Logical Fallacies That Make You Wrong

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I could really do with having someone walk around with me for three months just pointing out every fallacy I use and why it is one, along with the ones other people use. Then I think I'd get a better understanding. It would also eliminate most of the heated conversations we get into.
  11. Wanted: A Good Philosopher

    I love this video. I think I saved it to my youtube favorites. It's very helpful.
  12. Wanted: A Good Philosopher

    No, she doesn't come off as a loonie at all. She is intelligent, successful and a very good friend to have. She has plenty of good people as part of her community. She just has flawed logic and she's uninformed about many of the things she likes to talk about. The rest of your advice is really great. I'm going to take it.
  13. Wanted: A Good Philosopher

    Hah! They never see themselves as having unfounded beliefs. They see themselves as Enlightened and of course, more spiritual than thou. Sad, really. There are actually incompatibilities with Buddhism and Christianity. I don't think she has studied Buddhism very much. The so-called New Age came out of the 19th century movements of theosophy and spiritualism. It's teachings comprise misunderstood Buddhism. The people of that century had an excuse for their ignorance, but today we have less. I just say that because she was raised Catholic, but she practices more of a Zen form of Buddism. She doesn't study either theology critically.
  14. 5 Logical Fallacies That Make You Wrong

    I will check them out. What I really need is a primer for dummies. We should have learned this when we were 13. I am reading the link's that were in the ficino sent us. They are really helpful. The problem is, when you are doing this on your own it's harder to grasp your own logical fallacies. It would be great to be in a class and get some reinforcement. I feel like I need to memorize all the terms and examples so that I can apply them in my daily life.